Apple Logic Pro 8
Apple Logic Pro 8

Logic Pro 8, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Apple Logic Pro 8

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Editorial review
  • 04/17/08Logic 8 Pro: The Test

    Logic 8 Pro: The Test - The All-in-One Logic

    While certain sequencer editors are steadily increasing their prices, Apple has taken the other route and is now offering Logic for under 500€. Would it be wise to spend more?

Users reviews

pierref's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Apple Logic Pro 8
Hello everyone,

My Imac 2.3 with a 4 GB RAM, purchased new last 3 months, with Logic Pro 8 complete package. Connected with the Alesis IO2 sound card, USB. It is config gors be used by the music store in Toulouse who sold it to me. Alas, it's been 3 months we galèrons with the dealer and a professional studio, a problem apparently with the USB bus, we tried multiple cards IO2 (yet recognized by the system), multiple keyboards, multiple cables, large pb ... with MIDI. Only the test with a Firewire card was successful. It remains to crash file ...


Imac 2.33 with 4 GB of RAM, bought end of June 2008


Attempt to use for 3 months, professionals have studied it (studio recognized the South of France, the seller of the music store, a trainer Logic)
The pb remains
It now directs me to a return SAV
I find myself alone

I have tested the sound on another machine: the sounds are good electronic (techno, dance), acoustic sounds are very very bad. (Very unrealistic guitar sound is "small", piano and smothered with little velocity level, which makes it somewhat playable sax that sounds like Bontempi) ... I'm sorry my keyboard

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Apple Logic Pro 8
Whew .... long instllation ... phew very long, but normal with all that comes with it.
J ai bump on logic platinum 4.0 since then I switched to mac with pro tools, logic too upset that we did loose me and my PC.
Well I love good logic, but I prefer the audio edition pro tools.
Even if they are just in my opinion the vultures that have monopolized the market.
Virtual instruments are excellent and the jam pack and other cool even if c is not my thing .... I'm Mr. Moi audio.
J loves playing live instruments in front of me.
Sampling, I do it on request.


G4 Powerbook 2 G of ram
J ij have Pro Tools LE and it works derneir 1000 times better.
J have the impression that a train Logic max. Requires more processor.

J have a BUG that I happen not to locate. In audio, recording people when j, c is nickel, which I opened the windows intruments audio, record and refuses to ca ca m writing File Not Found "error code =- 43"
J did the Internet searches and forums and even support Apple, but I'm not the only one seeing this problem ....
Lots of people complain in the internet (look at the apple site) and .... no solution yet.
Some even say that there is a problem with this version of Logic??
Don t know ...... but I had my Pro retrourne tools that do not loose my.
Face and a super pro musicians who will soon, I have no desire to find myself as the king of cons Producers face a bug and the error code of the devil.


Mmmmm ... Everyone's experiences .... its sounds
I respect logieistes m bugs .... but they took the lead.
J recorded just American jazz saxophonist Robert landham (Duke Ellington Orchestra) that I produce the album when It took us 25 minutes to see that it probably would not get far with this bug.
And we went back to Pro tools although I prefer logic rating noon.