Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

Big Muff PI, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix in the Big Muff series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 61 reviews )
 38 reviews62 %
 14 reviews23 %
 7 reviews11 %
 1 user review2 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Fireguy8402's review"Sounds..... Muffy!"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
The Big Muff Pi is a fuzz effect from Electro-Harmonix. It’s one and a half pounds of fuzz in a box measuring 2.95" x 6.875" x 5.5". It has three basic controls: Volume (for overall volume) Tone (for EQ adjustments) and Sustain (which in this case is a gain or fuzz control) and one big bypass switch in the middle. The pedal can be powered by a 9 volt battery or by a 9 volt power supply.


Electro-Harmonix doesn’t give you much to work with on this one. Basically you just set your volume and amount of fuzz and you can tweak a little bit on the tone and you’re set. The pedal is built well in an all metal housing with a sturdy switch, but it seems a little large for such a basic effect. I haven’t ripped this one apart yet, but I’m sure they could cut back on some of the housing and save you some pedal board room, but I think that’s why they came out with the Nano line of effects. I never run my pedals off batteries (though a dying 9 volt can sound wicked in a fuzz), so in order to use with a One Spot or similar power supply you will need an adapter, as this pedal does not have your usual “Boss” style barrel plug. Not a deal breaker, but a slight pain if unexpected.


This pedal is pretty much a one trick pony, but nothing sounds like it. You can always tell when someone is playing a Big Muff, because it just has that tone that is nasty, fuzzy, and.. well Muffy. This is the USA NYC version and I hear the Russian model has a slight variation in tone, but I have no experience there to suggest an opinion between the two. The Sustain knob has plenty of harmonic distortion on hand, but I wouldn’t call it an over the top fuzz. Though I have heard some fuzz pedals that could peel the paint off the walls (this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the circumstances), this pedal stays fairly smooth and musical through all its settings. I would call it dirty for sure, but not exactly raunchy. There is plenty of low end available and classic fuzz tones are easily coughed up.


Overall this pedal does what it does and that’s about it. It’s a fuzz pedal and it’s gets that classic Muff sound. They always say “classic sounds of Hendrix to Santana” on their ads, but I hear more Santana than Jimi for sure. It doesn’t get as raw as Jimi’s classic tone, but it’ll get you in the ball park. Overall for 80US dollars it’s a well made pedal that is capable of a few good tones. It’s nothing spectacular if you ask me, but used sparingly, unique and signature for sure.

wwhhhaatt's review"Classic"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Analog fuzz pedal with Standard 1/4" input and output jacks
Control knobs for volume, tone, and sustain (ammount of fuzz)
True bypass stomp switch, 1/8" power input, bottom battery box.
All housed in a huge enclosure.


I think fuzz pedals should be kept simple and it does not get much more simple than the big muff. No instructions are necessary and I don't even remember there being a manual when I bought this. You just hook up your cables, put some power whether it's an adapter or battery, turn some knobs, stomp the switch and go.


There is a reason why this pedal has become such a classic. I have been through many fuzz boxes from run of the mill all the way through some of the most sought after boutique boxes and the classic big muff can run with all of them. Some may think the EQ is limited but there is actually a lot of range in that one tone control. From fizzy to huge it's all there. I have run this pedal with guitar, Bass, keys, and even vocals and been able to get some useable or even great sounds out of it. To this day it is still my favorite fuzz for bass. I mostly use it on guitar as that is m main instrument. The wall of sound is what I typically go for with a fuzz and it is easily achieved with this pedal. There is not much in the way of lower gain tones but I find that to be pretty common with most fuzz boxes.


For the money I just don't think this can be beat. I have other fuzz pedals that sound better in some situations and have a more refined sound but they cost much more than this. There are some inconsistencies with it though. I have played others that sounded quite different from mine. I wouldn't say worse but different. The huge size is also a turn off to some people. The size of the circuit could easily be crammed into a box half this size so if you're handy with a soldering iron it might be a good idea.

darkwolf291's review"Great sounding Fuzz/Distortion"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
This is a Big Muff. You know what you're getting when you but it. Thick, Hairy, distortion somewhere between a Fuzz and distortion. A Volume Knob, a Tone Knob, and a Sustain knob are all this has, keeping things simple and making it easy to find a good tone. It uses a, 1/8" plug for it's 9V DC instead of the normal BOSS style, so it needs a special adapter if you want to daisy chain it with other pedals.


It is very easy to use this pedal. Set the sustain and tone where you want 'em, set the volume so it's the same bypassed as on, and you're ready to rock.


This is one thick and hairy pedal. It lies somewhere between a distortion and a fuzz, but is neither. Thick, mean, hairy, and aggressive are all words that can be used to describe this pedal. I find this is one of those pedals that you either like it's sound or you don't.
The input is connected to the output via a buffer. Being an Electro Harmonix pedal, it's a good buffer. There's almost no treble loss while bypassed, meaning what you hear while bypassed, is your guitar tone.


This is a quality pedal. Great sounding (if you like the sound of it) and decently priced. I personally don't find myself much of a Muff fan. I like a thinner, treblier and fuzzier fuzz. I am being unbiased in my rating and not rating it low because I don't like it. This is a great pedal, but I just don't like the Muff tone. This is one of these pedals that you either like it's sound, or don't. If you like the Muff sound, you will love this pedal. If not, don't get it. It's as simple as that.

badgerific's review"Big tone, small price."

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Standard stomp-box effect set up of 1/4" input, 1/4" output, 9V power supply input, 9V battery snap inside and a bypass stomp switch. Three knobs, Volume, Tone and Sustain.


Simple to set up, just stick a battery and plug your guitar to the input and the amp to the output and you're ready to go. The three knobs are pretty self explanatory and there's not a great deal of need for a manual, just playing around with the knobs until you find a sound you like is the best idea for effects pedals like this in my opinion.


I use this pedal with my Squier Duo-sonic and Epiphone Valve Junior amplifier and they make a great sound together. I really like the tone of all the big muff variants that I have tried although this is my least favorite of them. One problem I have with this pedal is that it can be quite noisy when in operation, but it's true bypass so when it's bypassed their is no effect on your tone.

The way that the knobs interact with each other on this pedal allow you to have quite a versatile range of tones as well as THE Big Muff wall of fuzz sound. By dropping the sustain knob to 0 and the volume knob to maximum a lightly distorted overdrive type sound can be achieved which I really like. I find this pedal to be too mid scooped for my liking to be used as a rhythm tone in a band situation but I love the sound of it as a lead boost on top of an already overdriven amplifier.


For the price of a used one I believe it's worth it, definitely a good first pedal to dip your toe into the world of fuzz. Although I think there are better Big Muff variants available, I much prefer the tone stack in the Sovtek built Big Muffs.

I think this model of muff is a great pedal to modify to provide more versatility and a more unique tone, even a mod as simple as bypassing the tone stack or adding a voltage sag knob can open up the sonic possibilities a vast amount.
Paul Iron08/13/2014

Paul Iron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good first fuzz"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
This is an analog fuzz that requires special EHX power supply. For this particularly sucks detail I put only 7.10. Because the rest is solid! It is big and takes a lot of space on the pedalboard. Together with the name "Big Muff Pi" was it really expect anything else?


It sets the tone with three knobs: Volume, Tone, and Sustain. I read the manual for fun and frankly it serves no purpose. It is well aware that one of the settings are! It's simple but not necessarily ultra clear with the name of the knobs so 8/10 for me.


This is where it all happens is not it? After all if you add pedals at our feet is not for fun! In short, it is a very thick fuzz that will not go anywhere, I'd rather tell you. It is bold, aggressive and synthetic. At the same time it is known for it's Grandma, and in this area it dominates. I put 7/10 because it is in its domain but not mat because if the settings are too extreme it gets boiled sound !!


I for almost 1 year and I must say that since I have tried other fuzz that most caught my eye. Nevertheless, I am glad because this is a good first fuzz that lets you know if you like the effect or not and if so whether you want a little more lace effect or even more fat ! (I'm in the first case) The only real drawbacks are its size because the price is quite modest and unconventional power supply.
In short, if I had to re-decide for a first fuzz I re-choose the Big Muff Pi again but perhaps nano or as little.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Back to the source"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
A is a boss screen has taken the place of the power supply jack, YEEEEEESSSSSS!
The rest is standard for this type of pedal.


Exeptionel nothing in the settings of this fuzz, grip immediate.


Ben the good is happiness. It's creamy, it has a small velcro effect, it sounds as hell ... hendrix the smashing pumpkins through jack white is THE sound alright!


Went through a lot of makes and models, this was my first fuzz, it will be my last. When I play with, I do not know what I can want more as this pedal agree, I love it! And the look of this big box has its chrome, it does really well!

Ogmor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Know what you want!"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
A modern version of the Big Muff: always the same grain, but after the demos that I could listen, who were ringing big muff vintage sound with much more in the treble, it has more bass.
For the rest, the same: a knob for volume, a tone, and a sustain (gain).
Supply: 9v battery or mains plug with a 3.5mm mini jack
The case is big enough, but the pedal is not heavy.
Simply, if this effect is cheap, I think it's aprce the construction ets sloppy. So, I came across a new model or switch archait a half, and I changed it against a box ets or incorrectly fitted. Not too embarrassing for the moment, I just hope it does not become a problem over time helping ...


Pretty simple to use, but better to take the time to see how the buttons interact: eb general, the higher up the sustain, more must rebalance lowering the tone. Then, it is as we like.


The sound is even with the very low sustain, rather fat. It has a grain Fuzzy, but it is not a fuzz: the sound seems full folds. This is not a criterion of quality, just a typed her differently.
Rather dug in mediums, we get little thanks to the tone knob sound or very deaf, or slender and squeaky, or just very thick and fleshy.
For my part, I do not push the gain background. Little is even maisser me in his first quarter and has a couple distortion or classic overdrive, and there, his end, and we approach much fuzz (if the other effect is before the chaining).
I ammuse a couple it with a Big Muff Black russain is quite experimental! It is little ammuser, but I can not see myself playing a whole song with that sound.

In terms of breath, when you push the sustain, obviously there, but I was expecting worse! It can make larsener, but it is manageable.

The use that I love, this is by placing a crybaby before: it was a kind of tornado sound, the sound of the lead stands literally rhythmic sound, it is as if it was a 2nd guitar playing solos.


Frankly I love.
I also have a black russian big muff 2002, very different, but for me, they are complementary. That is more oily, more fuzzy, with a bit more midrange. For those who think that modern versions deprive us of the quality of the former, it is false to me: the sound is different, but to me more suited to what I want to do (stoner) while keeping the same characteristic grain. So I am confused to play oldies without "copy" modern miss: the grain is typed, anchored in time.
However, for manufacturing quality and strength, then I do not know. We can find with which they will have no pb, but it is haphazard. As it is the switch, that said, it is repaired. Electronic components, I think, are good.

wahwah85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a big box that sends the big sound"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Fuzz pedal famous brand of analog Electro Harmonix: used by the greatest: Santana David Gilmour and Billy Corgan ...


Configuration is very simple: three buttons: Volume Tone Sustain: you turn the knobs change the sound ... add that on mine there at the top of the pedal a button to remove the His Tone but I play with the tone, note that we can feed it with a 9V battery but it is a good me a connection string and Visual Sound One Spot 2V and GO GO GO: no breath Slab: TFW taste of bowl. is a matter of taste after.


I was told that it sends and bin it sends sound Guedin: note that I play with earplugs since I was this big pedal too good: it sends a filthy well, it's going to Feedback, I can not control it with a Wah ... Sonic Youth fans will be thrilled as the fans exploded pumpkins (Smashing Pumpkins: The sound of Siamese Dream and Gish: it is a foot fetish Billy Corgan: For those interested: Here's Big Muff settings : Volume Tone to 13h to 13h and to sustain donf.


I've had about 3 weeks at the base I had to buy a new one but there was more in my store favorite but someone had put a deposit on sale: a 1983 model (with the black button at the top to remove the key) in good condition: we say that the model is old: better: bah is the case: OCCAZ purchased at 50E I made a deal. I play on a Mexico Start with a VOX AC 15 and AC sends frankly I'm having to play Cherub Rock and lots of other stuff.
I have one at the base of DS2 Boss: I like it but the Big Muff is something else.
Of course I do it again this election but I will not buy a new one: I will try to find a OCCAZ but this morning the search.

After it is a matter of taste: so we like it or not.
Me it does and it makes too much in a pedalboard.

azerty007's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A classic"

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
Fuzz pedal / Disto arch known, used by David Gilmour, Santana ...
At the base was made thinking about Hendrix as a future user, but it would not have had time to play ...
3 buttons classsiques: Vol, Tone, Sustain (gain or drive)

It is a fuzz which draws on the distortion, ie the saturated portion is not a predominance of acute.

It uses conventional silicon components (diodes and transisors) here not as a Germanium Fuzz Face or the Factory.
A more right, more direct, less draft more balanced.


Not much to say, three buttons is childish.

The case is HUGE, that's means and the taking of power supply is not classic, a small jack end, not the Boss of 9v.


Big sound very heavy, not for the musette what;)

Here strong predominance of low, mid dug.


It's big and well packed, perfect for solos or power chords. In the long run I think the lack of mediums is heavy, there are alternatives to the pedals inspired by the muff and correct its flaws (lack of mediums, too much compression)

Pete Cornish P2
The Muff from Gilmour. Version, which buries the MUFF great but is very expensive: € 517 in 2011


Classic 70's experience of JMB. MUFF-based sound is almost identical to a P2, very present, made in France.


Top DG1 or DG2 tone also quite expensive (Brazil), its identical to the P2 as well.


charcuto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff PI
One volume, one tone, sustain.
An input, no output.
9v power supply or 9V battery. Simplicity itself.
Inside the large box, a small circuit for a big analog fuzz.

Only minor drawbacks: for the power supply sector, they have a mini jack. And size of the box may surprise (after m'enfin you can buy the little big muff, eh).


Change is a super simple, and knobs of the race is very long. So, it fits easily into any-any configuration.

I just had a little problem with the battery door, it was necessary to force some to close, the battery sticking out of the chassis ... But hey, prefer the power supply sector.


Fuzz is a very clean I think. The output level is impressive. The sustain is over-saturating the signal from 3am, but it's still not too rough (for a fuzz, right) and wow, but what sustain! Against by the sound quickly becomes plastic as soon as you exceed 1 hour on the tone. This gives the creamy fuzz with the tone and sustain under 11h: a treat. In short it sends the puree, while remaining gentle enough if one does not abuse the tone that quickly turns squeaking. In addition it generates very, very short of breath (in me anyway y'en hardly, even at high volume).

I use with my RX200 Lag on my Marshall 8080 (while waiting to re-use my Laney GH100S), coupled with an equation Boss GE-7, because a good equation it changes your life, anyway. I love the large well rounded and warm that can be drawn. Sounds good vintage.


I've had a little less than 2 years now I know why I waited so long before I decide.
Sure, it's not a super versatile pedal, but I get tired of his grain.
I bought it brand new € 60, with the dollar very weak at the time. At that price, it's worth it.
If she were to let me go (but any-nan, a big muff is indestructible), I would buy one pronto. Unless, a Hot Tubes ... But it's not the same budget.