Apart Audio PXQ 2215
Apart Audio PXQ 2215

PXQ 2215, Graphic EQ from Apart Audio.

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Ducasso 12/05/2011

Apart Audio PXQ 2215 : Ducasso's user review

" Convenient and reliable"

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An analog equalizer bands 2x15 2 / 3 octave + / -6 or 12dB, in 19 "rack 1U, a priori fairly standard (gains and LED indicators usual) but with a crossover and paramtrable dbrayable on each channel This makes the diffrence with most of its competitors. It can work as an active filter 2 x 2 basic ways.

Input and output XLR and RCA symtriques.


Operation is intuitive. Despite the growing number of connectors and potentiomtres rglage due to the prsence filters, srigraphie the rear face is clear.
Anyone with basic knowledge of sound can use this product even if it does not have time to read the manual.


With 6 frquences under 300Hz and Linkwitz-Riley filters, work on the lower part of the spectrum is a pleasure. He also contributed a great momentum around my Systm 900/1200Hz.

In normal use, with good Cables, we do not peroit a breath or distortion, even beyond the 6 dB, in contrast to other models.
Ms. playing with extreme corrections, the rponse is "natural". Recorded music (rock, jazz and electro), with and without voice vocoder, Latin percussion, bass, guitar, electronic drums ... He behaves any medium trs well in all situations and is unobtrusive.

In faade, without of course work miracles, this product not "save" the sound of Systmes average quality by eliminating bumps or filling large holes, but also found its place in a system I o pro rglages finest are required.


I use it for 3 months now it has changed several times to place as needed (faade, back, live, DJ, theater ...).

I heard Behringer, the first products we offer in-store systmatiquement. I also had a hand between Gemini, a Samson and a dbx. The quality of sound and especially the PXQ2215 prsence filters have prevailed over its competitors.

Obviously, this product is a bit more expensive than others, but it is worth its price. A counselor, PXQ 2215 can make many services, such as the correction of a system with subwoofers in a small or medium room and mobile use.