Zoom G9.2tt
Zoom G9.2tt

G9.2tt, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Zoom G9.2tt

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 37 reviews )
 25 reviews68 %
 8 reviews22 %
 2 reviews5 %
Audience: Beginners

jackings's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Full"

Zoom G9.2tt
see other descriptions

VERY solid building

noted that to make a little proud service as midi controller (to use AmpliTube, guitar rig ...)


I put a lot of time to understand everything before forcing me to read the manual, it is well done.

What is practical is that we do not publish their patch with 3 buttons like some small pedals, we have for example all the panel to adjust the amp "as a true" with gain / vol / bass / middle ...

I used to live only minimize my gear and clutter.

The pedals are convenient, the pedal is shifted to the side, it is sometimes useful, but often I do configurais to be simpler.


I used to rock on a les paul, with a clean one side fender well or if the dose pre-amp is really successful with a slight crunch on some attacks, and another a typed marshall plexi that was effective, though less flexible than the fender clean.

There are a lot of other successful amplifiers must always dose the lamp does not saturate it too.

Question effects it really has a wide selection, and always quite successful.

The overall sound is good enough in terms of quality of live, on the other hand I've ever been a fan for recording.


I used four years, he has seen it all, and still works.
If you take the time to properly configure your sound presets is great, you have a multitude of sound quality at your feet, and it does not move.

Today I went to the light amplification and analog pedals, and this is ultimately more complicated to use.

The only problem in my opinion is that I can not just plug it into the tube amp as the lamp preamp distorts the pedal (in my opinion) the sound of the tube amp.

Today, for the simple config is the foot.

5h4r0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" must be a super"

Zoom G9.2tt
good at the same time I did not play guitar
and I have not managed to put me
notice for them to try

if not a must sound not bad when you can play huh






bastange dechu Byleth07/20/2012

bastange dechu Byleth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I find it very good and very complete"

Zoom G9.2tt
all types of effects
editable via the editor has to download free on the manufacturer
hybrid technology for digital warmed by two 12AX7 input and output
connections fairly complete MIDI, usb, 2 output jack, mini-jack


very simple to use, clear manual, edition not too complicated so long as it looks a tad over sy, factory presets too load effects but it should be for showing off ...


suffisaments realistic effects to be useful in many scenarios
I've used with different guitars, amps in transistors and has even had lights and I was very satisfied with the result every time


I'd had three other models of different brands before but never had I been as n versatility and malgrès that they displayed as much effect on a roughly similar price I have never also was convinced that with this one.
very good quality / price ratio, the others had good ratings but often it sounded synthetic sound, or even unusable once its cardboard
no doubt I would do this choice

DLudo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
everything has already been said I think.


Many say that the use is complicated. Personally I find it very simple, two days after the operation of the machine is included. The manual is clear and very complete.


Ben that's why I have chosen: the sound! The effects are to die for as they are excellent. Having tried the vox and multi-effects from home to home boss, there's no comparison. It's very well done for.
So I use the pedal to complete my Blackstar HT-5 is a bit basic functionality issue. It lacks a little punch for its metal. Coupled with the lamps of the G9 and the effect of compression and eq, the sound is pumped! I am not speaking here of the fat but not quality but a TRUE metal distortion.

Otherwise preamp side is very good. it will not make a miracle, but the modeling ca pummeled the competition.

The wah pedal is sublime are both practical as well.


I use it for a few weeks, I had a little trouble with at first. The factory presets are really bad. I bought OCCAZ but if I buy it at the nine I have done so without hesitation.
I bought it with lamps electro harmonix grafted on. To say that one of the lamps origins are not good at all. I do not try the boards so I can not talk about it.

The pros:
The His-
The His-
The sound-
The two-pedal
The design-

The -:
The knob settings for the influence of the lamps are not saved in presets. Very annoying.
A slightly more ergonomic desktop would not have been refused.

Stfsatan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love !!!!!!!!!!"

Zoom G9.2tt
pa I will list them all, it is editable via PC, is a rack-mount model, tech lamps and transistors, the connection is very complete!!


for beginners in multi effects, we better get a smaller model because there are still quite full!! the manual is very well done, it aids stepper! editing sounds is easy if you know the various reactions of his


effects are very believable, I use a guitar jackson dx10 d, I love everything about this multi effect unless the lamps to be changed (the original lamps are made in china screaming and the sound is very poorly distributed )!!!!


after a few months of use and change in different lights, I finally found my sound with this zoom! "I tried various multi-effects including gfx 707 which was to begin at the time, I having 3 pedals was available, I like the warmth of the sound settings amperage lamps and transistors, like the lights in. origins that merits a change! report qual price more reasonable than the qualitée seen the beast! I buy it back again and again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincprog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
Effects: All
Editable: Yes
Technology: Digital, 2 lamps
Connectors: MIDI, USB, OUT, stereo (connected to 2 amps).


Setup and simple setting.


Effects: sound OK


2 years before I had the previous model, we can clearly see the difference.
Value for money: it will
I would do this choice because it is convenient.
However: it is quite heavy (5kg) and there is no scheduled transport case.

Fred.eric's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
There are all possible effects (see product features).
We can arrange in any order you want.
All parameters are editable via MIDI / USB to PC.
The computer interface is very easy to use. Without the GUI computer adjusting the pedal quickly becomes a hell.
Zoom G9.TT uses two lamps in addition to digital technology. The sound is warm.
Level connections, 2 outputs (stereo), midi in / out.On can also add an external effects loop that can pilot using a button.

Foot level, it is equipped with two pedals one of which includes two axes. Pure gadget that does not serve me. We can condemn it.
Their disadvantages: a short stroke.


The general configuration is simple as long as the program using a PC.
The manual is clear and well explained.
Editing sounds is easy and changing a setting fairly quickly if you know how it is affected knob. The small screen still gives some explanation.


The effects are very good in the sense that they are fully customizable.
This implies that we will always arrive at the desired, but it will take some time to get there.
I use it with my Samick electric guitar and an Ovation electro.
I have no favorite effects in the sense that the effects are there to make a sound.
I'm not back, I seek not to imitate a particular sound. I make my sounds for my taste.


I use it for 6 months, and I begin to learn to code jute.
It is very good but quite complex compared to many editable parameters, but it's also why I took it ;-) .
Previously I was using a Boss SE-70. The advantage is that during the transition, I could put my Boss loop outside and continue to use the sounds of it (by adding lamps u Zoom!)
Quality / price ratio excellent compared to what it brings.

I do it again this choice without hesitation.

stratolullaby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
The main one is the simulation of pre-amp, adds to this a range of classic effects.
Three pedals assignable expressions (but limited, see below):
Left: Volume
right: a pedal but two axes! the top plate rotates horizontally (ability to block mechanically included)

The idea geniale in my opinion:

is available at the input of two knobs, one for the lamp and a rate for the transistor rate. If both are zero, no sound. One can decide to have only the lamp, the transistor or a mix !!!

and it is same as output !!!

All this in a heavy but sturdy metal box.


Pretty simple to use but not necessarily intuitive.
I come from Boss (gt-6), it seemed clearer.
Spending home studio live requires some mods general, nothing nasty if you know where you're going.

The least: the assignment of pedal expression is reduced to a few parameters. You have a very limited choice compared to a Boss example is just ridiculous.
So innovation but pre-configured, standardized.
Fortunately there is an effects loop ...


The first impression is mixed with headphones but it comes mostly from the fact that the possibilities are enormous, long labor for his home studio.

But on an amp ... THIS IS THE BIG SLAP !!! AND IN ALL STYLES !!!!

I Stratophile, 3 single microphones; for blues okay but for the metal ...
Here I take my foot !!!!
I board never afford config lamps and now I understand
that as long as we have not tried it you can not understand.
This really is another world, like spending .wave 3 * .mp3 to 10000 bit floating-point !!!

If the effects are precise but wha-wha out I find no interest in expression pedal. (Yes I do my boring)


A year of use.
I board probably got lucky with the sort of lamps for
I much shoves a Tonelab (c rico okay ^^).

I do not regret the purchase but without pedals version of exp I would not say no.
This would have allowed a more ergonomic layout in my sound chain.
And for the same price to a higher sorting tubes in all pedaliers!

My advice: try the model you purchase.