Roland TD-6KW
Roland TD-6KW

TD-6KW, Electronic Drum Kit from Roland in the TD series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 10 reviews )
 3 reviews30 %
 5 reviews50 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Power Kick07/27/2014

Power Kick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good electro"

Roland TD-6KW
Good drumkit with CC Roland Mesh, little Charley and new rack curved pad.
Ideal for work at home without harming the environment.
Not the best at Roland but enough to work.
No regrets except GC pad that is small for my taste to receive a DB pedal and Hi-Hat Controller not super accurate.
Purchased with stool, pedal GC and Sennheiser.

nhcvincent's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KW
For how long have you been using it?

I use it for 3 or 4 years.

What thing do you like most/least about it?

The pros:

- Able to play without making too much noise (the bass drum still generates vibrations in the walls or floor, the neighbors go crazy if I play in my apartment 'in cardboard).
- The sounds quality.
- Easily portable.
- Easily recordable.

The -:

- The response from the cymbals. I'm hard pressed to get used to it. Especially if you use the Ride. I find the mix quite difficult to perform, we just have a completely different sound with strike forces almost identical. There is a threshold to negotiate to perfection. TFW but I'm not that talented. :-)

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

I think a Yamaha ... But I can not remember. I loved playing with the Roland from the first moment, I have not felt the need to test other ..

What is your opinion about the value for the price?

If it had been cheaper, I would have been delighted ... :-) The quality is very good, every one to judge the price. For me, everything is too expensive. But when I compare the price to coffee tables, a style sheet plywood and 4 feet in scrap metal for 200 euros, so it seems very reasonable.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

Yes. Although I still drool over the models a little more upscale. * Slurp *
Ted Des07/25/2007

Ted Des's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KW
I use the td-6kw for about 6 onths, what if this is what is on top! But my only regret is, and the bass drum pad, double pedal is hell: s, and forget the IDE to use the bounce for the quick shots ... but good for training p! Apart from its fate Roland vraimment big game with this middle-range model by a RAPORT the td-12 or 20 sacrment but effective!

overmind94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KW
I use this drumkit for 1 month lctronique tell the truth I do not really like the drumkit is lctronique dabord especially a purchase I made in the group in which Intrets I play the ability to play softer and register without going through all the microphones CHRE a new drumkit also gave me the pitch.
All dabord must be put the record straight lctronique a drumkit is not made for the technical s'amliorer The models above all "low end" like this one dabord and especially the rebound is too important is not even necessary to raise the wrist APRS have hit on the toms and cymbals all the bounce that is only for pluttgnant acqurir good technique is to quickly realize that in ironing on an acoustic believe me) the hi-hat foot pedals fully lev it sounds half-closed and a relative sensitivity asking a little getting used to (1 or 2 hours) as for the pads and xagrs his cymbals bouncing against the credit union by a back light level can gnral meshed skin since it is adjustable so that more or less bouncing pad allows also to make but rimshot not tap the circle made the rimshot is done by tapping the circle (not practical to learn) the bass drum pad is popping him in the sense that means hitting the pedals on the piece of rubber (not so good apartment for a game)
these pads allow.

APRS ngatif this passage is rather positive goes.
All dabord most important sound is convincing trs especially compared the yamaha equivalent there is a multitude of possibilities but be warned there is no 99 drum kit there are a score and the rest divided into congas in psychdliques voice sounds and so the best you can be accompanied by songs diezaines diffrent who looks a bit but still diffrent (I understand ^ ^) volumes of trs trs slow to fast to slow mtal through the blues but also the binary to the ternary received APRS sound connection for sound recording is the same as that so jou trs right

What I like most about this drumkit in the RSID Intrets main lctronique able to register without a microphone and be able to lower the sound is indeed the main reason why j I bought this drumkit)

The particular feature I like least and the problem of any drumkit lctronique can not evolve technically playing it. of course it can evolve on speed, but the technique lindpendance pure target toms at the center for sound, or simply learn much into these rods does not change the sound produced is always the same (tr s good)

I tried before making this purchase the yamaha which is largely equivalent infrieur the Roland TD3 and TD8 or 10 I can not remember exactly if I had the choice I think I do it again the same choice, but if you have a budget or a sr can widest you can take either the above MODEL intermdiaire am making for a lower performance gnral but the we keep a good level and trs in the other a much more raliste set for 1500 but the choice remains for me the best.

Finally you will understand that drumkit lctronique is a choice rather questionable whether you need a group or to record while having an acoustic drum, functional! But if your beginners with no acoustic drum I do not advise you to buy this drumkit you will not have the same feel and when you take a "real" you will probably dcu your level.
One feels that something is missing the drumkit finally this is quite personal I would say we have not the same sensation on an acoustic than electronic printing as it has no soul ^ ^ (my drumkit is an acoustic Drumtech patched across)

Well here I think I have any say if you want more information Do not hesitate to contact me by mail:

Raoulluis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland TD-6KW
*** Excellent, excellent value for money

Roland Standard model upgraded with a basic snare 12 "mesh head (against a real dimension of 8.5" for the base model), hit a hat (charley against the pedal that is not top) + an additional CY6 crash. I am amateur bass player base, but former percussionist.

So RACK TD6 / Hit Hat VH11 + Foot / 3 x PD-8 toms (8.5 ") / 1 x CC (12") PD 125BK / 3x CY-8 / Pad KD-8 + GC GC Pedal Pearl / TD Module -6KW / Roland headphone / Head / Amp 10W (also 30, 100 and 200W)

in Rab FD8 (charley original pedal that I keep for resale) and one PD-8 with associated cables
I wanted to find my old feelings of drummer, frustrated at the time of not being able to play apart. (In years 75/85 y'avait nothing but the silent drive) and ca .... does it!
Note that I have children (thus the Smurfs), which also like the beast in addition to their basic instrument.
Sound: Perfect for me, the samples are nice but the pieces of rhythm to work on a background. The Pads are correct, especially after the upgrade charley and snare.
You can make a real drum roll, all shots are played and rebounds. The chabada cymbals is also very correct.
The bass drum makes, but I think change GC pedal for a double chain more responsive. I do not have the level nor the utility for a double pedal.
General Notice
Perfect. There's no more apparent in this price range, especially in time.
The Special Yamaha DTX also provided a hat and a cymbal hit added, but the sound module is not up to the Roland.
The new drumkit without hit hat, no bass drum pedal and a mesh head pad of 8.5, is about 1400 euro. With my upgrade (over 600 euro and more at the best rates ..... German) and a seat, a headphone, a 10W amp I have not found better (but I also have a 30W, a 100W and a 200W making it possible to really change the sound)
In short: not bulky, good sound (headphones or amp) good feelings (with hat and hit Pad 12 ") as easily resalable or Yam DDrum with less financial loss because the quality of ... TD6KV is known.
A tip: buy second-hand TD6KV to € 800 / 900 you can buy an upgrade of the pads. Another strategy: buy a 500/700 TD3KV then resell the module (looking at trigger) and buy a module 6 used (approximately 350 / 450) from a guy who goes from 6 to 12, for example, sells its etqui module (I tested it exists, but be patient!) Best time for buying used of course the early summer.
Ignore the prices indicated on the rating sites, they are ... Virtual .. no one sells for prices for the simple reason that there are 50 sellers for a buyer! The buyer decides if he is patient and that the seller is pressed .....( from -10% to -50% in real prices that the sellers want)