LMMS Linux MultiMedia Studio [Freeware]
LMMS Linux MultiMedia Studio [Freeware]

Linux MultiMedia Studio [Freeware], General Sequencer from LMMS.

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Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) Updated

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Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) was recently updated to version 0.4.10 for both Windows and Linux.


This version is a maintenance release of the 0.4.x series. It fixes most of the bugs found in version 0.4.9, according to the company;


Announced summary of changes for version 0.4.10


  • Autosave every minute and recover upon crash.
  • NotePlayHandle: send correct MidiNoteOff events if base note changed.
  • Audio: Re-enabled PortAudio back-end.
  • PeakControllerEffect: save and load all settings.


  • SongEditor: added autoscroll.
  • SongEditor: always bring up to front after loading a project.
  • Add BB track when adding track to empty BB editor.
  • ControllerView: fixed minor artifacts at widget drop shadow.
  • ControllerRackView: fixed widget size issues after closing.
  • Fixed various typos.


  • SpectrumAnalyzer: fixed multiple instantiations.
  • PeakController: initial work on attack- and decay-support.
  • Updated CALF LADSPA plugins.
  • Sf2Player: load default soundfont upon instantiation.
  • Fixed CMT LADSPA plugins build on Linux.
  • Fixed loading VST plugins on Win64.
  • Added support for 32 bit VST plugins on Win64.


  • Build system: revised Qt4 detection for Win32/Win64 builds.
  • Win installer: do not append version to install directory anymore.
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