Line 6 JTV-59 - Tobacco Burst
Line 6 JTV-59 - Tobacco Burst
Sian Lewis 01/21/2017

Line 6 JTV-59 - Tobacco Burst : Sian Lewis's user review

"James Tyler Line 6 guitars worse than old Variax models"

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Value For Money : Poor Audience: Advanced Users
I am an owner of a Line 6 Varix 500, which I have owned for six years, have been pleased with the guitar! however I read how much better the Line 6 JTV69S were in comparison with the old Line 6 Guitars! so I purchased a new Line 6 JTV69S; what a disappointment! I had previously read people stating that the playability of the new Line 6 JTV guitars were far superior to the old Line 6 guitars! and the quality was far better, also stated the neck on the new JTV were of a far better quality than the crap Variax500!

What a shock I have had with the purchase of a new Line 6 JTV69S! I was really looking forward to this new guitar, and the improvements! however when I tested my new JTV69S; I found the action far to high! when I tried to lower the action, I had terrible string buzz from the fretboard! I then made adjustments, but found the neck flat, and I then realised that the fret buzz was due to poor fretting! so could not adjust!! really dissapointed, the action was higher than on my Variax500!!! then tested the sounds of the new JTV69S, found most were the same as my Variax500! however some of my most used sounds of my old Variax had been changed, and the replacement sounds were not usable!! also the quality of the timbre of the sounds were not as good as my Variax500! my wife commented whilst I was testing the guitar that the sounds sounded tinny and unnatural! then I played my old Variax, and we both looked at each other and agreed my old Variax had a far more realistic sound!to make it worse! on the new Line 6 JTV69S there was an issue with strings G & E intermittently losing sound; which would last up to almost 5 minutes, and would only come back to work after extensive strumming of the strings! which really shocked me as I had read that the had been improvement in the quality of the JTV69S build! sent guitar back to supplier! total rubbish! does not feel like a quality guitar! much lighter in weight than I expected!