PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the PreSonus FireBox

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toctoctoctoc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Problem with drivers for Windows 7"

PreSonus FireBox
Distrust with this product. I used it since 2007. The stability of the synchronization with the computer sound card has never been the strong point of the Firebox, but since upgrading my computer (I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7), frankly nothing works properly. I searched Forums everywhere looking for a solution. I'm obviously far from alone in experiencing this problem but Presonus does not seem very interested in fixing their product.

My advice: do not buy Presonus!


major driver Windows 7




2007: do not buy!
Los Teignos03/05/2010

Los Teignos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I wanted a simple interface for making models only on a PC running XP with Cubase 3. Two preamps sufficed for me from this point of view. At least there, we found it more and more effective.


The drivers are fairly stable: rather I say because I like the cartoon dog and the card, like all FireWire fetched from time to time: Cubase lost it and I had to reboot.

A word on the preamp, which were neither bad nor exceptional: as those found in this price range. Understand that they were relatively quiet but did not have, alas, high headroom. On a static (Behringer B2, then the M-Audio Sputnik tube), it had to push the gain to 3 / 4 to begin to get a good signal ...


Simple installation and interface mixing very clear and nice shape. Not need for the manual for getting it together. As for the bundle, nothing extraordinary: Cubase LE and a handful of basic loops.


If I wrote this review in the past is that the card is dead after one year: Unable to synchronize, as if the party FireWire was dead. In short, I am not happy at all and even if the card fits perfectly to my needs in terms of functionality and ergonomics, I will not make this selection again: no more confidence in PreSonus, and a few in FireWire. I turned to a PCI solution for Echo ...

Udun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I wanted a sound card is easy to use for amateur home studio in order to record guitar and synth and dial via VST and south. In terms of connectivity, the two entries with pramplis are more than sufficient for the guitar, RCA outputs for speakers and headphones. The quality is not bad at all.

Config: Quad 6600, 4GB Ram, Windows Vista


Installation is plutt simple: plug into the firewire port, install the drivers. Those provided are for xp, so you have Tlcharger vista compatible drivers on the presonus website.

No incompatibility and easy configuration.

The manual is sufficient.


This is the big problem of this sound card! A Premire view, it is trs INTERESTED but it is totally unstable. The sound cut himself several times a day or no days of APRS. Sometimes no sound input (guitar) ... It must be the power supply or unplug the firewire dconnecter.

Tip: ask on the forums (for example presonus)! TRS many people are experiencing this problem without solutions. Technical support is nonexistent:
- The latest drivers from 2007! They are no longer followed by the technical service rpond Presonus!
- The technical service do not rpond to emails (see forums).

In short, a sound card is a card unstable useless!


In résumé:

- Overall quality
- Easy to use

- Unstable
- Not followed


Sound card RETURNED to the seller during the time limit for reimbursement of rtractation!

If you want a portable sound card (firewire, USB), make sure of its stability. Have a card that dconnecte regularly, it is not playable.
If you are not mobile, turn to a PCI card (with an external rack for example).

With exprience, I will not take more external sound card or USB firewire even less unless it is really ncessaire.
What is clear is that I will not give more money Presonus.

Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
- What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Sample rate for recording.
number of inputs and outputs corresponding to my use

- For what purpose?
recordings, music creation,

- What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
I use the card
- PC running XP SP2 (multiple configs)
- PC running Vista 32
- MacBook G4 under MacOS 10.4
each time the card is powered via FireWire
- Which instruments and systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
A microphone with phantom power supply
Yamaha CS-15
Korg EA1
another as needed
update (2nd)
I made a series of tests to see some rendering of the sound card, its grain etc ... a strong presence in the bass, pleasant enough but very misleading .... A piece emerged onto a CD will not sound the same at all.

I also want to add that after 1.5 years of use without too have changed the config and having little trimballée, the connection back is already tired (I understand if I was very disconnected / reconnected, But that's not the case), the MIDI made his own ... (In the following categories I also updated some experiments on a laptop)


On Windows XP problems of conflict with my firewire card which nevertheless respects the Presonus recommendations.

Overall a good ASIO operation, but for use with Windows drivers (eg Audacity) the card is limited, can not be used for multiple entries. There are generic problems also has use outside computer music, type MS messenger or windows drivers cut the sound ... Ideally it should probably two sound cards if you take it on windows.

Windows Vista 32 as on XP, and worse, impossible to know why there is no sound, it works with asio and wdm not, except when the wind blows in the right direction. the installation of some instability rare. It even happens that the card is full piece désychronise alone, there is a restart, then unplug / replug the card.

On a laptop

In preparation for a live card 10s worked on a laptop borrowed from a friend, and impossible to run, despite a series of tests in all directions. CA is completed by an emergency purchase a sound card worth the name.

Mac can not run the card properly the first try. a second test a few months after (same person, same machine, same software), the card has functioned on the first try. No additional tests on non-musical software.

See "use" for the problems of drivers.

The handbook may well be clear, it does not give the answers sought. (Mac just install the package and plug)

After a few changes in sampling rate, the card can be completely out of sync.

Unable to install Cubase LE despite the forums (which does not bother me, but on principle I mention, and I will find a try cubase aileurs)


Under XP, the drivers are fairly stable when you get to install them. Vista is taking head, we redo the same procedure several times and suddenly it works for no reason.

A recent update finally fixes a bug for recording at 96kHz, but .... since the update firmware of the card it makes a noise / hiss.
After much research on the manufacturer site (which brews a lot of air), I ended up back on a downgrade.
After reinstallation of the old firmware, siffelements disappear. Being stubborn and wanting to be on me again I installed the update, and whistles are not reappeared.
In short, drivers are anything but stable.
Note qsur forums that many users are grilled by their firebox through a firmware error FIREPOD / FP10 above. So the drivers are not protected, no checking is done during el'installation of them.

The virtual mixer is also quite incomplete and definitely not integrated with windows. In short, as long as it's going to ASIO in the nets, when we pass by dX the largest blur appears, and begins to regret the mixer core windows.

late maj
I mostly use Reason with the card.

side latency:
on a PC, Windows XP, Athlon 64 3200 +, 1GB of RAM: 8ms
on a PC, Windows XP, Intel core2duo> 2GHz, 2GB RAM: 4ms (no test is below)
MacBook G4, 512MB RAM: unable to install the drivers.
I never registered more than one track at a time.


- How long have you use it?
1.5 years

- What is so special that you like most and least?
the impedance of the headphones is a bit unpleasant. Sony MDR7506 on I have to reduce the sound to digital mixer in addition to the knob is almost 0. This requires a bin on the main exit out to mix in short is probably the main drawback of the card once you have managed to make it work.
management between sounds is easy and simple.
note: the box is not heated and ventilated. when recording multiple tracks in parallel, it is possible that ca very hot.
In fact the only positive of the card is the quality of its product. Oh yes, the look also for those who find the look of equipment is worth seeing.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
It's very tempting initially. In use, and adding the time lost to the Job title, it's expensive.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Definitely not. Map unstable, unusable, unreliable for a penny, the drivers are not updated quickly when the bugs are reported ...

wahed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
I needed an interface to generate 24bit/96kHz materials in MSP and for mixing, not enough for RME, I decided to buy the firebox and to help me finish my project.
I work on a MacPro, 2 * bi2.66 with 5GB of RAM.


No problem (except maybe sometimes she "rode" no, I had to de-reconnect for it to be recognized).
Incompatibility: it is not recognized by Kontakt, you must create an Aggregate Device in the editor "Config. Audio-MIDI" ... and this device "virtual" to be recognized.
In general, normal operation.


No driver required, the widget is "class compliant".

I use it with Digital Performer, WaveEditor, Kontakt and MaxMSP (mainly)

So since I am asked to answer questions and registration latency: let's get to the point!

I use this card for a short time, as I said earlier, it was to help me out and complete a project (primarily for mixing and editing). The 'monitoring', say it's fair, it does the job ...

For cons, I had the bad idea to try to catch sounds: This is a DISASTER! A kind of 'hiss' or clock noise as soon as you push the preamp (which sound miserably to use music).


So it's a quick purchase, on a recommendation from a friend (?) That I would do absolutely not. As a professional musician, I can not work with this type of material, and have, as was the case, having to redo much of my sounds, even after trying to "denoiser" everything.

For someone who wants to podcast, or recording as a hobby, still going ... but ... let us remember the adage:

"You get more for your money"
l'electron libre07/25/2007

l'electron libre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
The renowned brand in the field of pramplis ... the quality of pramplis, FireWire (connection + power supply, which have quickly taken a supplmentaire plug), the small size and big capabilities ads ... (2 in combo XLR / jack + jack two inputs, three outputs Stereo, the possibility of "cascading" the machine with other FireWire devices (hard disk, controller ...)
The ct "robust" in bte ... UPDATE: I will come back to the firewire ...
Used in home studio use only ...


No installation problem ... you put the cd in the drive, it does what it tells us to do is connect the small box ... and it is prt! UPDATE: If the box is recognized ... Recognized immediately in all software utiliss.
No incompatibility.
Easy Setup ... very easy ... to the point that even I did not see that there was a manual ... you teach me


Trs stable drivers ... not yet been updated since the purchase.
Software: Cubase, WaveLab and SoundForge
Cubase latency: in gnrale, it RULES of 10 ms, which is well enough to work comfortably with the blind instruments vst. (P4 3G + 1024 MB RAM).
I happen to rgler of 6 ms for audio recording, but better not have too many effects or vst instruments ... small, but delicious even when cpu resources.
I record one track a time ... Finally, for the moment, but I have to purchase a small audio-technica at3035 I will link my old Shure mic ... we'll see what gives a ...
8 / 10 ... UPDATE: What innocence!


For three months I do know that little of trsor lctronique ...
Most: pramplis, the solid appearance ...
The -: uh ... bah ... Gourmet ... but is gre ... UPDATE: THE FireWire
I have not tried other cards at the time of purchase ... but day and night with my Previous ... (Soundblaster home ...)
The report quality is pretty good price: 325 euros for the prsonus home ...
With exprience, I do it again ... with a bigger budget, I will deal plutt for Motu ... but it will be for nol ...
UPDATE: For over a year since I have this card ... but it does not work! Why? Rponse: firewire connectors too low ... I knew the dpart ds, one of the two had taken the game and should not be that I plug my computer ... a year later, not only one that had the game not working at all, but in addition, the other also lach me! I see now all of a seller Home Studio (I did not buy from them but the box I bought it o put the key under the door ...)... I asked him how long it would take and how much cost me to make rpar ... rponse, I will pay for shipping only (since it is still under manufacturer's warranty) ... but I can not rcuprer at least a month and a half since the SAV is currently in Prsonus "dbordquot; HS ... the seller told me they arr ter to sell this card because, I quote: "8 out of 10 returns due to taient same problem: the firewire connectors dfaillantes ..."...
I am now Amre exprience ... I think Prsonus, which is nevertheless a good brand trs should vrifier its products, more so when they outsource to China ... (I have nothing against the Chinese)
... Finally, brief ... So, I bought a sound card ... and as an end, a value sre: a MOTU! Thank you for this purchase Prsonus imprvu sudden and I have to do before coming to see you ... I brought the economy of 300 euros ... and since I do not expect that going to cost me to make rpar! Voil ... So ... pril and your risk!

fardochePQ's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Hello everyone,

Well here is my opinion on the Firebox that I bought there a year and a half and I have to sell. Why?

I got the Firebox as the first map of its computer music.
I did not know absolutely nothing at the time and site is a lot of people praise this card so I have their trust in crooked.

I used it on Windows XP PC AMD X2 4400 + 2gig of RAM with a micro Rode and AKG C451B NT1a and a Universal Audio preamp solo/610

For the features of this map is complete enough for a guy who wants to start making recording simple and effective (if it was reliable).

CAD two good preamp power supply 48V IN / OUT and SPDIF for MIDI and a very good headphone (And the best part of this card) but no ADAT and so little mute button montior -2


Installation without any problems.

Easy setup.


The drivers are stable on my setup.

I used the Firebox to Cubase SL 3

I can not give high marks to use because I had too many problems related to manufacturing quality and had to be delayed in my projects. PreSonus thank you!

My expliquaions below .....


I used it for a year and a half with this opinion I make a big warning about the build quality of the Firebox and the PreSonus products in general.

On my first day of purchase I found the store because one of the knobs of an input of my preamp kidding when I turned. (Loss of sound and crackling)

I changed it for another Firebox that it has worked well for 3 months then it's set to make a kind of buzz when I sent him the low frequencies.

So I did a test at the store with my firebox that buzzer and another brand new and we noticed that even the new buzzit also very very low but always with low Frequency converter (Maybe mine had this little buzz also initially and as I used the buzz is heightened?) 3 short Firebox tested and none passed the test. Bad luck? It's a bit far-fetched.

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>With experience, you do again this choice?</span>

Ever it is not serious and I am extremely disappointed that's why I changed completely and end I got an RME Fireface 800 and I am satisfied.

Edit (after reading the notice to lucetamdoute who has probably never tried another card nomadic life) By the way I did not notice this for destroying the brand I have other things to do but more interesting given notice sincere and realistic manufacturing quality and durability of the product as I gave many a chance to mark which has not lived up to my expectations. I must say that I also have the Presonus HP 4 is not better for two good reasons but that's another story.

Popeye's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Features: everything has been said I think if
Usage: + VST sound pickup microphone omni (testing facilities)
Config: Dell XPS M1210 Intel intel graphics card, 2GB RAM, HDD 7200 tr / min
No other portable instruments + firebox
/////////!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM INSTALL READ THIS !!!!!!!!! \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
I have a firewire port shared with the express bus (ie on the same PCI bus of the motherboard. Read on to solve your problems if you are crack in the same config as me.


Good big problems with the installation but not due to the card (I tested it on Mac starts on the first try). I put one to attract the attention of readers who want to know if the card is compatible with their config

Currently, the firewire ports of the PC are pretty bad, it is the gadget all brands. We note = mac firewire, USB2 = PC if you want no problem. But it was not good when the dosh to buy a motu 828mk2 usb2, well we try to démerder with the config of the computer.

So the first installation: cracking after 30sec when I listen to an mp3 in WMP. Even with a latency of 25ms.

Solution: DELL on the firewire port is shared with the express card. So there are tricks to "optimize" the firewire which are as follows and that worked for my configuration (8ms latency more crunches):
0 - (it&#39;s an addition so I put 0;)
in the taskbar right-click on the icon of the presonus (bottom right of the screen near the clock) and set CPU to Low. For laptops, the core duo has a clock speed ranging from 1 GHz to 1.6 GHz T5500 for example which is why despite the very performance of Bécanne honest, they should be considered as low-frequency processors. Maybe some will have no problem in High mode (LOW = 800-1000MHz, 1000-Medium = 2000Ghz, Hig = above).
1 - follow the recommendations of presonus ->
2 - install the patch windows next ->
3 - to Start-> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> "tab" Hardware -> Device Manager
----> Disable the network card 1394 (personal for me it does not disable my firewire port is enabled as a bus controller IEEE 1394)
----> Disable controllers in IDE ATA / ATAPI everything Memory card, express card etc ... On my Dell there are 3: Ricoh Memory Stick Host Controller / MMC Host Controller Ricoh / Ricoh xD-Picture Card Host Conroler
!!!!!!!! Do not turn off most disks / controllers ATA / UDMA / IDE or SATA!! if not squeak.
----> Disable the 56k modem if you have one (that being said it should work without it anyway)

4 - unplug the wi-fi (I have a switch but otherwise it is also in the device manager (but it worked without me it was one of the recommendations of presonus)
5 - In Windows Explorer, right click on your hard drives, properties and uncheck the permission of the indexing disk for fast file search. This option Chow "power" and serves only to go faster during a file search. it does not play normally, but the latency as well as a trick to this is that it is well known and very useful.
6 - the Power of the bike for services background:
in Start-> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> "tab" Advanced-> Performance / "Button Settings" -> "tab" Advanced -> adjust the performance for background services
7 - If your firewire port is shared with the express card like me, there is little chance that installing a firewire express card solves the problem
Even if you want your chance tener presonus recommends cards with a chip Texas Instruments (rare!) and especially not the kind combo cards FW800 + USB2 + FW400 or FW400. It FW400 point bar.

8 - if the problem persists:
presonus forums
Audiofanzine forums, many people have problems with DELL and firewire ... but not with Dell. Similarly, we can tell you my inspiron machine works with the presonus, bought it and .... it does not work parcqu&#39;un manufacturer does not warn the world when it changes the reference motherboard for its range of notebooks ..!
In short good luck.
Otherwise try this:


With all the shit pan I had time to use it ... but listening stand alone or VST my problems were solved.
The sound is good. I have an echo on my MIA fixed, however, has more silky treble for my taste. The presonus is however more dynamic.


Overall opinion: I open her anus, I repeat tomorrow and see if it turns nickel for three hours!

Otherwise from PreSonus technical support is seriously what is a priori not the case with other manufacturers, however, more "pro" as motu.
FEE DEE11/29/2006

FEE DEE's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
Good card, but the adapter to force a sudden has to be carted endoit and try to open it and not have a PC laptop so firewire 4 pin so nccssit of power with the adapter and now has stopped working, yet I am careful, but now more than well done sound card presonus 6 months of use, watch the cable industry the power supply is very religious s fragile. No guarantee on the spices. So I order a new one I reu rev ​​works well and with which I am careful about handling trs.