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External Audio Interfaces user reviews

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - "Solid bare essentials audio interface"


    The 2i2 features 2 XLR-TRS combo inputs with independent volume knobs that have an LED ring around them to indicate levels. These inputs can be switched between line and instrument levels independently of each other. There’s a 48v button for microp…

  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "Very good choice"


    Steinberg is a company with a long history in the music market so I was interested in their products. It's a very good interface, the preamps and converters are good. But if you buy this product it means you demand quality and you have surely a chan…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad

    Universal Audio Apollo Quad - "The All-Rounder!"


    This is an excellent piece of hardware that would surely bring new sounds to your production. On one hand you have the massively acclaimed UA plugins, based mostly on their hardware counterpart and bringing one of the best emulations on the market. O…

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo - "To the Moon, All in or Bust!"


    While there's been plenty of lunar references in the many reviews for the new Apollo Twin series that are all over the web these days, the notion of "all in or bust" particularly applies to this review. I turned my entire home studio upside down on t…

  • MOTU Audio Express

    MOTU Audio Express - "Very good card"


    I bought this card to use it with virtual instrument plug-ins of acoustic pianos, to have a better sound than with the headphone output of my latpop. I also wanted MIDI to connect my digital piano to the soundcard. I went for Motu due to their good…

  • Tascam US-2000

    Tascam US-2000 - "My Baby"


    TASCAM US 2000 - great product and features, even better price. The TASCAM US 2000 is a USB 16 input 4 output analogue to digital converter. This audio interface takes up just a single rack space where others would fill at least 2. With a street pric…

  • MOTU 8pre

    MOTU 8pre - "One of those things that wouldn't hurt to have in the studio." has images


    It's not at the top of my list, but it's no where near the bottom. It was obtained in a bundle deal and it pays for itself every time I use it. I probably wouldn't have bought one, and it would have been a shame. This thing is reliable and sounds gre…

  • RME Audio Fireface UCX

    RME Audio Fireface UCX - julien.stazma's review


    I use this soundcard as the core of my home studio where I produce my music and mix and master songs for other people. I also use it as MIDI interface for my synths, an also to record them with Live. I use Live 9 to produce my music and Reaper for …

  • Apogee Ensemble

    Apogee Ensemble - "Great Conversion! Silly Software! Kind of Expensive!"


    The Ensemble is a sleek firewire interface that was tailored specifically for Logic Pro users. It has four built in microphone preamps that have channels for sends and returns. After that, it has four coinciding HI-Z line ins. Aside from the Firewire…

  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 14

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 - "Focusrite hit the target with the Saffire Pro 14"


    I first purchased this interface back in March, 2nd hand for a discounted price of £60, it came with a broken firewire chip as my laptop couldn't detect it being inserted and all the correct software etc was downloaded from the Focusrite website etc,…