Zoom G7.1ut
Zoom G7.1ut

G7.1ut, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom G7.1ut

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 22 reviews )
 18 reviews82 %
 1 user review5 %
 2 reviews9 %
 1 user review5 %
Target:Advanced usersValue For Money:Excellent

Sempai68's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
History not to dj seen a thousand times about CHARACTERISTICS, I'll post the link to the manufacturer.


So my opinion on the use: I have a POD XT Live possd (hardware crazy! For the pros!) Just before the ZOOM G7. I can say that the zoom is 20 times easier to use and that it has not much envy the POD level sounds (I will discuss below)!
The edition of the effects is very simple and it can happen quietly in the operating instructions in French, which for me is good and sufficient Retailer.


Finally here we are! (Always compared with my POD XT Live)

The ZOOM possde effects trs trs good quality. The distos, overdrives and other loadings are clean, sharp and sweet desire ... the delays, chorus, phaser etc.. trs trs are good quality too!
(POD rev silent effects as well as distortion and overdrive but silent too ... drooling a bit too vintage for me, too much and not enough overdrive distortion and even when we get to have a sound not too bad there was an amazing and breath attacks mdiator Submitted too. This is not the case with the ZOOM G7). It must be said that the POD XT Live is too complicated for an amateur like me! lol!

Pre-amplification part is a little extra light INTERESTED! It "Global Warming" sounds a lot ...

I personally use with my ZOOM G7 the following hardware:

- Ibanez JS100 with DiMarzio PAF PRO micro DiMarzio Evolution neck and bridge
- Fender Stratocaster Standard Mexico with a kit of active pickups with a booster qualiseur low / mid / high EMG DG20 (David Gilmour)
- SAMICK Artist Sries with two singles and a double DiMarzio Fred bridge

I use a Marshall amp in VS100R.

I plug in the ZOOM faade of the amp or directly on my PC. Whatever! The sound is great! And I find that the sound of the guitar is very well although the refund notice diffrent this level. Fender has the sound of a Fender and Ibanez has a sound of Ibanez.

While there are some effects that I do not use effects ... a little weird but the advantage with this is that ZOOM is something for everyone!

(POD XT Live is a good amp simulator trs but that's it ... the zoom is certainly less complete amp simulation, but much more versatile)


I use it for 2 months. What I like most is the sound quality and versatility. You can do everything with the ZOOM!

What I like least is the amplitude of the expression pedals (much shorter). That of POD had a good reach, like a real wah-wah which gave a better precision.
It is also necessary to saw the light of pre-amp back! Especially on the clean sounds, unless you love the sounds on the clean sounds Crunch!

Outside the POD XT Live I ZOOM G7 before, I tried a TONELAB SE (not bad at all but I stayed on my hunger).

I also long ago a ZOOM 505. Plastic, cheap, easy to use, good sound the era (now a bit when Exceeds same!), Not many opportunities but at least worked.

APRS all these tests from other manufacturers, even when I returned to ZOOM.

The ratio quality price is really incredible. ZOOM in progress they have made a standard of quality multi-effects! Quality both in sound quality in manufacturing.

In any case, I would do this choice with his eyes closed! This is an excellent multi-effects I highly recommend!

A + and "Let's Rock!"

jeje89r's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Everything t crit


Of great simplicity of use thanks to classs patches per group.
The amendment is very simple effects can nbotament rgler the low treble ect .. through the delay, the reverb ... everything is there to povoir CRER his own personal effects.
Although the effects dj pedal sontttrs too.
A board download on the site ZOOM manual in French, it is very well constructed and clear.


The sound is warm thanks trs the lamp.
Personally I use a Epiphone Les paul and the sound is magnifique.J 'love particulirement Delay can s'clater.


I use the pedals for 6 months and I have one thing to say it is perfect.
The report price is unbeatable quality and I board because it also offers great simplicity of use that is enjoyable trs during concerts.

ekerisann's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Guitar multi-effects modeling but lamp! Metal box
92 programmable effects 9 effect modules
160 patches in total nine possible simultaneous effects Sample Rate 96 khz
6-band EQ Noise Gate intgre 35 amp models and 20 stompbox and simulation of analog tube amp (12AX7) 2-channel Preamp Midi in / out
USB Chromatic Tuner + Intgr special tunings expression pedal
power supply (AD-0012) + Cubase SE


Simple configuration not even need a manual unless we begin to effect
A very complete multi-purpose and highly customizable to the delight of hackers
There are all the effects you would expect from a multi ...


The effects are very good the preamp lamp plays a lot and the amp simulations are successful, including playing on a small 15 watt ordinary acoustic simulation very nice and all should all styles of music
The sound of the fishing is super realistic and then at the level of parasites Well there are really only (compared to a Boss GT8) no need to settle for almost ca
Even on the low-end gear it sounds;)


I test a long time to shop (test on a 15 watt basic with a scratched up midrange and low end)
I love the amp modeling and wah much better than others and obviously multi color brings the lamp. The metal case is reassuring.
I test a Pod XT Live (which is the best for me) and I have a boss GT8 (I almost regret especially for the clarity of sound and the quality of the amp simulations)
The report is excellent qualitprix it cost nothing to what it brings
If it was out before I would have rather taken my GT8 and I can be just bought the Synth Wah and other fun stuff unnecessary GT8 but hey I do not think so actually.
Basically for those who do not have the most efficient gear and / or have a transistor amp, seeking a multi-purpose, it's simple it's you!

gibson92's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Many effects COPIS
Digital and hybrid technique lamp (single)
It ditable
There's any connection I feel to be ^ at work with my computer ...
However c from the trs solid Boss


Config as a fairly simple copy handling amp without sound melheureusement
Edit sounds like ts multi effects


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? The effects are copied and ralistes the headphone with a small sound system if you do not grow ... I tried but I live in a bad play on Marshall 2 73 Gibson body TS9 etc ...
RPET or live in it's different ... It is the headphone ... or a HIFI
I test the simulated Hiwatt and Vox are the best but it lacks the bowls of these amps.
It also dpent the buyer's ...
How to hang a feedback without Clestion!! [Img]
Which instruments do you use? My gear and strat Gibson Deluxe 73 rcente Mexico and Variax to hack.


How long have you use it? 5 weeks
What is the particular feature you like best and least? : The best: it's been showing off is s'claire ca ca market throws trs, trs is a good tool for composition or for new sounds ...
Only the least of the copy
Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I had a Boss GT SERIES KORG AX 1500 G
How do you report qualitprix? still too expensive for something that does not suit me but given the technology embeds not so expensive
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ... In any fawn IDAL is for those who do not want to have a staff for the computer music etc ...
I am even when these vaccine pdaliers
You take a crdit: marhall a lamp or a guitar US ht-end Japanese or Vigier and microphones recognized with pedals and ca send 1O0
Look at the stuff your prfrs scratch and choose play or program.

Ccool28's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Multi effects pedalboard ultra sound: the case is done in a thick metal bar with a central building. It will be difficult to fold it in half.
On the ratings, Zoom has scheduled comfortable rubber bands to absorb the impact.

The digital part consists of a 32-bit DSP and an analog / digital 24-bit 96kHz. To my knowledge, only the POD XT PRO (700 euros) has one. The POD XT and XT LIVE for example, are equipped with A / D 48kHz. I do not know how this works on the final processing of the sound but in any case it reassures the capabilities of the machine.

The analog circuit is provided by a tube preamplifier based on a 12AX7. I did not but it seems that the lamp is very easy to change by loosening the hatch below and we gain momentum still has to replace it with an Electro Harmonix.

The two settings Tube & Boost can boost the sound and give a warm grain. Truly effective where it could sound too cold, the most indispensable.

All effects are editable on the pedals or on the PC screen, much more convenient but you must have a MIDI input / output. It does not work via USB which is used to convey the sound.
Parameter editing is effective, we feel the difference quickly. on the other hand, buttons amps are not quite like the real model. It's a shame if one seeks a particular setting but it comes out easily by ear.


Setup is easy via the editor.
For those who want to get patches or listen to the sounds ZOOM G7 / G9 is here:
http://giasso.s42.eatj.com/ZooM/artisti.jsp?L =
No problem with that, once installed the editor, it's simple to use, configure it, is recorded.
Note that Zoom has implemented copy and paste: in fact each patch can be exported, imported by a simple copy and paste, look at the site above.
Patches of the G7 and G9 are compatible, there is a converter to switch from one to another:
http://scali.eu.org/% 7Ebohemiq/ZoomPatchConverter.rar

I have several books in all languages ​​including french. You have to force a read but you get done eventually.


The amps are numerous:
Fender Twin Reverb '65
Fender Tweed Deluxe '53
Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker
Marshall JCM800
Marshall JCM2000
HIWATT Custom100
MESA / BOOGIE Dual Rectifier
Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MK2
Diezel Herbert
Z Combo (ZOOM original)
Z Stack (ZOOM original)

The pedals also:
Ibanez TS808
Marshall Guv'nor
Dallas-Arbiter FUZZ FACE
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Extreme Distortion (ZOOM original)
Digital Fuzz (ZOOM original)
Z Clean (ZOOM original)
Z OD (ZOOM original)
Fender Combo + TS9
Marshall Stack + SD-1
Marshall Stack + FUZZ FACE

Each ear, but I think frankly that it sounds good. If, unfortunately it was bound to relief, a bit of a tube top and hard ca!
Go to the site:
http://giasso.s42.eatj.com/ZooM/artisti.jsp?L =
What you ask for?


It's been two months that I use. And I must admit that I cheat a little for the patches, see my tip. Finally it works really well, and I'm not too used to take my head with the settings.
I like his tough side not even fear.
on the other hand, Zoom would have made an effort on the editor, not too fun.
It's a pity they have not thought of creating a database of patches.
The value for money is very good considering the quality of the camera with features found only in very high-end POD XT PRO.

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Same as others, on paper it looks interesting ....


Ultra simple, not really need the doc ...


Well, I try for 2 hours with my Telecaster (micro saymour duncan humbucker) and my VOX AC15.

The digital distortion sounds in the acute unpleasant which is great, it is not very accurate, but I've seen worse.
Effects not no personality ... Tape echo effects such have nothing to do with a real tape delay (we can not push the feedback thoroughly with a small saturation of the very special tape delay)
The lamp is a gadget, more if pushed to the bottom, its food sound (can be a problem with the one I tried)
Pedal modulation that seems to me that is not solid to a deflection too short.

Anyway, I wanted to change to digital, bah I'll stick with my good old analog pedal ... on the other hand I have a friend who at the Vox ToneLab SE, bah it sounds 100 times better than the zoom, that's for sure ...


Disappointed, I thought of something good given the notice left on AF, but no, it really is the m ... Like what everyone in his ear and he must try before you buy
the sage06/19/2007

the sage's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Multi effect tube preamp
See more descriptions


In three weeks intensive one masters all runs smoothly and with complete and hyper facilité.Effets réalistes.Manuel French.


The amp models are really an attack on a chaudes.Je Jackson kelly + EMG on a old Valvestate and the least we can say is that this distortion sending multi clairement.Ce is primarily predestined for distos I think that sounds really clear whether it can excellents.On add an optional expression pedal and more to play for the G9 is excellent 2tt.Bref home. Perso I changed the lamp ( very easy) without a mark of origin by EH 12AX7 for even more of realisme.Pour distos really very extreme kind DEATH METAL THRASH and better opt for a Sovtek against it by too much gain for most desdistos rock.La JJ ECC83 is too soft for my taste. I encourage each of the owners to try to transform into this beautiful machine riffs in more unique and personal stuff you do not in any way disappointed.


Great value price of a prix.Le BOOS GT 6-hand and two times less expensive than Vox (great toy as well). I would do this choice with his eyes closed and large cages ouvertes.Le honey comes with cubase . Only to download the patches it's weird because it is through the interface midi.Mais interest in being first to have a unique sound that is frankly not a defect.

darkju06's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Made in china;)
everything you need, with a lamp and more.
You do not watch this notice if you do not already conaissiez description.


The general configuration is it simple?
uh ... it's multi-effects, so it's not always easy to find what we seek.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
once you have identified the beast is pretty easy, yes!

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Personal I had the manual in french, but when he describes the effect as "effect with a strong character" I find it a bit limited lol.


Here I use it as a preamp to power amp mesa boogie 20Watt and is a very good couple. I play guitar for several scratches on right now because I have still not found the right, and everything goes;) (esp, gibson, ibanez, fender)
with a power amp AC lamp adds what's missing in this multi-effects, power heated through.
I like the simulation but it is only my opinion, it is stuff we should try to understand. It is far enough from the POD (and better) but the simulation shows a few flaws when playing at very high volume on a transistor combo, following on my rack, no worries, the volume of the pedal is never mounted more than half.
It's nice to be able to play on a Dual Rectifier, then move to a triamp without paying Roros 8000, knowing that blind-test was not given the difference in the store and I bought it.
after ca drunk becaufe the settings can this crazy (Yen's their job settings lol).


I play metal (atreyu, chimaira, slayer ....) at least try;) and it's perfect
I for a month and I like everything except the settings for group sessions, but I have identified the beast and I put 5 min max to find my sound.
The expression pedal is not easy To approach (especially ocatveur) for me that does not know much about the multi purpose. But there is always a default if we look good.
The main thing is that there is something to have fun with this toy.
This opinion is only my opinion, but I urge you to test your friend / enemy seller who sells a bit expensive perhaps, but with the board and the gear that goes well.
According to enjoy yourself, live the guitar!

pelly's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Everything has been said I think ..
(See further notice)


Used for multi-effects, no need to read the manual. You can just simply use as a reference when in fact a particular use (command noon, ect ..).

Otherwise, downloadable manual in English but in French.

The general configuration is quite well done and quite clear .. nothing to say


After trying a lot of amp and multi-effects (DOD VGS, Boss GT5, GT8 Boss, line6 POD, a lot of VST ..), I finally found what suited me. and yet I'm pretty dificille ..

I am not a fan of tons of effects on my sound .. the thing that really matters to me are the distos, and there I have used! It sounds hot, is very good ... (Especially the simulation Peavey, H & K and messa boogie, ..)
At the disto, I add a compressor, noise gate, reverb (if recorded on a PC cabs) and off you go .. really good this little beast ...


I use it for 6 months in all circumstances ..
Whether with headphones in my bed when I pioncer not, repeating, live ..
or to record on my pc via USB ..

The value for money is fairly good ..

Maareek's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G7.1ut
Nothing to add.


Too bad the manual is in English ... An overview of the French manual is available on the net can get into the thick of things in half an hour. Subsequently, it is really easy to use.


Stunning! The lamp provides a real plus.
The effects are really good and very realistic. The effects of saturated and the amp models are truly amazing in their nature. Having already used a Big Muff true, I must say that the one that is built into the Zoom sounds really like a Big Muff.


It's all good!
Here is a multi-purpose offering distorted sounds really realistic and not something synthetic that hurts the ears. I am delighted because in addition, other effects are no exception.