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  • Presonus Studio One Software Review

    Presonus Studio One Software Review - Presonus Studio One: Crystal Studio


    Fed up with Cubase? Sick of Logic? Bored by Sonar? PreSonus will take back your software in exchange for Studio One. But, is it really worth it?

  • Introduction

    Introduction - Steinberg Cubase 5: Take Five


    Cubase, one of the titans of the sequencer pantheon, has come out with an attractive looking 5th version, at a time when the sequencer wars are raging more than ever. Let's take a look...

  • Ableton Live 8: The Test

    Ableton Live 8: The Test - Live 8: Long Live Ableton


    Ableton's Live has been with us for some time now and since it’s initial release in 2001 it has proudly sported a simple one window interface and transparent ’no frills’ operation. This simplicity initially led some producers and musicians to believe it was perhaps a step down from other more complex DAWs, but seven years down the line Live h…

  • Pro Tools 8: The Test

    Pro Tools 8: The Test - The Return of the King?


    The new Pro Tools has arrived armed with a bunch of new features: Elastic Pitch, thirty new plugins, five new virtual instruments - Boom (drum machine), Mini Grand (piano), DB-33 (tonewheel organ), Vacuum and Xpand!² (synthesizers), as well as Structure Free and Eleven. Let’s take a closer look at this latest release from DigiDesign...

  • Logic 8 Pro: The Test

    Logic 8 Pro: The Test - The All-in-One Logic


    While certain sequencer editors are steadily increasing their prices, Apple has taken the other route and is now offering Logic for under 500€. Would it be wise to spend more?