TC Electronic Impact Twin
TC Electronic Impact Twin
Wasserstoff 05/21/2011

TC Electronic Impact Twin : Wasserstoff's user review


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I was looking for an external sound card of good quality at a reasonable price to start. As I am mostly electronic music, not need a lot of inputs / outputs.
I use it on a PC with Win7 64 with 4GB of RAM

I hesitated with Saffire PRO 24 DSP but for lack of notice, I took a little chance.


No worries for the drivers, the updates do not seem as frequent as in RME, but it works ...
Side latency is not terrible but I guess my old PC is responsible, it will be changed back to a Core i7


No problem with the installation, I checked my Firewire chipset was indeed a Ti because Via has a bad reputation.
The French manual is fairly brief, but with simple patterns


I use it for a few months and I am satisfied for now. The choice was made on the reputation of TC electronics and the presence of the sequencer Ableton Live Lite.
The quality of plastics is good, the finishes too.
Its side, it's clean but I did not reference because it's my first card.

If I were to buy a sound card now, I'd probably for a card equipped with USB for firewire (IT) becomes more difficult to find on newer motherboards.