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All user reviews for the Ableton Live 8

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fanby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ergonomic practice quick and easy"

Ableton Live 8
OK install OS X and m Imac Audio ProFire 2626


is stable but good with 12 GB of ram it can ...


I have been using version 8
I like the simplicity of handling the 10000 windows drum rack, warp the very practice that runs smoothly while remaining within reasonable Servings

Least audio editing pro tools I use Vui ben since version 7 and the ALL mode once you get done it's hard to do without

ludande's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" has everything to do - if you control - hard to do without"

Ableton Live 8
PC - I've never had a problem installing. I LIVE since version 7 and I probably install 10 updates, no worries


PC dual-core HD 2.16Gb 7200T/min
Map M-Audio Firewire and PCMCIA Echo Indigo
If the PC is 'tuned' to the sound, it runs really well, even with my config which starts dating.
I still had a crash on a live 20 live.


point 'black'
This is a 32-bit. So - it slows the future
The VST host does not let the OSC protocol natively.
M4L. Max is paying for Live.

That may be my sound card - but the sound is digital, it was beautiful tent analog type plugins - it remains a hard sound!

the good thing - is that you can almost do anything with - just to think, to read the manual and forums.

djdkdance's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Hmm ...."

Ableton Live 8
Installed without problem on the site recorded the license number and everything ....

Everything runs perfectly.


Macbook Pro 15 "i7
4G ram memory
500G HDD

Very stable.


I think I've used a dozen times about 2 hours per session.

I must say it is really easy to use but you must spend a good ten hours aprivoiser the beast.

I for one am not convinced because I am used to a production style cubase therefore this type of prod I find difficult. (Caution this is only my opinion)

I think someone who has never worked with a program to prod the top is mainly for live because there is no program that competes with this function.

Otherwise the price is right because in the line of this type of product.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Ableton Live 8
hassle free installation, clear manual with the help of tutorials lying around on youtube.


Its performance is not optimal because Live is a 32bit software and I turn on 64bit Windows Seven.
Live in a strongly rotating 64bits!


I use it for 6 months. This software has totally changed my way of composing and contrary to what one might think, it is not dedicated solely to the Live!
dr mabourse01/25/2010

dr mabourse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Live 8
Mac OS 10.5.8, no worries. No problems either with my plugs in (NI, Waves)


Mac Book Pro 2x2, 4, 4gb of ram. Digi 002. Some problems with the driver of the digi 002. Sometimes he refuses to engage in live, when I just left another audio application. very weird, but I think the worries just idiots of Digidesign, unable to turn their interface to something other than their bullshit pro tools. Raleur mode off (NB: I'm a fan of pro tools)

Live purrs with four Kontakt, Massive, Guitar Rig 4 in the same session, + EQ / comp waves all the slices (20 average). It really consolidated level.


Intensive use for two weeks. This is my first version of Live. What can I say except that this app has changed my life <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_lol.gif" alt="" /> Coupled with an MPD 32, I found much of the great ergonomics of MBM. With the flexibility of a computer. It's perfect for my use. Management rack effects is exemplary. I am still on my ass on the simplified procedure for ultra high juggle / crossfader between different chains of effects.
For now I use it for the composition, and counts with the Pro Tools mixer.

In short, it's simple and most importantly, it frees the mind. I agree 100%

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Live 8
easy installation .. but my Synthogy Piano VST plug planting live when the scan. While Nuendo supports trs well.
I tried everything synchrosoft day, vst days ... good live plant at the same time is not the plug that I use live but we had to remove it to install live: P


good is the same opinion as I live 7 did not think there really a performance gain, just need a good computer.


Well that's great and everything is not ok ... soft equivalent I have not used a lot but I dj disappointment that everybody talks about: (no sysex for example to toy with a plug goes, but for those with synths same limit is when unsoft "pro".)

Another thing, I just opened a small set with absynth (day) ... crash ... So I imagine a good live a quiet area.
may be I will go back the notes if I insure my config but for now I have a small edge on these small dception crashes.

Kimbooking's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ableton Live 8
Any incompatibility or concern any of plugins is so far .... it's rare!


It TOOOOOp! Finally, for a lil player like me.


Foreword: Ableton Live directly related stuff: mixing desk / firewire audio interface M-Audio NRV 10 / M-Audio midi interface Yamaha S80 + ... the rest of the backline classic.

FYI, just to judge the relevance of my remarks: I am not the Eng. Simple zikos (has over 20 years I do the music conservatory, prod concert rgy live another time, live alone, in groups, classical, jazz, rock, piano, guitar and vocals, etc. .... have a history of ide of my ear and my habits in search of ergonomics).

So I privilgie often itch level of cost you, my little level, ease of use.

Notice the hot demo:
is the ball! Users of loop: even more ergonomic! If you have adapted the gear you can configure in the loop or Multitrack Single Manir of sync, not "block" the main recording function.

I manage to configure, thanks to the looper Intgr CONTRL Live 8 with MIDI and a translator of Midi Manir get an arsenal even more effective than RC-50.

Problem over timing of tempo: hold everything automatically ... magically .... c llu ha-it-ing .... APRS src is not a budget pedals mm Loop .... License + Ableton + PDAL Midi interface cables and twelve o'clock noon license + translator + plus a Firewire (or USB) audio which takes a minimum the road, and the computer ...

It comes easily to see double to triple the price of an RC-50 .... but at least you

More What's tip-top recording with timing loop and effects ergo ergo home!

- Between DP (very complicated and unstable, but what quality and what precision), Logic (very stable, ergonomic trs, but sometimes drives to work a little hard so it philosophy: good and fast ... my opinion is that user "amateur", but I'm a real fan of this app)
and Live ... the latter is the winner on the economy / resource management software used by CPU. Even in the live setting, compared Mainstage, software Ableton is less greedy.

+ So having a tool to live mortal (because the top of ergonomics and quality .... users Perf Digital and Logic Studio for ... and Live recently)

I await my final buy, history vrifier stability of my system. But I pourlche dj chops. Ing his N'tant not pro, just a zikos who need tools sharp enough to compose and master what I have to deliver some projects pro, I can spend my life understand how a soft, to worry about overloading the hardware to run the software ....

APRS DP, Logic and Ableton Live .... My favorite is on Ableton. Even if I continue work on Logic, habit, ds I need to work more Manir prcise on the recording (up to day on all-inclusive I Live. .. or DP ... ;-) )