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  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - phonoid's review


    Keyboard 61 keys with 2 wheels and 2 faders ... UTILIZATION The shipping is super simple on the more crr sounds through all the envelopes 8 total the highlight of the machine, the chorus is big, we can with the CONTRL directemnet fader ... in a…

  • Casio SA-35

    Casio SA-35 - GoodPalmito's review


    Small toy keyboard without vlocit 2 and a half octaves. stro. not noon he was not dreaming, you'd think he did not sound much but in fact it reached when even the 100! there are 20 preset sounds and each can be dclin and 5 variants by pressing th…

  • Casio CTK-571

    Casio CTK-571 - Bobbeponge's review


    This little dot arranger is a dynamic touch keys 61, a connection point of view, between a diet, accounts for a pedal (you use either sustain in Sustenuto, fresh or to make from a rhythm, but pick), a phone outlet and 1 midi in and out. 150 sounds,…

  • Casio VL-1

    Casio VL-1 - Jeremy R's review


    Two and a half octaves. Buttons of type "calculator" (no velocity, no aftertouch, of course). We can still transpose an octave up, or down an octave. Six stripping sounds (piano, fantasy, violin, flute, guitar, ADSR). No effect. No editing of s…

  • Casio VZ-1

    Casio VZ-1 - Canardoo's review


    Beautiful production overall. Keyboard sweet and enjoyable, chassis mtallique weight! Irrprochable finish. This is a keyboard built to last! Three assignable modulation wheels. thank you for the words! Complte standard connectors but with a cleve…

  • Casio VZ-10M

    Casio VZ-10M - voicetrack's review


    It is a Expendables. - I do not notice so I think it's 16 polyphonic and is multi timbral but I do not know how. It has a mono mode. - Mix in an output jack and XLR balanced outputs and two sub - Synthesis operators Aditive 8 / envloppe osci…

  • Casio CTK-496

    Casio CTK-496 - Maolyn's review


    The Casio CTK 496 is an ... electronic keyboard, but I'll put in the category of "organ-pouet pouet supermarket" as jai have read elsewhere. The keyboard is 5 octaves, hit cheap plastic. Connections: MIDI input / output (still happy ...), input …

  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - zill's review


    Here's one creature that weighs the weight of its synthesis! very heavy 16 generators for 8 or 16 voice polyphony with the number of layers eight multi-timbral voices, the era c'tait extra:-) today blah: - / This is the only one in the family…

  • Casio CZ-101

    Casio CZ-101 - Desmodue's review


    We will not recall the features, see the presentation and prior reviews. This is a mini synth (in size) that can feed on mains or batteries (for hiking and camping!), Where batteries are essential to the preservation of sounds in memory. Another thin…

  • Casio WK-3000

    Casio WK-3000 - luluducas's review


    Arranger keyboard - 76 keys - 6 octaves. Keyboard quip a pitch bend wheel + A button "modulation". Connection: Midi In - Midi Out - Jack to sustain pedals - Headphone Jack faade. 516 tones (300 tones + 200 sonnorits advances prrgles + 16 sonort…