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All user reviews for the Yamaha RM1X

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Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
IT is a headphone output, output output, an input for a pedal and MIDI in out
16 track sequencer, memory capacity of 110,000 notes, 8 assignable knobs in real time .... etc.


It was my first machine.Le sequencer is more than great thanks to a screen very readable ago TElement sub mode that we could compare it to a computer so I just j gallery in the beginning but fortunately the manual is there. Then j I buy the Electribe SX and MX is nothing to do in two hours had understood the principle j (ca do not mean that it is bad on the contrary)


The sound is probably sometimes a bit limited on the synths, but it takes a little fiddling with the effects against the bass of thunder are simple c I love them (at the same time I made the hardtek, so hardcore!)


LE +: Sequencer
The effects
The number of instruments
LE: Sounds
Midi output THU
I have been using the just over a year but I can tell you to go there because the bottom has a sequencer like this at that price I sequence my c génial.Moi Electribe MX with c and c good delirium clear that this machine just any alone will not make you live an evil but when it is coupled with another of C MADNESS
If I had to redo this purchase j j wait and buy his sister RS7000!!

rezeda's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
2 out jack
1 headphone
input for a pedal

In short, the bare minimum .... The effects on the master.


Nothing more simple, read the manual and just went c.
The manual is clear and complete.
C The problem that has to have to stop to record a pattern c and ca not practical to change and live the same compound for those who like to write in GRID mode. (Like me for the rest of the MPC g lol. ..=
The modes STEP, GRID, OVERDUB, REPLACE when you want to write have no opportunity to listen to another sequence like an electron or korg ect ...
If not for the live with real-time controllers c still okay.


The sounds of Origin: horrible except for some rare exeptions.
It is imperative to have a filter or multi-effects hardware and more ...

Effects: apart from the distortion, overdrive and simulated tube the rest did not convince me.
This machine sends TOO SERIOUS. (done to equalize in the machine but losses while fishing)


In short if I could go back I make dessuite and without regret.
dj breakbeat06/22/2006

dj breakbeat's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
2 outputs L / R
1 headphone
1 between noon and 1 output
A footswitch jack

700 sounds, 20 tracks, 16 tracks faiut ..... all that to the big sound


No problme.c is my groovebox and srieux There's Premire March 2 problem but when you start reading the manual brves rsout every problem.


A ***. ch
it's great damage, but even with good peripherals sound is not even see gnial mauvais.Le trs single default this box of course.


Squenceur this is not a toy or gadget as Ceratina think.
I use it to make electronic music and it's really good with trs Controller ral time, the effects, the groove ...

jamychanprod's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
Output jack on 6.35 + midi in / out

sounds classics without surprises (if you know the synthesis yamaha) but some presets / sounds may very well go to a mix! (go in a little bit same effect ca be nice!)

audio effects section on the master effects section twelve o'clock basic (on each track), but real-time control!

real-time sequencer / step / overdub / midi event.Pas Intute but very very well done when it INTERESTED closely, become frighteningly low efficiency with a little patience and training.


They need this type in the first pages of chapters, it's a minimum! but once launched nothing can stop you!

the usual functions are common to various products from Yamaha (in the category sequencer / bar). Take a few minutes to read the manual diagonally!

paper manual very clear, deliver home in 3 languages ​​(english, french, german)


Average sound quality (except some "pearls" was not to be missed), good variety of intruments, a few drum sets are really nice!

instrument sounds classics are unrealistic, an audio processing is advisable to give some life to this whole "cold"! against by the electronic sounds are very interesting, even with the audio effects of RM1x! (This machine is a racing machine in the fields of electronic music (House, Tech, DrumN'Bass, dance, jungle, ...)

expression is average, but the editing possibilities are perfectly adapted to compensate (see much more!)


I bought this machine on the advice of friends, and I have never regretted! There are at least 7 years ca (I do not remember exactly), it is the only machine that I never sold or replaced. It is virtually indestructible and the OS has planted only once (when redemarage all my changes were sauvgarder!) Over the disk drive is very useful.
I buy many other Bar / sequencer no satisfaction! MPC not only compete with the Yamaha even though they are not really in the same category. (and certainly not at the same price! RM1x 3900Fr I buy at the time!)

buisness's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
Impressive simplicity.
the best groove box
the sound is 100 percent good, passed through a filter can not have any more to compare it to real synth (besides, there are samples of Jupiter 6.8, emulated pwm came out with effects, even your cd player not better)


Done for all styles especially techno but you must know to find the right chords effects and other settings that puts a synth box bomtempie a galactic sounds killer


Ca Defois the fact Defois non.mais coupled with a expendeur


Well it is formidfable a groove box.
and cheap super-simple: A Legend evidemment.une legend which has its Achilles heel: the sounds cheap but some people cold, but metal for technio perfect but it paid (since the price is low) enough invest in a sempleur esi emax or A3000

sheebe's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
* Sequencer / remixer type Groove
* The sequencer sixteen tracks is based on the QY700
* 700 sounds
* 960 preset rhythm patterns
* Floppy built will enable you to save your songs in the format Midifile
* Built-in Arpeggiator
* Edition of voices in real time (cutoff, resolution, etc.)
* Sequencer: 110,000 Notes
* Tempo: 25-300 BPM
* 16 tracks
* 20 Songs
* Sound Generator: 654 normal voices, 46 drum voices
* Polyphony: 32 notes
* Effects: 11 reverbs, 11 chorus, 43 variations
* Graphic backlit 64 x 240 points
* Headphone Jack
* 2 6.35 mm output jack
* Footswitch input
* Floppy Drive 3.5 2DD/2HD
Dimensions: 42 x 28.2 x 9.8 cm
Weight: 4.4 kg


- The general configuration is it simple?

Simple configuration, I use am alone am in sync live5 noon with a slave, to adjust it's my all just go to the utility menu and turned a knob: D

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?

For my part I find it easy in this machine and this is my first, I so can not compare but since I have no problem finding what I wanted!

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Manuel enough, on the other hand for me as a novice in the music I have trouble with technical terms but good in looking around on the net and asking questions on the forum it will be going out


- The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?

I bought planks at the base to make live hardtek, the sound was nikel for this style of music except sometimes lacking in the bass tone but with little effect or a good table in its output goes.
Today I compose lives a little more style or ambient trance (I board not really defined the style I make weird right now lol) and it is thanks to her I started up the people !

- Are they realistic?

To see ...

- The effects are they effective and responsive?

The effects are felt but could be more violent!

- The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch to)?



- How long have you use it?

Approximately 6 months maintenand

- What is so special that you like most and least?

Ease of use, you can create a small component in less than five minutes that's cool!

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Unfortunately the only one.

- How would you rate the quality / price?


- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I think so but maintenand her big sister's output is rs7000 surment I would look about her, must move with the times lol

pierredevers's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
The characteristics of the robot are known blue so I will not dwell on those below.

I found the section to use non-obvious effects, it can act simultaneously on a single effect, shame! The connection is to my taste a little "light" the volume of the headphone output can not be adjusted separately!


The general configuration is simple enough that it is difficult to quickly turn the basic functions. The manual he gave me good galley hard to find the topic that interests us but this is achieved. I put a note pout use for this machine is very useful as a MIDI controller for external devices.


Sounds very poor (the main defect of this machine) but it does not matter to me since I use as a MIDI controller.


I use this machine for 6 months.
I really like the design, design, sequencer, sounds less like bcp.
I have tried a few models like electribe the Roland.
Currently the price of this new machine is more or less 700 euros today for that price you get the best bcp electribe like a lamp, but I bought it used for 250 neurons. this machine is an exellent cepandant groove box, but who is not exceeded the new technology. It's like even less becoup Gadget that Electribe low end. What I did not blame him a sampler function. If we do not tek the sounds with this machine can make a drum machine like Didier super include those who know.
With the experience for 250 euros so, I would do this choice, but not for 700!

lowdid's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
They are known ...


Simple and ultra affordable
accesibilte easy menus (pot ... rotary nickel, no big wheels roland ...)
assignable effects easily and quickly


Contrary to opinion bcp traveled .....
I found the bank not sound that bad!
with just an external compressor, vs going to bring out the color of the sounds of the machine!
good, it's still a rm1x, that s not the tool of his richest work on c but the sounds are basic and can sound good
the effects are average but in the evening with a good sound system, so most bcp better ... but hey, a plug-in effect of good quality dynamic bcp out ...!


The rm1x is still a "toy" ...
all the walking groove box including the box are hybrids for some mid mid sampler drum machine, these machines must be used in a more playful than professional .....
all these bikes have been created for the sole purpose of making the composition of electronic music accessible a whole 10 years ago for the equivalent in function and sound that rm1x, there Fallais 10x the price and you had not n all in one!
I realized in a foullant may after all info on the stuff that used the most balèze of live electronic (chemical, daft, underworld ,....) all use a single function modules !!!!! EVERY apareil it has spots and the sounds come from bour synt sounds of their styles!! c in. the case of rm1x
In conclusion, I m with my finger since 1year rm1x and I m tired, but it must be kind of machine is used as a drum machine and not for an all in one!

greg94430's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
I n yreviendrais not tt the world knows them


Frankly there's no easier, besides being blind, yet! in a few hours we are already able to CRER patterns!!


Have !!!!!! And yes, those famous sounds! No need to stop saying frankly No matter what, even with the effects (which are not great either, apart from the delays and the rest bofff overdrive!) We come not to do sound, true! frankly if rm1x had sounds of a xl7, an d sh-32, or even a 505 mc, c t the Apocalypse would !!!!!!!!!!!!


So I continue the killing! lol. C is the best sequencer on the market today aya no doute.Il you just add a sound module and frankly, plus some knowledge of noon, you can do anything with, techno, rap, classical and even children's melodies! (And yes I also made up for my bb! Lol)
Srieusement, do not hesitate, this is revolutionary BCAN!!

zet_ko's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RM1X
There have a headphone output 3.5 mm audio output a 3.5 mm Stereo (Left / mono, right).
A MIDI In and Out.
Ente a footswitch on which you connect a few pedals to control function (start / stop, change the pattern ,...) by 3.5 mm.
You have 754 sounds and 48 drum kits, I think, but the sounds are not great (you worry tired quickly), so the best and aprendre a tease bte and after 1 or 2 months you ach te as an expander SH 32 (very good sound and you plant 128 bit CRER 128).
There are 60 preset style (you'll play 10 minutes and then you'll want to put you to the components) that you just do not change to 50 User Style (c is where it gets interesting).
You just fly prog (cubase, reason, live ,....) but there is no utility for RM1X.
You have a lot of very good quality effect.
And the game is a killer squenceur (very simple to learn and very very effective).


Pretty simple to use, only problem the record (in Chinese ca t'll have the same ;-) )


In terms of tekno sounds are not bad at all but if you do seeing dan instrument is not terrible terrible.
The expression: not that good (AC shall have been more raliste).
Gnral but the sounds are good (a little too dry and too hot mtaliques)


It'll be a big month as I have, I maintenat well tamed and I dmerde well with.
Overall it is very well (I love me is what are the effects and the sequencer).
J'hsitait between it and the RS 7000. If the dough was not j'aivais hsitation I took lauras but .....
In any case OCCAZ is good for 300 euro you has something fun for months on end.
All going to rise.
Even if it has some default do not you think that price has mieu.
FYI there are many people who use well-known (Prodigy have pumped a sound factory, Aphex Twin is possible with free and I saw a guy 3Faz (no phase) pose with) so c is still had good stuff trs.
If I could I would take out a second for Bracher in master / slave + expander SH 32 and there is a way of tripe.
Well, not enough dough.

Finally though there was some small default this machine is a gem.
I advice you buy, the beginners for beginners it's a bit hard but quickly returned ca.
But if you have enough money (about 1200 euro and 900 nine ocaz d) take the RS 7000.
It has the same squenceur, 1054 60 drums kits but its most important Intgr sampler and the possibility of recording instruments and play them back.