RME Audio Fireface 800
RME Audio Fireface 800

Fireface 800, FireWire audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

All user reviews for the RME Audio Fireface 800

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 62 reviews )
 46 reviews74 %
 13 reviews21 %
 1 user review2 %
 1 user review2 %
Value For Money : Excellent

rakoto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reliable and serious"

RME Audio Fireface 800
I was interested in the 2-Port ADAT to record a concert that was a part of a digital table. The Firewire 800 was indispensable because the 400 was not enough with my Vaio (cracks) at low latencies Used now with a mac book pro, so exclusively with Firewire 800. Very stable


The drivers are the most stable on the market. So I dare to use instead of a console for live (with cubase5 Pro9 and logic). Never had a problem until today.


The total mix is highly efficient but quite confusing ... It still takes me 30 seconds to put the ideas in place before each use ... even after 4 years .. 


I love the quality converters ... the choice of the level of inputs and output (-10dB, 4dB, HiGain), the number of runs, the total power mix, especially the stable DRIVERS 

I like less the coldness and hardness of the preamp microphones (catastrophic when taken together with  a Neumann TLM 103) ... On the other hand, it gives definition to a live SM 58.

The quality / price ratio is very good given the confidence we have in the gear (it's so rare) during the various sessions

solo84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Welcome to the professional world!"

RME Audio Fireface 800
Centerpiece of my home studio!

Plugged into a PC that was already a little dated (Athlon 2600 + dual-body 2gig RAM ... etc)
It is connected to a Central Station, analog of course, to enjoy its excellent converters NA.   All with good cables. I returned several preamps, including a UA LA-610 and an SPL Gain Station. It is also connected to a Neutrik patch.

It is very well built and seems very solid. No surprise, the connection is Neutrik. Very abundant, also: 4 preamps with XLR or jack, 1 DI jack, 8 inputs + 8 outputs TRS lines, 16 I / O in ADAT, SPDIF, MIDI + Wordlclock. What to do!

I made 10 with the AES / EBU

Previously I had a Motu Ultralite, good interface, but also had become the weakest link in my home studio!


Drivers? A wonder! With the Motu I had no problem, but this one is 3 floors above! The 56 channels can be controlled by a console, the famous "Total Mix", and any input, any playback channel and are routable to any output with each other forever!

The card is fully configurable via its inteface soft and reacts in real time to any change! In addition, drivers are frequently updated.

Anyway ... Welcome to the professional world!


Installation without worry, as it has never crashed!

the manual is a wealth of information!


The sound? Compared to the Motu Ultralite:
- In pure monitoring, basses are sharper, more vibrant and a little more clarity it seems to me.
- When recording a little more of everything. Clarity, presence, dynamic ...

The preamps are impeccable, but without particular color. It's pro but functional, period. Good dynamics and big transparency. They do not have the class of Gain Station, but that would be asking a lot!

In short, the great class! The converters are impeccable, the clock is reputable, the Firewire block is built by RME (these are the only ones doing this) in conjunction with excellent drivers! No wonder it runs! 3ms latency with harm to my PC, but with a powerful Bécanne power 1ms is achieved! Wow!

And it's made in Germany!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
Converters, high-end
The 192-k
-Format firewire / adat
Its inputs, outputs and especially many monitoring rm for pilots

, Connected behind one of my laptop, a hp p4 3000mghz
the goal is to build my fleet of production / mixing and live

compared with a 192L wamirack card I have and which is already admirable (but not perfect, the grain of the Fireface is gggranddddiose (+ dynamism, refinement in the grain, db .. enhanced treble sound even better , .. I am delighted

I'm out the 8-track outs in the wamirack 192k tracks directly in the Fireface .. the buffer is set to 512 by 192 k. ... live4 two (I do not pass through mixer)
I have to equip a second laptop p4 .., I'm saving for a second


Installing fun
I first go around on the net, I flashed the rack .. installed the updates
rocket science

I received a big spiral English manual .... and a booklet in french very clear .. congratulations for rm a very important detail


On his first day everything is niquel

apparently the drivers are constantly updated in
.. I use-live4, reaktor5, REASON3

compared to the wamirack192 esi, buffer latency and latency of the soft ds Fireface is very very low .. unheard of


I love her rack
its power supply cable to computer format
what I like is that it not freeze when the sound goes from soft (Reason to its settings panel is strange .. for now

this is my best interface in terms of quality
I have a wamirack192l with very good converters, but also below the rms

I had an Edirol FA101 that I do not recommend ... because there is no listener edirol, followed by some drivers .. darling (600euros) .. but it is on design points important as the concerns of breath, the abscence of ergonomics laborious mix .. .. in short, all the OPOS F800

magifffique parcontre craft a flat ... it's so delicious that my laptop is bad ducoup the road

this interface is far from being super stable as the infallible wamirack
short repeated crashes .. alas

I am mixed on this point. because its price is expensive
(I use it in its entirety) except ADAT and word clock

Sam75018's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
Update: Premire SERIES of tests and measures on the FF800:

Performance is generally Verify and confirm all the ads from the manufacturer.

One regret: the alignment of levels has a low possibility consquence back of "strong" levels (maximum +19 dBu!) Which can be quite professional Gnant in a configuration that is easy to see happen higher levels of ...

- Good quality of the clock. Synchonization in WC it seems to signal a redlivre he trs own: apparently a toilet out of some tables in the mix numriques s'avrerai insufisant electrical level (good output table but APRS 2 meter cable, you have to forget ...): the Fireface saved me a blow by providing a "regnrateur 'clock ...
- The standalone DCID me: the Fireface can run standalone (without computer) in a configuration that can come in the flash-boi box. This allows to use it as pramp indpendant-converter, or as numrique interface (ADAT to AES for example ...).

- The establishment of a Controller twelve o'clock on, but for now just gross dcoffrage, with little possibility of configurations shoots ... Too bad. (If anyone ever reads me ... RME)


Manual in English, but you can ask the importer en version (arbiter). (It could provide the standard ...) ->-1pts!

Getting Started with the total mix is ​​scary (GUI a bit overloaded ...-1pt!) To beginners but rvle a powerful tool trs routing.


STABLE drivers (under win2k pc) has been a while since I had not think of as a. ..
Used with Samplitude and wavelab.

Most recent internship SHIFT RME constantly bring new features ... It has the luxury of on-board computer chip with a "house" (FPGA) programmable easy!


Use for beginners in September 2004.
Report quality unbeatable prices.
Quality of pramp / converters: I use to make of the classic, and it is more than adequate in terms of price vis vis the concurrency. For pramp / converters for micro heater, trs is satisfactory.

Davvv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
- This card works on both PC and Mac, with a Portable or a round => not restrictive
- 4 good prampli trs, trs transparant => trs well taken for acoustic (piano, guitar, vocals ...)
- Map trs complte: 10 votes ana, SPDIF or AES / EBU, ADAT 2 (optical or digital) with scroll trs => 28 in
- My config: Dell Inspiron 9300 1.73 ghz (60 GB HD 7200 trs, 1 GB RAM)
- I use it to catch tail piano, and it IDAL (practice with the zero-latency routing, which allows for a mix of DIFFERENT microphones in the headset to be the comfortable when taking!), stable trs, trs good sound!


No-problem installation
-No problem of incompatibility
It is very easy configuration, the TotalMix requires a good half hour to be included (not so easy at first that the CueMix motu, but once assimil is very practical and ergonomic trs !)
- I have not opened the manual (I have a motu 2408 mk3 (very good card for that matter) when I was working with a tower, and I'm used to computer music for several Anns ... I immerse myself in need again later trs SPECIFICATIONS)


- Trs stable drivers (0 bugg for now)
- Apparently they are being updated regularly, we'll see ...
- I am 512 buffer with SX2 because right now I only do audio and I use TotalMix (where it is unnecessary latency)
- For the moment I record 3 channels at once exprience but I'm not worried about being able to record 16 simultaneous carefree


-For 10 days, but not enough to get an ide enough prcise product!
"I do not like the fact that there have not indpendant knob for volume monitoring (I have a UB802 branch between the card and the amp to have a volume knob indpendant)
- I had one:
1st: 2408 mk3 (very good map, stable on a Dell Dimension 8300 and also on a Mac, but one suspects!) But since I'm on a laptop, I'm the s deal because it only works with a PCI card (also motu dvelopper will have a PCMCIA card that would make the same office that 424PCi for use on portable PC and Mac (as the Multiface! !) ide Good is not it!

2nd: Firepod (good converters pramplis but some colors (my ear) and not unlike the routing Presonus foretold when it was released! Presonus we lied??
Moreover Denfert that Aralis a test of the FIREPOD on AF, should make his test day because it is giving false information to our music site MEMBREX prfr (AF) as saying again: "A virtual mixing table to route any input to any output, and should make its appearance. We look forward to see ..." Dear Denfert, October 05 we are, you had to contact connatre presonus and a little more about you before you write anything! We have viterait of Energy Expenses useless!

=> The FIREPOD is unusable as a pice mistress of a studio (and I my words PSE) is a card troubleshooting but not a pro card, however there that see mdiocrit of drivers (a ds that cracks often charge a little number of tracks and a few plugs yet my config is specially computer music), nothing to do with RME or MOTU, Moreover, with the RME, without changing my config, the same title (quite heavy) will crack any more!

I ended up with was useless to talk any longer of the Firepod, it would make a PUB and it does not MRIT!

- Report quality Price: under trs good opportunities and sound (I pay a little more 1200 euros)

- If it is not fragile and the only time I will say, I choose the same referrer

RME if you read me, would it be possible to assign the Volume button Stereo headphone output (for a volume of Hardware Monitor). If possible via an update firmware has INTERESTED all owners of Fireface800. Thank you

nickx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
I bought the Fireface 800 for the purpose of recording instruments.
I was looking for:
- Enough for times between micro micro amps,
- From an instrument
- Line inputs in sufficient numbers ...
- Numriques inputs (optical if possible) to connect my multi-effects, and in the future other devices numriques
- Expandable in Firewire

Oh I forgot: I was looking for a builder who is also updating its drivers regularly, and offers support in France.

Here, well it's 100% done with the Fireface!

I turn my computer at a P4 3.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 236 GB HD 10000 t / min SATA. Config muscle for music only.
PS The motherboard is an ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe, I prcise because I read that Asus brought the problem to the Facilities audionumriques ... Not my case anyway!

Level instrument, I plug the bass from the instrument (I will discuss below), microphone + vocal microphones times on rhythm guitar amp pramps between line amp when you can not make :-) noise, and between optical SPDIF for multi-effect guitar solo (Korg AX3000G)
The electronic battery for now, I use the MIDI port.


Install without problem. Updating the driver on the RME website and presto it works.
The configuration is fairly simple, the manual is very helpful on this point. Arbiter sent me a French version which brings even more when :-) especially the config TotalMix.


No crash so far, drivers are trs stable set day once (latest version) and the firmware.
I use XP with Service Pack 2 (no choice) and I have not had any problems with Firewire. I still apply the procedure for Microsoft to update the parameter in the registry (to put S400/S800 S100 instead of default).
I use Cubase SL3 and I have no problems.
The latency is inaudible, I forget to use TotalMix and direct monitoring in cubase so with the passage time tural effects does not affect me ...
I have yet to test the recording of more than 3 tracks. I will return to days later.

The use of TotalMix is ​​still really easy and convenient, especially with the graphic that allows a few clicks to configure the routing I / O freely. Each input can be sent to any output, or even all, all a few clicks. Also you can then flash the memory of the Fireface to keep the stand alone configuration!


I've had two weeks

What I like:
- The instrument input: no sound is frankly incredible. I enable the formulation of HP (but even without it very well) and the sound is perfectly respected and even promoted. I even found him a lamp its type amp (Fender) on which I played before. Always it is that direct recording gives excellent results. The gain is adjustable in faade.
- The pre-amps are excellent bill, and adjusted the level by potentiometers on the faade (handy)
- The phantom power can be active on each by clicking between micro,
- Headphone output with level rglage the faade (ca both practice)
- TotalMix: super simple and extremely powerful
- Matrial of quality!

What I dislike:
- The overdrive on the instrument between ... gadget ... same for the LIM (but I have not yet fully understand the usefulness!)
- Uh ... The price!

I wanted to beginners FIREPOD (presonus) but did not of optical and one coax between numrique .. But mostly they taient out of stock, I have been spirited to the Fireface. After ngo (bought 1200 euros), I consider it a great product. To say that the report is good qualitprix I would need more references. J'hsitais also with the MOTU traveler, but the important thing is that I do not regret my purchase, on the contrary, I have a powerful and reliable tool trs hands

I would do such a choice without any hsitation!

banned's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
I just change my MOTU 2408 mk3 for FireFace.

Premire surprises:

- The lighting, the FF will hold in 5 seconds, the MOTU took forever.
It automatically synchronizes the incoming signal WordClock, whereas with the MOTU had to open the setup before recording (for those who work with external converters).
He had to think to the MOTU off before the extinction of the computer, otherwise it caused a hissing tweeters that would not stand long. With the RME, no problemo, it's silence.
Trs-setup complete
Mix it
-L 'in between Instru faade

No-PAD to the MIC.
Out-MONITOR and PHONES are spares, I wish a stereo output volume indpendante adjustable headphone as the MOTU.
-No vritable AES-EBU.
-J 'lai purchase without manual or invoice, if someone could send me a pdf in FRENCH, please. Thank you.


Install, no problem


Drivers stable


Not yet had time to compare the converters.

cravates's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
I use this card with a PC / Pentium 4 (875P chipset, 2 Gb RAM, FireWire 400, IDE & SATA HDs). The goal was simply to record multiple synthesizers, and analog to ADAT. Also, I was interested in the stand-alone mode. Life is made: the Fireface exists.


Installation is transparent and takes place very easily - not enough to read the manual. I read it, and ultimately find it rather well. I repeat the remark of someone else: it is a pity not to have the French version directly included in the carton. Nothing detrimental, however.

For those who use the ADAT, two in / out are available and of course be used simultaneously. Remember to switch between ADAT and SPDIF in the configuration tool (RME Settings).

The creation of the bus in environments Steinberg and Cakewalk is not a problem. I've heard of users very satisfied with the ProTools couple RME / Logic or the couple RME/Nuendo3 (note neutral naturally hum).


Nothing to say about the drivers. RME seems to excel in this field and perfectly control the Mac and PC. Special mention to the page dedicated to FireWire tests on their site, which, incidentally, is regularly updated (you'll notice that all drivers, including the "degraded" are downloadable).

The routing matrix is ​​impressive: a soft brick high-end leaving the other behind. The mixer in Nuendo is one of the clearest I know.

The headphone output is very good.


This board has no direct competitor. The sound is cold and it suits me very well. I have other cards (including a lynx) and I think the FireFace800 has the best quality / price ratio. Remember, above all, quality of technical support associated with this card (clear reactivity Arbiter, located in France, and expertise of RME).

chimimic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
The possibility of routing, quality "heard" of the mic, the possibility to use it standalone (without PC).
- For what purpose?
Home studio. Composition (Cubase SX), retouching and editing audio (Wavelab) video editing (Premiere Pro).
- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
Asus P5AD2 - P4 3.6 GHz - 4GB RAM - 200GB hard 4 (1 x 3 x SATA and IDE).
- Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
Pramplis microphone, DAT, MD, K7, monitors Yamaha MSP5.


- Installation is it without problem?
This installation does Premire couraging drivers with the latest issue date (V2.1.0.2), I have not used the driver CD that came with the machine. Same thing for the soft internal (flash) that I put in V1.89 days. No worries particlier installation, except that the machine does not recognize his Premire power, and that contrary to indications given in the manual (connecting the equipment then turn it on), the recognition was done by turning first and then connecting. No big deal, but I am having the same issues possible ...
- Have you experienced any incompatibility?
Not at the moment, APRS use in my main apps (Cubase, WaveLab, Premiere).
- The configuration gnrale is easy?
By reading the manual and APRS some tests, we can say yes.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
It depends on the passages. Some features are trs well documented, others leave little doubt casts (three FireFace use of a port in simultann IEEE1394b (800M). But overall, it is fairly complete, translation Franaise is not stupid, and reading one feels that the designers have sought rpond couraging a product that users' expectations.


- The drivers are stable?
For now, no worries in WaveLab (V3) or Cubase (SX3). However, I got a crash in Premiere with fixed lattence 2ms (problem seems he known in RME, and was to be rsolu with the latest driver). But this problem has occurred only once, in Premiere, and as I chose to keep the lattence 4ms, has not impede me. I must say that it is still a bit cool (just a few hours of use) to be REALLY goal.
- Are they often put day?
I do not know at the moment, Premire install, drivers dats of commencement in May
- What software do you use most often?
Cubase, WaveLab, Premiere.
- What you get lag?
4 ms. I know we can go lower (2ms), but worked perfectly as is and that the delay is too low to induce me GNER, I leave as a.
- How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...
At least eight recording, I'm not away with all the 8 analog inputs. No worries (a right would have even surprised).
In reading, I did a test with 32 tracks wav 48K / 16 bit (full tracks of songs diffrent Events and not to rely too much on the "proofreading" RAM) without any dcrochage.
Not tested pousss with many recording tracks while playing many tracks, my main need is to record a track or two while reading a few.


- How long have you use it?
Few days.
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The Settings window Settings (inputs, phantom power supply, etc.) is a bit unreasonable in bulk, but people come here all the same. Too bad the PC is Necessary for the activation of phantom power supplies, but good. Routing possibilities inputs / outputs are excellent, I sold my patch 48 points!
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
- How do you report qualitprix?
Trs good.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
- Other
Cubase SX3 apprci does not change the digital audio interface, and crashed systmatiquement each boot (ACCS violation in module ASIO). I have to uninstall and reinstall the. No worries however for Wavelab and Premiere. I put on a good sr on behalf of Cubase.
If using FireWire on 800M (IEEE1394b) under WinXP SP2, consider installing the patch from Microsoft that fixes the bug speed limit (limit DBiT 100M after installing SP2).

Lexibook's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

RME Audio Fireface 800
sound recording and mixing
PC Pentium 4, 2GB, 400GB HDD
Console O2R, Avalon, Cubase, DBX


Firewire transfer not always stable and that poor compared to my motu 2408
Incompatibility at the synchros. Test on a G5 mac bipro, driver problem
Configuration siimple but other than that quibble over problems of malfunction
Manuel a bit light


Drivers unstable, I have to reboot and reinstall quite often also quite often (I tried on 4 different PC and it's always the same problem
A big problem of latency as compared to a motu 2408 which is pretty cool the top
the sound is really lacking in scope, it is a bit dry and tight and do not expect to mix with this card, I find that it lessens the mix, serious!
The motu 2408 is cheaper and much better. Otherwise, to 450 euros, esi quatafire prefer, which is not bad for 3 more times cheaper.


I work in a studio pro or a lot of stuff is regularly tested (often just to try, mlus low to high) and in the order I put Pro Tools, MOTU 896HD, MOTU 2408, Esi quatafire, and long after RME (I am not paid by the competition, you worry, but there is a kind of snobbery around the map, kind of, it was German so it's good, but no, jomox is good, but not RME!