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Tascam External Audio Interfaces user reviews

  • Tascam US-16X08

    Tascam US-16X08 - "Great for beginners - lots of I/O"


    I've owned this interface for two years now. Previously I had my first Focusrite 8i6 which I upgraded for more imputs. At the time I wasn't even an audio student, just a hobby musician. Bought this interface when I started studying looking for somet…

  • Tascam US-16X08

    Tascam US-16X08 - "No effects loop"


    Using a DAW (Cubase Pro 8.5) the device is fine. The drivers I have work (so-far) flawlessly with W10 and a 5 year old I7 processor. The problem for me is this, without the DAW there is no Safe way to set up an effects send/return loop when the devi…

  • Tascam US-16X08

    Tascam US-16X08 - "Good, not perfect" has images


    Hi all, I have been looking myself for reviews or videos on this Tascam US-16x08 audio interface. First, here it is : http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/906126tascam4.jpg Content Unboxing, the product looks well-finished, gain knobs look st…

  • Tascam US-2000

    Tascam US-2000 - "My Baby"


    TASCAM US 2000 - great product and features, even better price. The TASCAM US 2000 is a USB 16 input 4 output analogue to digital converter. This audio interface takes up just a single rack space where others would fill at least 2. With a street pric…

  • Tascam US-122L

    Tascam US-122L - "Good quality for the cost, great for demos!"


    I bought the Tascam US-122 looking for an affordable audio interface to record demos of my songs, and I wasn't disappointed! Since it's powered via USB, it's very useful for anyone who works on a laptop, light and portable. It has two phantom-powe…

  • Tascam US-600

    Tascam US-600 - "I really loved this interface and the sound it gave me, but I had so many driver issues with it"


    The Tascam US 600 is a well designed 6 in and 4 out interface that works via USB 2.0 with a computer. This interface has one of the cleanest looks and designs that I have seen in a long time. It looks great on a desktop work surface and it doesn’t ta…

  • Tascam US-122MKII

    Tascam US-122MKII - "Clean sounding preamps"


    The Tascam US 122MKII is a USB 2 channel interface. It has switchable phantom power right on it. There are two XLR inputs for mics and 2 low noise microphone preamps. It comes with Cubase LE 4 and works great with multiple DAW software programs so yo…

  • Tascam US-1800

    Tascam US-1800 - "Easy to work with "


    The Tascam US1800 was an interface that I used for a few months in 2011. It connected easily to my computer via USB connection. This unit is rackable taking up one rack space on my desktop workstation. This interface has 16 inputs that you can recor…

  • Tascam US-122

    Tascam US-122 - "Tascam Us-122 ( horrible choice to consider)"


    When i first purchased the Tascam US-122, I was expecting it to work extremely well with my computer which is running windows 7. The price of the product attracted my attention as it looked like a solid mic pre-amp for my home studio recordings. UTI…

  • Tascam FireOne

    Tascam FireOne - "Compact and works great"


    The Tascam FireOne is a very small and compact device that can be moved from computer to computer quickly and easily. The best thing about this interface is that I didn’t have to install anything while I was using it a few years ago. Any one of my co…