Reason Studios Record

Record, General Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Record series.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Reason Studios Record

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
 1 user review14 %
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Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Reason Studios Record
Installation not too bad. the Uninstallation is another problem, all software additions to the dongle are grate and require several manipulations to transfer.
Configuration etc ... We are faced with the propellerhead, so the problem of dongle set apart (and there are plenty, Cf their forum) it works.
Note that if there is no dongle can Get You Started the software via internet. The fact remains that:
- The internet or you play in concert is drle, but this is rare
- Wireless internet on a machine of his is NOT
- Cable Internet is yes, and it takes a little time.


A lot heavier in Reason, it is time to Get You Started. Not really. J'tait habitu a Reason to Get You Started quickly on the trane leg.
if it works, but I have not tried the perfs recording more than that, the Global Software my scrap before. Also I have a machine powerful enough, not to test IDAL ca. (So no rating on This category)


J'atetndait this app forward. Finally I look forward to the functions added by Reason of being soft. dj having to pay license and two ultrieurement following two updates (props to pay) I was pretty cool. Then the dongle has a remi layer. Finally I used ....

the most:
- Line 6 effects, we can finally put the distortion has an indoor synthbr /> - in audio
- Finally a true table for Reason

- No midi out, so actually the audio in is limited to Traditional instruments and tracks, no synths or MIDI CONTRL effect here
- Volume management clip is so intuitive that no distortion occurs because the visual feedback
- The table "formulation SSL" is ridiculous. SSL is a quality hardware. Have an accumulation of good hardware does not mean a lot. over the appearance of the table is very well, in real life. in virtual ca just take plenty of room for anything on the screen, and spends his time scroll. we love the game intgre compression remains, even if not used.
- The effects are still limitbr Reason /> - the equalizer in Reason are still as bad, and they add the table are not far from the flexibility that I expect from a modern EQ
- The dongle and software additions by it
- Organizing the window is searched. My first was RFLEX t "I need a troisime notch."
- The price: for a Reason user, you should invest in Reaper, more powerful and cheaper.
- The algo change in tempo: bah it works. That said they are standard. no positive surprise here either.

Reason in rewire to run offers more opportunities, not least, like using real effects, a more efficient interface and really taking into account the benefits of IT to deliver an interface plutt heavy d a large table, which therefore does not fit on one screen.
I have tried many DAW before making my choice. in fact this product is not even a DAW. It is closer to the multitrack garage rocker button that its software.
I would suggest a clear use Live via ReWire, Logic or Reaper. (Or another but I did not hang with the interface, limitation or hardware dongle to another)