Steinberg Nuendo 4
Steinberg Nuendo 4

Nuendo 4, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Nuendo series.

bwheels 01/07/2008

Steinberg Nuendo 4 : bwheels's user review


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Value For Money : Poor

I use Nuendo for a long time and of course I went to Paravant by Cubase.
I think that N4 is a tool of the most successful.

I am a sound designer and composer, and mont I cr numerous soundtracks for video games: Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Redsteel, Dark Messiah, some of which were nominated for the t ' Award for best sound design.
Commercials or movies.
I'm on Mac 8 core with 4 GB of RAM.

The power of the audio engine allows a good treatment N4 rel time and battery plugs than enough. Of course it does not nuiera quality :-) add some more bundles or PowerCore etc ...

The job picture is more soupple (mov several in the same project), a rgal in the pub when switching versions of the 10 s 20 s etc ...

To optimize any knowledge of keyboard shortcuts is essential.
The power of the party is always twelve o'clock nickel.
The mdiabay (sound bank management) works wonders even if for now it seems still unstable especially with the mp3.

The management of virtual synths through a simple reading of the presets can save a lot of time and without having to load and offload the synths to find his need for his project.

Automation is useful even if you still can not copy a track to another.
Even when the least is its price lv from other competitors.

So here is a little history, for more info is better consult the multitude of tests on the net.

So if you have the budget you can darken it a value sre you can if you want to visit my website for a preview of my ralisations.



8 core Mac with 4 GB of RAM, and Digi 02 PowerCore
yes the app is stable trs


I'm using Nuendo since The beginning