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kx77free00 07/22/2005

SynthEdit SynthEdit : kx77free00's user review


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Saying anything, you just need Windows 98 MSI program available at:


I used this program with diffrent configurations:
P3 650, via133, 256m ram, SBLive> kxproject or APS, 98se> ok!
Athlon 840.256 m ram through, Audigy (kxpoject) + Live aps, 98se> ok!
Athlon 2000 +, sis, 512m ram, Audigy (kxpoject) + Live + aps Aureon sky, 98se> ok!
Currently: P4 915, 1GB ram, audigy1 kxproject +, xp sp1 home> ok!

This program is stable, and updates are rgulires tlchargeables: or
I use it only to make plugins vsti utiliss Cubasis4 and currently with Cubase SE.
Plugins crs with Synthedit are 100% compatible with standard VST 2.3:
audio and MIDI input, multiple output, etc ...
The bugs found are reading is a bad structure of plugins or misuse:
opening multiple windows to load sf2 forgetting to close them over 80% cpu load.


the -:
- 100% compatible with Apple ...
- It comes with one skin, you search the web or manufacture ...
- The DLL file is heavier in GNR gnral (2m + audio engine for the skin)
- Polyphony plugin vst crs is fixed, the user can not change
The "big sound" is l: a plugin with 8 oscillators per note, four filters, five envelopes, semi-modular 150 paramtres 8-voice polyphony and 10% consumes 35% CPU. On average it takes 3% and 6% 48k 96k per note with a plugin consquent (p4 3G cubasis4, Cubase SE 96k buff Aureon 512).
Working 96k, the sound is close to the hardware synths Amricains (Squential Circuits kind!)
the behavior of its modules (vcf, vca, oscillators etc.) is similar that of the trs hardware synths and there are many modules dvelopps by third parties.

A dmonstration is worth a thousand words:
You can Tlcharger KX77FREE my VST plugins (freeware) and costs raliss my music with my plugs.

In short if you find too complex Reaktor and Max msp a little cold (or vice versa), you will not be by the Synthedit. This view is only my opinion ... these programs have the qualities recognized by many users. They are the prcurseurs of this type of software and are compatible with Apple ...

The freeware version is limited to only 2 outputs, 16 sounds and your plugins will be signs "Synthedit".
But it is 100% functional.
If you pay $ 50 (arrrgh. .. the price increase starts ...) plugins are signs your registration name, will operate 128 sounds and 12 outputs.
I work with the program since October 2002, I do not regret it.
I note Synthedit 10/10 despite its incompatibility with Apple ...

supplmentaires info:

New French forum dedicated to the Synthedit complmentaire Audiofanzine: (