Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Roland U-110

    Roland U-110 - "ROLAND: U-110 Sample-Player 1988" has images


    ROLAND: U-110 Sample-Player Erstauslieferung: Winter 1988 Preis bei Auslieferung: 1.850 DM Das U110 Module ist eine rein Sample basierter Klangerzeuger. Beim U110 wird der komplette Sound eines Instrumentes durch Samples wiedergegeben. Das Lied…

  • Boss JS-5 JamStation

    Boss JS-5 JamStation - "es un aparato buenisimo para grabar y para hacer pistas para solistas excelente"


    para trabajar como solista me sirve para hacer mis propias pistas ycon mi estilo propio y para grabar musica de mi autoria y es superior a los aparatos que he usado anteriormente lo unico que esta limitado es en ritmos mexicanos como bolero polka y v…

  • Yamaha TX1P

    Yamaha TX1P - "Great Module! Get this if you can't get an MKS-20"


    I gigged for four years with one of these ending in 1992 and I still miss the darn thing, and it's 2020 now. It never had a problem, it was designed to do just one thing (sound like a piano) and it did an excellent job of it. I seem to remember t…

  • Yamaha P50-m

    Yamaha P50-m - "Best In Class When New, Best Bang For Buck Now"


    Unlike the one 1-star reviewer here, I've been gigging since 1969, I have owned more modules than I can remember, and I'm a Yamaha digital piano customer since 1986. Nonetheless I spent months researching piano modules back in the day and selected th…

  • Roland JV-880

    Roland JV-880 - "This rack module has quite a bang in sound quality with an external sound editor"


    The product is used for studio use. I have the studio setup for DAW and non DAW. I was impressed with several Youtube presentations of the JV-880 that I purchased 2 units. The JV-880 has: MIDI/in/out and thru. I've added some internal extension cards…

  • Akai Professional Force

    Akai Professional Force - "The computer killer ; )"


    *I put some sample videos with nice audio quality in the bottom of this review For which specific applications or uses have you chosen this product? I chosed it basically for composing and recording my music, just like you could do it with Ableto…

  • Yamaha MOX6

    Yamaha MOX6 - "Bad Sound Quality through Main Outputs" contains audio examples


    I believe that this review also applies to the newer Yamaha MOXF6. I bought the MOX6 many years ago, way back in 2013, just before stores had stock of the MOXF6 which was to replace the MOX6. When I first had a play with it, the sound quality …

  • Akai Professional MPX16

    Akai Professional MPX16 - "Useless as a Sampler" contains audio examples


    I have found the MPX16 to be useless when used as a sampler because the sampled output is not the same as the original. I now use it as a MIDI controller for my hardware synths. The pads are good and it has a standard MIDI output as well as being abl…

  • Clavia Nord Stage 2 76

    Clavia Nord Stage 2 76 - "There's no better option for pro musicians"


    I’m using my Nord Stage 2 mainly for the fantastic piano and organ sounds. The rest is all vst from now on. I had the electro 3 before. Also super keyboard but i upgraded. I really haven’t found anything vst that comes close. It all just sounds so …

  • Ketron SD1000

    Ketron SD1000 - "Buggy" contains audio examples


    This module has mostly very good sound fonts, the problem is that it has also a critical software bug which makes it sometimes impossible to render MIDI files properly. I tried to upgrade to the version from year 2015, which I do not think would help…