Akai Professional MFC 42

MFC 42, Filter from Akai Professional.

laurent BERGMAN 01/14/2013

Akai Professional MFC 42 : laurent BERGMAN's user review

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Filter 2 and 4-pole and 8-pole Sereo mono, analog circuits, EQ section and distorting. Extensive connection: Jack 6.35 (-10db / +4 dB), RCA (Phono and Line), Midi.


Configuration very easy 1 button = 1 function. The manual is rather well done and detailed, with examples of configurations covering most uses. The facade is very clear. Perfect for studio use.


The filters are really good, soft and warm. The treatment is very musical. The LFO can be synchronized with MIDI rendering excellent (4 waveforms with complete division values ​​or triplet) and its function as phase change is also effective.
I just wish the poor quality of the distortion (which may be helpful to emulate the sound of a 303) I do not use very little and in this case, in homeopathic doses. The EQ section is sorely lacking musicality to my taste, I prefer to use a dedicated EQ, even that of the mixer before sending the signal to the filter.
It is ideal for treating groups of synths and drum loops. I also used as envelope follower (A, D, S, R) on digital synths, even on analog modeling synths, filters found them a bit too cold and some artificial sounds.


The whole production is very good (the knobs can be a bit sensitive), it is truly ergonomic, all parameters can be sent and received via MIDI, including all parameters (send scene) that can be sent a block for total recall early song to find its settings (which is really handy). Side connections is very complete: Jack 6.35 (-10dB / +4 dB), RCA (Line / Phono) and MIDI trio. It is more musical and detailed than the Electrix Filter Factory and sweeter than Sherman. One can only regret the distortion a bit sloppy and lack of musicality of EQ, without these two weaknesses this filter could be flawless from AKAI.