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jeandoleo 09/04/2006

Vigier Excalibur Supra 7 : jeandoleo's user review


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Made in France.

24 cases, 3 Di Marzio, 2 doubles + 1 single connected a selector Schaller 5 positions, so that the high end.

The bridge is Wilkinson type with self-locking mechanism behind the head of the guitar, holding very good agreement but personally would prefer a day very good floyd Vigier c is the only thing I haven t like this guitare.Mais the floyd n is not essential for everyone then ...

Volume + a tonalite.

The handle is very nice, flame maple with rosewood fingerboard, Bolt-c is a body with benchmarks "point" and the hoop Zero Vigier.


The handle is very nice, flame maple with rosewood fingerboard, it s been quite large, but end the game is impeccable comfort, in a few minutes it is already well in hand ... there is obviously the zero fret Vigier the carbon rod and a handle 90/10...donc excellent.

Access to acute L is perfect, since the "horns" of vigier are shorter and the gap between the two larger than c then a Start you can imagine the comfort ....

The ergonomics are impeccable, you do not feel any imbalance, it did not matter a Gibson SG! lol Very comfortable both sitting and standing.

The microphone input of aver s powerful and precise as its clear that in distortion, which allows you get the sound we have in the head without any problem and nor loss of power when you play the bass string of Si, the sound is perfectly balanced between each string.


It will surprise you, but this guitar is as versatile as other vigier .. indeed, it is not as n metal type that an Ibanez RG or Jackson exemple.Vous can play metal, like funk with intermediate or even the blues ... spends the entire range, simply just to adjust your presets and guitar follow.

I use the Marshall AVT 100 with one in my room and with a POD XT for recording and I'm comfortable on al all styles .... you can ultilisez all effects, the sound will always be as specific and prominent.

to get an ide from clean

sound saturated (ca kills! lol)


C is an incredible guitar, exceptional playing comfort, powerful sound and Presice in distortion and very shiny clean ... shame that I did need a floyd, c is why I have the sale this evening. ... but I've seen anything better on the market so I'm going to build my 7-string with a floyd luthier

in video

I sell the


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