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H.Noury 05/24/2005

SynthEdit SynthEdit : H.Noury's user review


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No problem setup has encountered t I download the software Synth Edit on a USB key and installed it on another computer, no problem. Same for the key, since I offered the license (16.53 Euro is given ...): no problem either.
The software is very easy to take in hand the condition of connatre synthse modular (you have any cable, even the controllers connatre ...), and English to read the instructions (there is a small menu "Help" on almost all modules).


I work with a Pentium 2.8 GHz G4, which sometimes is not too complex for confgurations trs (like a vocoder for voice, 2 times for 16 oscillators and additive donde synthse table, etc. .. .). For simpler synths, the CPU is low.
The software works great. Can be transformed into any VSTi synths fabiqus, what I do for will integrate into Cubase. The again, no problem: drag a folder DPOS VST other and it's done. In this case, we can insrer funds for srigraphie notch or even his own homemade buttons. I put on my home page in my own freeware synths, so they can inspire you ...


I use it for 10 months, I could make all the synths I rvais: FM, modular, additive, wavetable, Sound Font players, analog sequencers, etc ... This is the only software of its kind I've tried, but I am fully satisfied. I still wonder why it is (almost) free ...
I just have not figured out how to make big screen pages or sub-menus when there is much to Controller on one page (my record: 150 controllers for the "Big Analog". ..)