Marshall JFX-1
Marshall JFX-1

JFX-1, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Marshall in the Effects series.

sylfeline 11/04/2003

Marshall JFX-1 : sylfeline's user review


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Multi effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay or 3 in the same time) 19 "rack 1U
1 input 2 output (for stereo)
Midi In, Out, Through
Jack of external control (to control the switch of an amplifier for example)


Used, very simple, not even need to use the manual ...
We choose the type of effect you want, the change is adjusted a few parameters and hop ...
Of course some of the effects are long enough to be set (multi tap delay ....) but overall it can be done quickly.
To my knowledge there is no editing software.


I use the effects loop of my Peavey with a Lag Rockline.

The chorus is simply beautiful, very resemblance to those found on the amp ... Marshall and I love! The flanger is back, not very pronounced
The reverb is very nice
Deadlines are very good too, but I use them less.


I used it for 3 years when I was still playing the guitar (I started on bass)
What I like about this rack is the facade which in the mouth ;-) but especially the chorus which with a bit of reverb can have a seriously class.

This is the first effect that I bought, and if it again?? I would say yes if I had other effects rack (then not) and not in the other cases (perhaps purchased a pedal type gt3 ...)