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Thread Comments about the feature article: Mastering at Home - Part 1

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Topic Comments about the feature article: Mastering at Home - Part 1
Mastering at Home - Part 1
If you're fortunate enough to be able to afford professional mastering with a dedicated engineer in a well-designed and equipped mastering studio, that's clearly the route to the best quality results. But what if that's just not possible?

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Very useful to the point information. I appreciate your objectivity, conveying, what we need to know and learn in a 3 minutes segment.
I have learned something good.

Most thankfully,
Glad to hear it Dr. Nelson!

Ya, that's kind of the idea behind this gigantic multi-part series...just real quick-fire loads of useful information in multiple installments, as opposed to what you normally get on the 'net with gigantic, complex and confusing articles.
Then I would use services like - edit moderation: no ads please - which ensures the quality and it's close to a human mastering engineer, only for $25/month.

Of course, great mastering engineers can provide better results, but for that money this is a really good tool! And it only takes 6 minutes per song ;)