Korg ElecTribe EMX1
Korg ElecTribe EMX1

ElecTribe EMX1, Groove Machine from Korg in the ElecTribe series.

Gpforce 11/04/2005

Korg ElecTribe EMX1 : Gpforce's user review


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Good little machine with 4 mono outputs grouped by 2, 1 audio mic / line and headphone output. All complemented by MIDI in / out / thru.

Sounds, much of its ... 207 in the percussion, hit hat, snare and other weird things change the rhythm part of the waveform, length, pitch ...
74 of the instrument for the synth part is changeable in the same way that the rhythm with the cutoff and drive in +.
If it does not take his instrument, is used when the internal synthesizer offering 13 types with each sub type of wave and there is the delusion of ca grind all this, a grinder becomes a sounding board and vice versa ...

The whole can then be sent to the effect section, 16 in all, we can use in three at the same time and channels or use individually, or a single two strings. Modular total!
On top of it because you can save for Chauque movement button, both effects, the modulation, filtering and common synth ... short, you can do everything in Exeter the cutoff does not work on the rhythm part.

When the sequencer to him, play 9 tracks and 5 percussion synthesizer on up to 8 x 16 steps.


Config relatively simple, but at first glance, it seems very complex, like all dedicated machines elsewhere, but after a day or two earlier, the magic comes out almost by itself.

I flew over the manual, you learn more testing is not very good, however, he explains the functions and remains a good reference when you dry on something.


The machine is universal, because of its internal synth, it can produce an infinite number of sound, and although at first it seems to be made for techno and electro sounds with very electronic, moving some buttons, use the instruments it proposes ... and you will see that even be possible with jazz and carefree.
The effects in many complements universality of the machine there that need.

The only thing you can not do with it is save your replay and with the sequencer which is the feature of the Korg SX ... But you can always come by your sound input and pass them in the filter, it will Save elsewhere.


This is a great machine with many possibilities, the lamp provides a very nice color to the sound, ease of use is appropriate and design more than succeeds.

Coupled with an SX noon, you become the pro live, I often set in a DJ, using the machine instead of putting a disc, the delirium and no one complains .

There are still many things to say, the accents, the arpegiator and other great features
but we finiorait not so ...

Simply excellent!