PreSonus FireStudio
PreSonus FireStudio

FireStudio, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

All user reviews of 5/5 for the PreSonus FireStudio

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 13 reviews )
 4 reviews31 %
 4 reviews31 %
 1 user review8 %
 3 reviews23 %
Value For Money : Excellent

kornetie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio
These are the 8 microphone inputs that motivated me most to buy this sound card, and the number of outputs.
One regret: the RCA is not actually an entry, it is only through a remote Presonus, so no possibility of recovering the signal to the computer.
I use it for the home studio, mainly to save battery, but also in rehearsals for a recording group.
My setup: Apple MacBook 13.3 "Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM. I used it before with a PC, 2GB processor, 2GB of RAM.


The first installation was done on a PC without any problem, the driver has always worked great.
However, on Mac, the driver does not work at all, all channels glutted, unable to use the sound card. I enrolled in the Beta test program, and there, more of a problem, everything works nickel.
I found the driver very well, especially the possibilities of mix quite huge!


The drivers were not very developed, but now they are very stable. I was using Cubase SX3 on PC, and now Digital Performer on Mac, use without any problem on both sides. (I use it for two years)
With the Mac, I have no audible latency. I can no malfunction record eight tracks simultaneously, and this for three hours.


I've tried any model before this one, so I decided is the Firewire connection. I've had two years, I am very glad I found the preamp quality, although I have not many other references, or experience!
I paid 725 euro I think, which seems reasonable for eight preamps and all the possibilities offered mix!

Without hesitation, I do it again this election.

°-._wanderer_.-°'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio
What motivated my purchase at the time:
- 8 input preamp Presonus quality (op amp, class A, headroom etc.)..
- Good converters
- I / O configuration and routing apparently facilitated by an ergonomic software ...

I bought it for use alone and live (jq 8 inputs used simultaneously)

My config: AMD 64 x2 4800 +
4096 Mb RAM
2 Samsung hard drives (500 Gb + 250 Gb)
Goldmike + TL-Audio PA-1 + GT PRO Input
The rest in the sequencer )


The installation was done without any problems.
No incompatibilities software / hardware encountered. No problem recognizing when starting, no conflict with my computer's chipset
As against the manual is clear therefore that we are not novices ... but the layout is done well though. In short doc made very explicit but in summary!


The drivers are stable as a granite python, it's been two years and have never had a mute (except once a year ago and then never again ...), no sudden restart the card (or of the computer)
The new update has enhanced the software interface, the firmware update works fine no problems again!
I work at 192 buffers -> E + S Latency 2.12 ms nothing to frighten my favorite drummer )
Simultaneous recording of 8 tracks without too much of the same treatments tt (!)


So I use it for two years. And last year I told him his friend the attached Remote Studio Monitor (the headphone preamps are fabulous!)
I like the dynamic that emerges, the op amps are so much fun alone. What do the model without any additional gear. I tried an M-AUDIO 1010, the Presonus FirePod ... well no grounds for comparison ... I have a friend who has a Fireface 800, it was small tests (with NT5 on acoustic guitar) and the difference really ... but hey I'm an amateur. I let a real comparative review with the pros!
I give a 9.5. Is that I got attached !)

Lolo38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio
Hello, I chose this sound card for the following reasons:

- Possibility to use it alone on my Adat 01V96, which
add 8 and 8 pramps line out!

- Possible to have direct micro pramp 8 on an Asus laptop and
and to avoid the 01V96 to capture the small concert
sound recording 5.1, or other ...

- Possibility thanks its routing advanced enough to use it pramp
for the 01V96 at the same time it is connected to the laptop.
We can thus provide a record of eight microphone inputs of the card + 1
SPDIF and ADAT output 8 of the 01V96, a total of 18 entries.
(26 by adding a card in the adat supplmentaire 01V96)

This is really Firestudio trs versatile and report quality price trs INTERESTED because for the price of a Presonus Digimax FS or the Focusrite OctoPre, I have a good sound card too!

My laptop is an Asus L5G


Before buying the presonus FP10 I test that my seller had in stock, to see how this included the drivers on my laptop, it connate too well the problem of random image trs firewire chipset compatibility with our expensive notebooks!

The FP10 is well behaved and trs trs appeared stable, so I'll say it for the FireStudio trs that seemed close, j'tais sense not to have a surprise. ..

In Ralite men I've realized aprslavoir reu, DICE II FireWire chipset of the FireStudio is dune gnration latest issue than the FP10 The architecture is Internal compltement Different.

THE FIRST Ds installation, jai had enough fear because Systm seems unstable, silent sound bad and full of pops, clicks etc.

I say no luck, I dont not, however, gave up and started searching for jai

Fortunately, an update of firmware and new driver qun Beta DTRE was posted on the site of Presonus.

Since all lair DTRE OK, I remain even when mfiant, but I lai test in all directions and cest plutt not bad, I expected it rpond without problem

The Manual is in English, but it is well done.


- As I said the drivers are stable enough air ...

- It would be good to have days of being regularly, and replace it quickly
Beta Version.

- I use software like Audio-Logic, Nuendo and Premire Pro.

- Latency of 4.5 ms

- You can record input simultanment 26 (8 analog, 16 ADAT, SPDIF Stereo 1)


I use it for a few days.

Concerning the quality of the converters, cest trs correct, I havent been able mempcher louver, the unit is very well RALIS the srigraphie is good potentiomtre the quality of earnings are dentre A10K and B10K for headphones and hands, which explains quil fault turn the knob a bit much for gain from, I find the logarithmic curve of the potentiomtres dentre misnomer and

In dentre converter, there are two four AKM AK5384 DAC (such as the Mackie ONYX interfaces.)

In converter output, there is an eightfold AKM AK4358 DAC (such as M-Audio Audiophile 192)

Op-amps are dentre ST MC33079 polariss in class A, the op-amp are trs trs are correct can be noisy, the OPA627 has equivalents in terms of noise, they are against average slew rate (rise time).

Cest tration so slightly worse than RME, but for the price diffrence and all the possibilities

I would do without this choice problem ...

Dinnis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio
My motivation was simple, the less I have stuff to carry and better I feel! lol

Seriously just look at the technical features it offers!

AMD Athlon 2600 +
280 GB (3 HDD in racks)
1 GB

I use it for recording live and studio ...


Installation is really easy! First the drivers and then connect the FireWire cable and voila!

For now no conflict met just a software bug in the console from time to time a path just disappears down the master fader and then to go .... Here ....

The general config is simple and the ability to switch between the different mix (9 in total) is terrible (Hands or .....)!!! Phones

The manual is in English .... only a few pages ... but by digging himself well in the console one would find enough facilemnt .....

I would put a 9 for this little annoyance of the voice disappears .....


The drivers are stable for now and no problem to move from window to window sequencer console mix (card), especially during recording which proves it is not too cumbersome .....

To update it too new to say ........

I use it with Cubase SX and the ....

The lowest latency I got is 4 ms with my current PC config but without loading a plug too! Otherwise the CPU saturates! Obviously you can have a latency of 0 but it is a recording of the incoming signal not listening out (bad for the engineer who wants to listen to what he saves!)

At the moment I record 8 tracks simultaneously because I have not yet acquired di DIGIMAX FS (coming soon )....


I use it for about one week of intensive ..... It is really easy to use, I love the precision of his conversion nickel really very precise and without particular coloration, but to be honest I was really afraid when I connect a microphone above the first time since it has necessary to push the gain of more than half to have a good standard ... j'au had more balls as it was a condenser microphone ... with a level of correct output ... I'll let you guess for my dynamic mics .... I had to boost the gain of about 55 dB to wait for the desired level (of a male voice) ... but have the class A preamps There is no breath .... ahhhh ... relief and no coloring either at this level! But it's pretty good binding imagine a female voice asked enough of the kind Norah Jones .... you imagine pushing the gain back?! So I'm pretty disappointed at this level there!

After call to the support I was told that it was a choice because the preamps are used both for line inputs and microphones so as to avoid a return Bouraine input line they opted for choice ca ... (I'm not sure because with the EMU 1820M prémaps (TFPro) have rarely exceeded half and they were also provided for online / instrumentals and micro .....) breath and no less accurate but I confess .......

The value was excellent for me, it allows up to 26 inputs with ADAT equipped with word clock .... and MIDI ... compared with EMU 1820M (map I know very well) point of view of a sound (it's still what interests us) the presonus is really winning (despite the need to push the preamp) the sound is more accurate, more dynamic and config is simpler in terms of routing.
Difficult or impossible to find more complete with the same quality ....

I would do without hesitation that choice ... But still I did not put a 10 to cause the problem to gain at the preamp (I said all along that this problem exists on the mic inputs because I have not met and line inputs on instrument)