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Harrison Releases Mixbus Version 3.2

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Harrison has announced the release of version 3.2 of their Mixbus DAW, with new features and a new XT-series plugin: the XT-DC Drum Character.

Mixbus 3.2 introduces a New Export Report/Analysis window which includes:

  • LUFS loudness measurement
  • LU (Loudness Unit) histogram
  • LU Range
  • Waveform display, with peak indicators
  • Peak Sample value + True Peak value
  • Spectrogram view

These tools claim to provide an extra level of confidence that your exported track meets common deliverable requirements for distribution and broadcast.

  • Over 100 general improvements and bug-fixes are also included in the new v3.2, such as:Window > License manager: shows the status of Mixbus and LV2 plugins that use the new specification (such as x42). Show the License Manager if session contains unlicensed Harrison (or x42) LV2 plugins
  • Improved the tap-tempo button accuracy (tap several times to get a more accurate BPM)
  • Inline channelstrip plugin parameter sliders now implement “touch” (user can write touch automation from those controls)
  • Configurable export preroll : pre-process silence before export to flush reverb tails etc. (fixes reverb tails from getting into the start of the export, if the associated plugin does not respond to flush), etc.

As for the XT-DC Drum Character, it is the newest addition to Harrison's Character Bundle (to be purchased separately for $219). It allows to equalize the two different parts of a drum "hit" separately using 2 separate equalizers, the 1st dynamically tracking the initial attack while the 2nd dynamically tracks the tail.

More details at Harrison's website.

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