Cakewalk Express v3.01a
Cakewalk Express v3.01a

Express v3.01a, General Sequencer from Cakewalk.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Cakewalk Express v3.01a

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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Boumboum315's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I still use it"

Cakewalk Express v3.01a
It is software that installs easily and is relatively simple to use.


I use it on XP but it only works in 16 bit Windows crashes because sometimes it does not have enough memory (or something like that). I do not know if it works with newer Windows frames.


I use it for ten years (with a ladle). This is not a perfect software but it is the best editor afternoon that I found and I've tried a lot.
I use it to make the seizure in lunchtime. It allows me to make arrangement or composition quickly. I can correct my notes very easily and when I'm satisfied I save my songs in midi and use a partition editor to put them to own.

After the software is released audio is entered into the world of computers and software that have followed have become inadequate gas machines for a certain type of composition (MIDI can compose with notes, audio with sounds and it has nothing to do). There are other publishers later and I tried one bunch, and none comes close to him.

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cakewalk Express v3.01a
Easy install. Old software time Windows 3.1, it still works under Windows XP except that it does not support long file names, however, the files are readable in 8.3 format characters. We just have to identify the right ^ ^


This software, originally told by Twelve Tone Systems, I t comes with the old sound card I had before, the Guillemot Maxi Sound 64 Home Studio 2 and as a c'tait ISA sound card and that no longer exists in ISA slot on motherboards today, I can not use it. My sound card is the current SEK'D Prodif Plus. This dernire has no chip synth intgre but apart from that, it is more reliable and works first time, not like this MaxiSound: c'tait not empty install the drivers. I enter and exit the MIDI with MIDI-USB Motu FastLane, simple, ffective and reliable, and the instructions are interpreted by a MIDI arranger, Yamaha QS300 that trs good for midi files. For those who do not have an arranger or MIDI expander GM or XG compatible and do not chip intgre their synth sound card, they can also use the Yamaha XG S-SoftSynthesizer YXG50 - or the Edirol Virtual SoundCanvas prfrent for those sounds of the GM and GM2.

I throw the MaxiSound become unusable and all that comes with silent. The only thing I kept it, it is indeed the Cakewalk Express. He just-pa-t. It plutt a partition editor that squenceur because all MIDI notes are displayed in the screen black, and red when they are playing. In addition, when a note is entered using the mouse means the note played on the synth extra, this means that when doing up! It took me at least ten years before seeing it on other software other than Cakewalk is why I kept this prcieusement squenceur that no longer exists elsewhere, even not on eMule. In addition, it is super easy to use, ultra-lightweight in terms of resource consumption and make you want to do or to learn the music. In my opinion, is what made the Cakewalk software renames the future.

Of course, it is also possible to record live or not not the notes produced by your synth and import - export midifile, like any other squenceur with management vennements MIDI , mcanique piano, virtual piano, with tempo change possible, etc. but what really stood out about this program is that the note is in the process of being up the mouse plays in real time and is great means as and what we do.

There are just four BMOL (the case to say!): 1 It is impossible to import some midi files and I wonder why. May be that it does format 0 midi files ... 2 It seems not to support the XG, damage (A vrifier)! 3 Refreshments rate notes (change from black to red for the notes being be playing) is a bit slow during song playback complex, even on a PC with rcent a good graphics card, too bad ... 4 Can not rgler size notes and doors so that the display to display partitions entires (the 16 MIDI tracks so) without using the bars for dfile reproduction, we need a super high-resolution screen that is expensive. Bein yes, it's frustrating to have to use the bars dfile when playing because you do not see the corresponding notes appear in red on the screen ... ^ ^


I t really impressed with this software and I continue to use it.

Its assets:

Reproduction in real time of the note during his placement with the mouse, rare!

Display in red notes being cheeks be rare!

Extremely easy to use!

In French, often!

Still running Windows XP!

Its inconveinients:

Can not rduire the display size of the notes and doors, forcing the user to have a super high-resolution screen in order to have an overview of his music, domaaa aaaage

Can not load some midi files, I wonder why.

Refreshments rates display a bit slow when the composition is complex ...

File format not support long (short format 8.3) but this does not prevent to read these files.

I tried a Cakewalk Pro the era but it had not rained so I did not understand how they work ... So I try to find a Cakewalk Express latest issue. It seems that the latest version before t abandoned in favor of Pro Audio or Sonar silent version 8. But impossible to find it not even on eBay ... Then I must content myself with ceului it before finding it, if I find him one day ... Argl!