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Thread Comments about the feature article: Why We Compress

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1 Comments about the feature article: Why We Compress
Why We Compress
In this second installment dedicated to dynamics processing during mixdown, we'll take some time to discuss the whys before moving on to the hows.

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I created an account just because you mentioned Radiohead's "Nude" :D:

In Rainbows is the only album I've ever listened to where I never want to skip a single song (except mayyyyybe Faust Arp).

I actually always wondered how that sound was created in the chorus. I didn't know it was compression, I always thought it was a sample of sorts, and that the guitar was just playing single notes
Yeah, I'm also in love with this album :aime:

As for the guitar sound, I honestly don't have any clue how Nigel Godrich made it so you might be right about the sample thing ;)

But I know for sure that I can get a pretty close result with compression ;)
Nearly can't wait for next week :bravo:
Nearly can't wait for next week :bravo:

I see it is also in French on the other side of your site ! Great work ! Great bilingual work !

As a matter of fact, I'm french :) So those articles are first written in french, than someone from our team translates them in english. And I must say that he's doing a fantastic job ! Hats off man :bravo: