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Questions before purchasing Scarlette 18i8



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1 Posted on 11/18/2018 at 15:04:52Direct link to this post
We have a podcast with a nice sized listener base, and we try to keep our sound quality as professional as possible. I'm happy with our mics and most of our equipment, but I'd like to change our workflow. It's currently Host 1 and Host 2 recording (vocal) with occasional guests in the room, so perhaps one or two additional mics. We also sometimes have call in guests which usually use Skype to connect with us. Lastly, we have music clips for the intro, outro, and transitions.

Right now everything goes into a Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 mixer and we record the output on a Zoom digital recorder. The file is then moved to my laptop for editing in another program. I want to record directly to a DAW but the USB output from the Soundcraft is EXTREMELY low for vocals - max sound we can get to the laptop is about -32 db, which is unusable.

I'm thinking about moving to a Scarlette 18i8 but have a couple of questions:

1. It appears there is software to control the 18i8 - does it have to be running and "on top" on the laptop to work? What I'm asking is if the DAW can be running to record the program while also using the control software.

2. How hard is it to do Mix-Minus on this system? We'd probably have two hosts recording in the room, plus the caller coming in via Skype at the same time, and recording the podcast to the DAW live.

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