Steinberg Cubase Elements 6
Steinberg Cubase Elements 6

Cubase Elements 6, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase Elements series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Steinberg Cubase Elements 6

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Bob  Dentaface06/10/2013

Bob Dentaface's review

Steinberg Cubase Elements 6
Long and somewhat strenuous installation...but I had no problems.
I was disappointed by the preference setup (for example: It's impossible to assign Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste)
The manual is clear enough.


I use it on a laptop PC (Dell, 1G RAM, Windows 7 64bits).
External RME Fireface UC soundcard.
The software works pretty smoothly, no latency, good support of insert effects (amplitube, melda,...)


I've been using it for a year and a half.
I have only used it in parallel with logicpro (on a Mac) and, to be honest, I prefer Logicpro! The latter clearly has a better usability and is more practical and...logical.
Setting up keyboard shortcuts is hard and even impossible on Cubase6E, it lacks an MP3 converter, the original VST effects are less effective than the ones on Logicpro.
However, it does the job you expect from it, recording is all right, the settings are precise and I can achieve what I want.
Overall, it is practical, it does what you ask of it and it does it well.
So, yes, I would've preferred to get Logicpro, but I would need to buy a Mac...

sergioreis's review"Why deprive yourself?"

Steinberg Cubase Elements 6
Complicated installation, I didn't have the latest Elicenser version!
So, I had to get the latest version and then everything went back to normal.


I have a powerful computer: 4 cores, 8 Gb ram, several HDDs...TC Electronic Firewire motherboard, win7 64 bits

I tested it this afternoon and everything seems to work fine


I got it this afternoon
I had the Essential 4 version and then 5
Perfect value for money

The upgrade to 64 bits is a plus for me, since I couldn't use before the effects of the Konnekt 24D card

Right now, analog factory doesn't work (I tried to use jbridge)
Bdf2 beta, pianoteq work well

To be continued...