PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional
PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional

Studio One 2 Professional, General Sequencer from PreSonus in the Studio One 2 series.

Tin-Man 12/07/2012

PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional : Tin-Man's user review

« I had been waiting for this simplicity »

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Fast and easy installation.
Right after launching it for the first time, you must choose the soundcard setup, plus several other settings that you can always modify later.

I only found one incompatibility, with the Sampletron VSTi, but it's probably my fault. Sampletron is installed without problems, I can see the DLL in the VSTi folder dedicated to Studio One, but I can't see sampletron in my VSTi list. I haven't found a solution so far.
(NB: I found the solution, see the tips and tricks).

The manual can be downloaded from the Presonus website and it is very well conceived. Even if almost everything of the interface is intuitive and certain functions are self-explanatory.


I have an i7 with 16Gb ram with an Asus motherboard (I can't recall the model). Everything is stable. No crashes. Sweet!


I've been using Studio One for six months.
I used Cubase 5 before.
(and before that SX, and VST...etc... The first software I used was Notator for Atari, which was excellent... Everything connected to a D50 and a X7000, which were themselves connected to a Fostex 160 4-track...I'm getting old).
I tested Live 8 for some time, but it didn't convince me. (I think it's better suited for music made with loops and samples, while I use the sequencer as a multitrack tape recorder, meaning I try to record a single take from start to finish, with the least overdubs possible...Like in the old days).
I always thought Cubase was a bit complicated, with lots of more or less hidden options. We never hit it off.
And that's when I found Studio One.
Easy configuration, everything can be found with the mouse. You work fast and effectively.
Regarding the audio engine, I haven't noticed any difference with Cubase, which, it must be said, is excellent.
MIDI management is also perfect.
Being picky, it maybe lacks one or two options available on Cubase that I miss a bit, like shifting two identical audio tracks by entering a value in a box provided to that effect. You can do that in Studio One but shifting "by hand" the second audio track, which is less precise and practical. I don't think Studio One has that feature, at least I haven't found it.

"NB" - Update from 07/14/2013: After reading the manual I discovered that you have to click on the 'i' for information, on top of the tracks, and there's a small zone called "Delay" and it's all good now...

Its value for money is all right, even if it may seem a bit too expensive today. It is still below all the major players in the field.
I would definitely buy it again and I only regret not having had the possibility of doing it earlier.

Thank you, Mr. Presonus.