Line 6 POD HD400
Line 6 POD HD400
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Line 6 POD HD400

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 6 reviews )
 1 user review17 %
 5 reviews83 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Leulapin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A device I've waited for years"

Line 6 POD HD400
See the manufacturer's website for features, its very versatile amp and effects of natural well rendered.

The jacks etc.. they look solid and no parasites. The output level is adjustable via an analog dial that will move when you carry the pod is a somewhat curious choice.

All the sounds are editable on a PC.

Controls arranged on the front are very clear, the screen is legible.

A priori model above (HD500) is much more configurable with shortcuts adapted to live in the model below (HD300) contains less than sound.

Prédale the expression seems to me to see moderately strong but in time, the switch on / off of the wah is really smooth, just hard as it should but not too much.

No midday over


Just plug and play so it's simple to customize the sounds after you must spend more time but who has the habit of amps and effects it's still good logic in the chaining and options so it's easy.

Most of the settings sound unlike the previous generation model (PodXT) of sudden we spent a lot of time trying combinations is very fun on this side.

The logic driving the foot is a bit messy to understand but I find the manual you get there.

The tuner is supplied with a model and a reference, they just changed the display to something more readable at a distance from the generation before.


Is the best simulator on the market altogether.

Must transfer the excess reverb / delay presets clearly oriented beginner who finds something easy to play and store it in a natural quite impressive. Only the feedback is not implemented if the response dynamic, its grain and sounds of strings is really at what we have in a studio midrange.

All the amps and effects are usable although some effects are pushed into a corner really cool gadgets.

This lack may be a reference amp "saturated" which sounds more American. I use a seven string given in SI, the bass is well made, the limit being the audio system back then (not top the headphone).


I use it for a month.

I had previous generations of pods, I tested simulators behringer, vox and guitar rig PC.
Amp level when I'm in repeated / concert I have a mesa boogie is my reference sound is rather high-end precision level etc..

Sort this out Ben pod is great for work at home without waking anyone, it is clearly a level simulation and natural attacks that I expect from the first pod in fact.

What I like least is that they have not modernized more than that the screen display which is well worn, they have turned the MIDI connection and it is impossible to drive an amp 6 with no line. Should other elements at the base which is annoying because the effects section is quite worthy of being passed in effects loop of an amplifier and lights it would be so easy to control channels and various loops amp since only the pod ... failing to automate controls with a General MIDI pedal would be a distraction but no, they have implemented something owner of XLR cable instead, it is a bad choice, rather pathetic in that it forces them to use the line 6 behind Technical and baseless, an XLR cable is as fragile as a cable noon ...

The quality is super good price if you have a quality instrument to plug in because the sound demos on their own and it's great to work at home. Otherwise, the cheaper models are a better deal with possibly an instrument means. Or wait until they come out the same engine but in emulation version "bean" with little connection and no expression pedal will be much cheaper.