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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Edirol FA-101

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gnogno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol FA-101
Purchased to record rehearsals (bass, acoustic drums, 2 guitars, 3 songs) on P4 laptop or PowerBook G4 from a Mackie CFX20. A Mindprint DI-Port has been added to SPDIF for up to 10 simultaneous tracks the input.


No stability problems whatsoever with Mac (for which there is nothing to install, the card is Core-Audio) and PC. Reading / recording 10 tracks with no problem.


No installation on the Mac without problem (a reboot is not a problem ... just a habit ;-) PC
But clear manual to reread several times to capture it all. Used


3 years and then resold (with mixer) as impossible to extend to more than 10 tracks ... I went on mk3 MOTU Traveler table that serves as digital onboard effects.

le_kornichon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edirol FA-101
8 analog inputs / outputs with phantom power supply with two pramplifie and a Hi-Z
2 inputs / outputs numriques
1 MIDI input / output
Bus-powered 6-pin FireWire or transformer spar for laptops with only 4-pin FireWire port.

Retailer I will not because everything is on the picture or on the manufacturer's website.

I would have AIM deuxime a headphone indpendante, but this price, such CHARACTERISTICS dj worth 10/10!


No problem!

I use it on Mac, so there is plug and everything is automatically recognized.

For PC against it is necessary to update the Systm, install the drivers, set ... brief the daily lot of the users of Windoze.
I do not put that 9 / 10 because of frquence Sampling is Defines (rotary switch faade) before booting the FA-101 and then stopped moving.


Drivers? On the Mac, the FA-101 is gre by CoreAudio, so nothing to install, and it works perfectly. PC AC seems to work well.

I use it with GarageBand and Logic Express on Mac and PC Cubase SX.

Latency ... trs is strangely variable depending on his mood ...
I did not try to run any full-duplex (10 inputs and 10 outputs simultaneously).


We use this interface has two, and we have no problem. I use to connect my pramplis Intgr Oktava MK-012: they are pretty bad (the pramp). They are desperately short of winning, and the breath is heard at the ds is interresting. I plugged the mics on the same pramps a Digi002 is the day and night!

I do put a note so that 6 gnrale as micro pramplis taient really important to me, and they of.

I chose this card because of the opinions AF and silent parcequ'elle factory in Japan, not China, but I do not have that choice would do, if only for that to work with ProTools. I will ask for a MBox2 Nol ...