Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9

Logic Pro 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Apple Logic Pro 9

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 27 reviews )
 16 reviews59 %
 5 reviews19 %
 3 reviews11 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent

theaudioandvideoguy's review"Excellent"

Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9 is a very good sequencing program, you can pretty much do your whole song in Logic 9 from the musical creation process to the recording process. You will be very pleased with how much Logic Pro 9 can help you. Even if you have used Logic before and have an earlier version of it. It will still be beneficial for you to upgrade to Pro 9 asap.


I ran apple pro logic pr 9 on my mac book pro for a while. It wont crash or cause any problems for you. I have been nothing but please with Pro 9 and its ability to give me a good sounds and a great work flow process.


Overall, the best thing about Logic Pro 9 that I love is the synths that come with it. Logic Pro 9 is one of the few softwares that I would say can actually go without having to purchase a bunch of other synths right off the bat. All of the built in (that come with it) synths are high quality and are very unique. Each plug in can be controlled 100 percent from all parameters. It comes with a packed library of great synths and sounds. Only thing that I really didn’t use that came with it where the drums. I imported my own drum kits because I have a unique sound of real live kits that I love. Logic Pro 9’s live drum kits arent that good for me. But that is not problem at all because we all have our own drums we love to use. The mixer track on Logic Pro 9 is top quality too, you can really get a good master if you know what you are doing and have a solid ear. You will have no worries with Logic Pro 9. Its not very cheap though it does cost a good amount of money. But this is actually one of the only softwares I can say that complete with Pro tools on a professional level.

Anonymous 's review

Apple Logic Pro 9
Logic is that program that people all recognize. It can almost be considered second fiddle to Pro Tools in ubiquity. Do not take that with the negative connotation that that phrase normally comes with. Logic is essentially the program that Macs users may have, considering that it is built by Apple. And it has earned a reputation as being an incredibly easy to use song writing tool with everything it comes with. The set up for logic is just simple. A couple of clicks and you are in. Although I find the environment a little bit intimidating, it is there for you to play with, and what it can do is so much more intuitive than any other program's routing capabilities.


What is incredibly special about Apple's Logic Pro 9 is what the package in and of itself is. If you need a comprehensive digital audio workstation to get started, Logic is such a quintessentially Apply product in that everything is just there for you. While the included sampler may not be anything like the more ubiquitous retail things like Native Instruments Kontakt, Logic's sample comes with the program and is far more comprehensive than any other program. Add a bunch of royalty free loop packages and all of a sudden, you have so much to work with! The other incredible thing about Logic is its flex time technology; lining up audio happens in many digital audio workstations, but the ease with which it it implemented and the quality is unsurpassed.


There may be a little bit of bloat to this program, but Apple hides it; Logic is just a beautiful program upon opening, and you have no idea how comprehensive it can actually turn out to be. It is regrettable that I myself do not currently own a Mac, for if I did, Logic would be sitting on it, open all day.

moosers's review

Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9 is the newest version in Apple's line of music sequencing software. It offers up a lot of new features when compared to Logic Pro 8, taking the game to a whole new level. I wasn't involved with the installation process of Logic Pro 9, as it had already been set up and installed on the system that I used it on before hand. However, I don't think that there were any compatibility issues within the system that I've been using it on. The interface of the software is a lot like previous versions of the software, but there are definitely some new features and lay out to work with and to get used to if you're used to older versions. However, like its predecessors it is user friendly after you get the hang of it all, especially for composing. A manual isn't a necessity, but is definitely a good thing to have around if you're planning on learning the program through and through.


I've run Apple Logic Pro 9 on what is most of the time used to run Pro Tools HD, but is occasionally used for Logic and other sequencers. I can't say that I've ever had an issue running Logic within this configuration, no matter how many tracks I'm using at a time. Keep in mind that of course since this is built for an HD system, it is a very good computer and system in general that is powerful enough to handle just about anything. For those of you running Apple Logic Pro 9 on lesser system, you might encounter some issues when you start having a lot of tracks and effects at once. It really just depends on your system...


From right when I started playing with Apple Logic Pro 9, I could tell that this was a big step up from Logic Pro 8. I thought Logic 8 was put together very well, which it is, but it is definitely worth the upgrade to 9. It has a ton of new features to provide more control, as well as new virtual instruments and sounds. It doesn't cost all too much to upgrade, so I'd highly recommend doing so if you have a previous version of Logic. If you don't and are looking for the most complete software for composing with MIDI, look no further than Apple Logic Pro 9.

songboy's review

Apple Logic Pro 9
There hasn't  been a single compatibility issue so far.  Logic was designed for Mac's of course so it works like a gem on my Macbook.  The Logic manuals are so damn big and they aren't really great for reference in my opinion.  The best bet is to buy some tutorials and sign up to a Forum or google any issues you might have.  This DAW is by far the most simple and amazing DAW I have ever used.  The interface is very well done.  Clips are easy to see and manipulate,  there are tons of view options such as having free floating windows, color customization, excellent automation control, and you can even stretch the plugins to easily view and control them. 
All the typical functions in Logic 9 are extremely accessible.  When you first start off, most of all the basic controls are very easy to find and use.  When you start digging inside to get to the real goodies, it takes a little help to feel really comfortable.  I suggest MacProVideo tutorials, they will jump start you control over this amazing program. 


Logic 9 works great.  I only seemed to run into problems when I tried to open Logic 8 files in Logic 9.  Occasionally it would have a problem "syncing Midi" or something like that.  A friend showed me a way to reset your audio drivers in my macbook and after I did that, no problems.  I use a Macbook with 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, and a 320 hdd.  I also use a Presonus Firebox and Firepod.  They seem to work together really good.  One problem I still have is Logic Audio crashes when I run too many midi plugins.  I think this has to do with the limitations of a laptop, not Logic. 
I give Logic 9 a 9 out of 10.  I would give it a 10 if I didn't have to deal with the Logic Audio Crashing deal.


What I like most about Logic 9 is its extreme ease of use.  I feel like a pro studio engineer when I use this program.  Making crossfades is a piece of cake, writing automation is a breeze and fixing mistakes with the new (and amazing) Flex tool is unbelievable.  You can instantly drag audio sections as if they were midi notes, its really awesome.  The only thing I don't like about Logic 9 is that it is Mac only.  I have a super powerful PC tower but I can only use this sweet program on my macbook, that is until I can come up with $3000 to buy a Mac Pro. 
For $500 (less if you upgrade from a previous version) you get an amazing DAW, a sweet Live music application (mainstage 2) and a huge amount of amazing plugins.  You really can't beat that, its an amazing deal.
Precision and quality of the sound is superb.  I don't think I use this part of it, but I understand that Logic 9 is HD compliant, just like Pro tools. 
I have used Cubase, Ableton and Sonar and Logic 9 easily kicks their butts. 
I would definitely make this choice again.

sectiond's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my favorite sequencer."

Apple Logic Pro 9
install without problems.
I knew the two books of 500 pages with sold (version 7)
I upgraded to 9.


I'm on MacPro quadcore 2.8 ghz 12GB ram, hd and several motu audio interface ..
no problem at this level either.


I use it since version 7
I tried Cubase, Live, Reason, but I feel better with logic.
live is better to speed workflow and assignments midi controllers level.
but in logic, I like the sound quality, the amount of plugins provided with automation and accuracy.
I spent over a thousand euros for version 7 has the time .. it was already somewhat expensive considering everything in it (and earlier versions some instrumentals as exes eg 24 were sold separately) .. but now it is downloadable for less than 160 euros on 'app store, it's downright given!
for serious work of music production is a must have! especially at this price!

Kanarine972's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bleuffant"

Apple Logic Pro 9
A trouble-free installation, a good little time is needed and this mainly because of the sounds.
The manual was a plus, but I had the book by David Nachman very well developed.
Just take a little time to mess with a little software!


I have a MBP 2.4 GHz i5 8 gb
sound card M-Audio Firewire 410
In principle it works well, I made an album since become a model with this configuration.
There is a possibility to load each core in order to avoid a sudden overload the processor.


I use it for 3 years.
Yes I turned, or rather I was trying to run Cubase, and I lost a lot of time. Logic 9 has changed my life to a point where I could finish my compositions started without problem.
The ability to compose and mix for me is very nice, everything is clearly reflected.
Report interesting quality to the date of purchase and yet there is not so long even better (less than 200 euros for download on apple store).
I remake that choice without hesitation.

Quantum-Music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Intuitive, fast and smart"

Apple Logic Pro 9
It's automatic, joy riding on mac ... No incompatibility while rolling.


I have a macbook pro i7 2.8 GHz and it is amazing the big sessions I can run at 96kHz. Recognition of USB devices and noon is automatic, no installation required.


I use it for about a year. I came from PC and everything seemed so complicated. But in the end, it is very intuitive, easy to use. It's really designed for musicians.
unknown record09/02/2013

unknown record's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Apple Logic Pro 9
Quick and easy installation, no compatibility problems encountered so far!


Config: Mac OSX 10.6, 4GB of RAM, Processor 3.06 GHz, Core I3
No Ram, little bug, I used every day!


I use it for 3 years, it is easy to grip, it's a real pro extremely comprehensive software quality report concrete price, I would do without hesitation that choice!

yohannabbou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" highly competitive software quality / price ratio"

Apple Logic Pro 9
easy installation, general config intuitive, no incompatibility with my system (OSX Snow Leopard, 64-bit) the manual is a bit loaded many duverse functionality but clear if you know what you want.


mac pro quad core intel xeon 2.66
12 gg ram ddr3
mac os x 10.6.8

config is stable, some crash from time to time when the project is large vrament (70, 80 tracks ..)


I use Logic since 2005, I was 7 previously and am very happy with the result.
The advantage Logic is having a production plant in the hand between the samples, loops, audio functions and noon everything is accessible with one click.
The value for money is excellent.
Yes, with the experience I remake this choice knowing that I was looking for a workstation for me to do everything: audio and midi composition, recording, publishing, mixing ...
There are obviously other, more demanding software but specifically manages parties that logic is: Pyramix, Pro Tools or Digital Performer. They are obviously better quality point of view but are not as versatile as stations Logic productions. For mastering I rather tend to use Pyramix poour mix and Protools editing seems more competitive, to do so as needed! ;-)

jembozzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect for me"

Apple Logic Pro 9
yes everything is easy on mac
no incompatibility with apogee map
everything is crystal clear


mac osx dual core imac
2, 8 GHz 4 GB of RAM (enough now, you have to go in 5 core and at least 8 GB of RAM)

if not, well, what to say, this is a perfect software
go with 40 bank its pretty useful for drafts or models
Then, when I'm happy with my result, I change the sounds with pros banks

otherwise, the crashes are very rare


I have for years, before I was on logic pro 8

and before Cubase and Nuendo on when I was on PC (you can not touch a PC when we went on mac, it must be said and repeat it is a great step in a computer music)

I like everything, ease of use, create tracks, edit audio, noon
everything is piece of cake,
the factory plugs are bonc
well, frankly, you can download it directly on apple store for less than 200 euros
with an official license (but without sound banks) and 400 euros full version

Briefly, the essential software to make models of very good quality
and even the pre prod if you have a good sound card and some hardware