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FP User 10/31/2008

Yamaha RM1X : FP User's user review


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I like what the box has too offer. Features cool effects that can get very deep if you put the time in. Drum presets are great, something that is kinda unexpected from Yamaha. However alot of the instrument presets totally suck, with exception to some basslines. But who needs presets anyway?! With such an easy to use sequencer, making your own loops and building upon them is what makes this beatbox great. Once you have the loops built you can seriously edit them, you need a creative mind to appreciate what this box can do. Its easy and fast. Comes with a decent size tone generator. But the sounds are kinda cheesy and dated, even the drums are weak. If you edit them and really use those knobs the sounds can be impressive, almost inspiring. The knobs are GREAT and brings life to even the most whack loops. The RM1X has plenty of cool features that will keep you happy, and it is not to mention a great alternative to software sequencers.

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Dead easy to use. Its alot like the QY-70. The manual is very useful and makes a great reference, but some of the unit's features are not explained in the manual.

Built like a tank. The only downside is the small keyboard built on the box. Plastic keys and it may seem that they could easily break with enough abuse. But this will most likely be hooked up to a MIDI keyboard controller, so who cares? The knobs really get broken in after enough twisting, but i like that they slide even smoother than when i bought this item new.


The sounds seem to be the weakest aspect of the box. However, with decent editing, really cool sounds can be created. Why would anyone use factory sounds anyway? Even with a high quality sound module, you have to edit the sounds a little to get what your looking for. So I can understand that this box gets alot of negative feedback from people because the majority of the people that are doing all the bashing are the ones at SamAsh that just finger through the factory sounds. You have to utilize the effects block and really twist those knobs to appreciate the sound that this box is capable of delivering.


I love it. This is the heart of my small studio. I use it to control my sampler and sound module. Without this piece, my other gear would be lifeless. Very easy to use and thats a major factor. It seems that Roland and Emu sequencer dont have that ease of use like the Yamaha RM1X, which may lead some to believe that this box is actaully some kind of "toy". It a sense it may be, buts its powerful and FUN TO USE and thats why I enjoy it so much.

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