Zvex Fuzz Probe
Zvex Fuzz Probe

Zvex Fuzz Probe : Anonymous 's user review


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The advice of a professional who does post I offer my vision amateur.
The Fuzz Probe is a Fuzz Factory combines a Theremin is saying simply put, an antenna capturing the movements of the foot and acting like a rocker pedal.
As always with Zvex, construction type is vintage / modern.
- For the vintage, found among other NOS germanium transistors. For those who do not know too much, NOS means New Old Stock, this means "new old stock". The germanium transistors are no longer manufactured for a long time and have been replaced by silicon transistors, more efficient and more reliable. But then guitar in the imperfection of the old component is more musical, because the more "organic" and less "synthetic". This is true for many other components: lights against silicon diode rectification, Resistors Carbon mtal cons ... So the solution is to source with stocks of new transistors, made this glorious era, but which remain unsold. The difficulty is that it takes a two transistors and their fuzz CHARACTERISTICS should be similar. We must correct "pair" for a good fuzz (as for the power tubes in push-pull). This is done select the hand and only 10% of tests will utiliss transistors.
- For the modern look at the Theremin! A copper plate and captures a field cre radiofrquence modulated by your foot, hand or whatever you want. The issue then assign a parameter: a wah, volume or by a "stabilitquot; is to say the pitch (pitch) of the feedback.

Ct quality of construction, nothing wrong. Manufacturing is artisanal, hand-assembled and painted by hand. The painter (for mine My lord Jason) and Zack Vex affix their respective signatures on the pedals, including that of Zack, and severe based on copper antenna. PDAL each is unique.
The pedals have confidence: heavy, solid, well built, it is built to last.
With a little luck you can even get a custom finish!

Ct found rglages gain, volume, noise gate, compressor and the famous button "stabilitquot;. An input / output instrument complte the table.
Although a sr Switch on / off allows you to enable leffet.
The PDAL is powered by a 9V battery. No power supply possible. But rest assured you Zvex pedals consumes little trs.

The PDAL is a book in cardboard tui atypical wrapped in a cloth closed by ds fantasies.


An input / output for the guitar and Switch on / off: it's easy.

But then later to get complicated. Rgler to the pedals there are several paramtres interacting. To get a good sound you must tell the truth and express it falls on a sound we like by chance

The manual provided is more fun quinformatif As usual. Any fawn, Zack Vex we prvient ds The beginning: he does not know what will make lon this because he even does not know what to do!

The Theremin is against trs prcis ractif and even when the User with the fingers for an even more spectacular.

Despite these default I put 10/10 as your exact is surprising: we do not have pedals that what you will, it is plutt playing with us.


Well, let the sound. For the fuzz, cest happiness. The Fuzz Factory is the flagship product of dailleurs in Zvex. The compressor Intgr is useful and brings versatility. The noise gate shall adopt the unwanted ringing. But is not the intrt this pedals.

The characters of this effect is specific and trs trs spectacular to be simple, we like it or dtest. Dcrire impossible. Have a look and an ear on the Zvex site (very well done and really funny vidos). In any case you will not find anything comparable on the market.

If you like to express, you will not: 10/10.

If you like the sound and look for a classic fuzz mat: 0 / 10.


Among the Zvex pedals that offer, is there any need to remember, really unusual effects, the Fuzz Probe is certainly the most bizarre!
Finally his one true default is its quality: an extreme and indict that the practical limit that can not be for the amateur. For the professional with cons, it opens a field of exploration for the composition INTERESTED: Bellamy from Muse uses but are Korn and Tom Morello?

Ds when the problem is simple: you either love or you dtest. What also is quite true for all of Zack Vex pedals.

For those who love, outside sounds typs Zvex, you have also a very beautiful pedals, as original as his crateur.
Those who do not can not understand the craze for Zvex.

The price? Than the original! But when you love ...