Allen & Heath ZED-10
Allen & Heath ZED-10

ZED-10, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Allen & Heath in the ZED series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Allen & Heath ZED-10

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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mrjason's review"Not bad for a smaller set up"

Allen & Heath ZED-10
The Allen & Heath ZED 10 is an affordable smaller mixer that is very portable. It cannot be racked and it has 10 channels with 4 mic inputs. There are 3 stereo channels and t connects to a computer via USB connection for Mac or PC computers. Setting it up with a DAW and a computer through USB connection is very easy no matter what software you want to use with it. There are no faders on this mixer, only knobs all of the knobs are smooth moving knobs. There are no effects and no bells and whistles with this mixer. Most mixers that cost as much as this one does will not offer a bunch of effects and other higher end features. But the EQ on this mixer is very good for the price, there are 3 band sweep able EQ’s on channels 1 thru 4 and 2 band EQ’s on the stereo channels (channel 5 to channel 7).


The preamps are warm and have a very low noise, they are not anywhere near the best that I have heard but they are good for what you will pay for this mixer. I have used this mixer with Sonar many times and it has never cause me any problems and worked fine right out of the box. \


Recording with this mixer has not been a bad experience but I would rather use a mixer that has better preamps. If you have never used a more expensive mixer than this one might not sound so bad but once you have used some of Allen & Heaths higher end mixers you will not be able to use mixers like this one.


This is a good mixer for someone who is just looking for their first mixer though. It is made well and has all of the basic features one could need.

re-so-lu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Allen & Heath ZED-10
-2 Entries in Class A discrete FET allows direct connection of instruments
Switch-26 dB for low-level instruments
-4 Microphone inputs with phantom power
-2 Stereo inputs including one in the CAR and the other used to process the signal IN USB
Stereo-XLR with inserts
-3-band EQ for mono inputs and 2 stereo tape for
-1 Send pre-fader and one post-fader send
Bus-independent stereo effects and monitoring
Section-monitoring with headphones
-USB port for send and return to a computer running Windows or Mac OS X


Very simple configuration, all the usual functions are accessible on the front except the ON / OFF switch and a few dB for input.


Equilaseur three bands very handy.
This console is a goddess after use Bheringer but it bent a little more you can hear a slight (very slight) breath.


SONOMAG said: "The range Zed is now richer than ten models to meet most applications for small and medium models without sound analogique.Seuls fader, the Zed Zed 10FX and 10 (with digital multi-effects) appear to have been designed to become the 'universal tool that musicians and technicians will walk according to their artistic adventures. "
Indeed, this console is very easy to use, while incorporating some very good features. All effects and assignable option thomann are accessible directly on the console (except the mono input attenuation).
All sections are correct, including sections PHONES TO MONITOR and who have a MASTER. If not using the USB connection, the output RECORD thomann is used in auxiliary output.
The stereo is a very convenient because of its RCA connectors, so no need for an adapter. The USB input is assigned to the 2 stereo input, allowing signal processing (EQ + AUX).
The only fault I can find thomann this console is the failure to record in multitrack.
However, for the price charged by THOMANN, this console is a very good business opportunity, both for the live studio.