Steinberg Cubase LE 4
Steinberg Cubase LE 4

Cubase LE 4, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase LE series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Steinberg Cubase LE 4

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 3 reviews27 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
Audience: Beginners

paradies's review"Incitation to stop using it"

Steinberg Cubase LE 4
Installation is a pain, like all software with their activation codes and registration codes and whatever codes...In this case it's frankly exasperating that the number of reinstalls is limited. After five reinstalls, the software is no longer usable. On a PC, five times is not much...It will simply encourage some people to look for freeware online or switch to a competing product.
On a Macintosh, however, where you don't have to reinstall it that often, it shouldn't be an issue (I've had Mac for 4 years and have never needed to reinstall anything, but on my PC I have to do it every 4-5 months).
I wanted to use cubase LE on a small laptop during holidays, but I changed my mind and installed my last re-activation code on my mac, where it will not be of much use ever...


Compared to other DAWs, I don't like the mixer nor the plug-in management, it's way too far from Pro Tools or Logic, where you can easily follow the signal. It's too colorful, full of small symbols to recall functions which only make the interface too cluttered.
Regarding MIDI, Cubase will always be one of the pioneers, VST plug-in integration is fine.
The software is not too resource-intensive (as long as you don't use too resource-intensive plug-ins...).
All in all, I don't like it much for mixing, but it's an excellent tool to write songs.
A good point is the use of VST plug-ins (created by Steinberg, by the way), which are much more widespread than Pro Tools' RTAS or Direct X...


I've known Cubase since the Ataris. I happily switched to Logic when it still wasn't available for pc. Today, I wouldn't spend a dime on a program that is such a pain to reinstall, with an average interface and a fucked up mixer.
What's more, it doesn't come with many VSTs.
Nevertheless, in many cases, the program comes bundled with some hardware. It doesn't shock me that it's a light version, but the fact that it has a limited number of installs is downright unacceptable. If I only had PC it would definitely be a deal-breaker!

My rating might seem too harsh, but it's justified: A DAW of Cubase's caliber, being a Light version it would be a useful tool providing unthinkable possibilities decades ago, but, not being too finicky about it, in a domain where other manufacturers offer state-of-the-art options, Cubase deserves no mercy!

NB: 7/10 on macintosh (value for money), where you don't have to reinstall the system as often as on Windows. It's very easy to install (except for the exasperating activation codes, but, in theory, you only need to do it once...) and it's a bit better in that regard...but there is simply no comparison with pro tools light.

MGR/DAEvo's review"Steinberg Cubase LE 4"

Steinberg Cubase LE 4
Purchased as a bundle with a Lexicon Omega audio interface. 48 track, unlimited MIDI tracks, 5.1 Surround mixes, VST plug-ins and digital effects. My profile: Eclectic guitarist from Southwestern Pennsylvania specializing in jazz, rockabilly, swing, classic country, alt-country, and punk/new wave.

Obtained from Larry's Music Center (Rices Landing, PA, 724-966-8209) for around $120 for the bundle.

The software is quite powerful, offering 48- track recording, effects, mixing, and plenty of MIDI features. Cubase LE 4 features 'Instrument' tracks that come in handy for the solo musician. Input any MIDI file or track and select an instrument from the pre-loaded bank of sounds. Can be used as great sounding back-up tracks.

The learning curve is a bit steep and setting up the hardware can be a frustrating ordeal. The documentation is somewhat limited, a problem mitigated by the fantastic phone and online support.

The software is stable and boasts robust online support and plenty of updates.

More features than I could possibly need at home, this software does everything I need it to do and then some. Worth putting the time in to learn how to use it effectively.

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Francisjurdan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Steinberg Cubase LE 4
- Installation is it without problem?

No problem, except for the license if it was not the net (which should be the case for our PC music).

- Have you experienced any incompatibility?

No, on the contrary with respect to my cubase VST 32 tlcomandes the South are better reconues.


But there are VERY BIG hics for me.
you lose 32-bit recording so hot.


A single stereo output on the VST instrument. a real scandal ca.
can not import the old songs cubase
and impossible to see the input levels. recording software for a c packed.