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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Roland GP-8

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El_Becko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-8
Everything has been said


configuration, editing, various settings are very intuitive ... no need to book.


I'm hard pressed to live without my old GP8:
Because the compressor is a fantastic
Because the two effects (except delay) are analog and very hot
3 because he has connections to change channel amp, a function so obvious and practical that I wonder why at bosses and other brands they do not put all the multis

The overdrive is great. The ideal is to use the GP8 as a pedalboard base input of a tube amp, and then insert into the loop of the amp or effects a multi-type reverb and delay qialité good as we found today.


I use it for 20 years, it was my first multi-purpose, and is the only one I kept.
saw the price of the opportunity I strongly advises novices multi and all guitarists from beginner to professional as it contains all the basic effects.
Provide just the acquisition of a module delay / reverb

pic1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-8
For 145 is present! I own a pedalboard with since 1988 and confirm that it is simple but effective, beautiful chorus, delays interressants, and for the era, 2 outputs for external controls including one that I use to trigger my rotosphre all out on a twin tone Koch + extension 1X12 Celestion Vintage 30.
by expression pedals control of all parameters! I personally failed to sell but I reflchi and is still one of my racks. The distos if they work well with a little chorus and delay are not ridiculous, and also make some good crunch sounds.
When the foot controller is very practical and robust. I've never had trouble with this equipment since 1988 and the battery is original. Therefore 145 is a bargain. pondered guy!


It's a breeze.


Chorus and delays and compressor TB


Value for money TB

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland GP-8
Nothing to add to what has been said before on this point ...

ah, yes! ... it is the only multi-effects built as an assembly of pedals boss on the same circuit, not a complete emulation by a single DSP, as now.

suddenly, rub shoulders and digital delay effects if not zero analog (as opposed to the DSP 16 where everything is digital ... and poop!).
in my opinion, there are still things interresting bcp (including distortion!), but you need a speaker simulator behind any (even in the ordo for example).
he deserved as a noise gate on some patches and a reverb.
Finally, its presets are 80 years ... and they is not everything (including metal disto not really present).
to cheap, it's still useful sometimes (stud, including loops or synthesizers).
on stage or in the first purchase to versatile a. .. more versatile! ... tj but not as "dynamic" (I find that some existing multi-effects are the "imitate" a little smoother ...).


Everything is simple (as it is aligned pedals).


The chorus, the delay is not bad.
some distortion too.
is a device that can be creative in stud, including the hijacking, and which may please those who make the eighties revival.

the sound quality is not zero but does not necessarily satisfy those who seek its current and versatility (and whammy effects, dunlop wah, amp simulations, harmonic intelligent, etc ...).
and it lacks a noise gate ...


Given the price at which one can Toper, it can be fun ...

I bought the pedal f 7500, at the time.
at the time was a killer and I do not regret my choice.

What do you want me to tell ...
it still has a pretty face in a rack!
come on, like ... j'mets October 1 !!!...
hey hey ...