Line 6 POD HD500X
Line 6 POD HD500X

POD HD500X, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Line 6 in the POD Live series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Line 6 POD HD500X

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 3 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 11/16/13Line 6 POD HD500X Review

    Line 6 POD HD500X Review - Are you POD-to-date?

    The final exam of the music course I took at the Audiofanzine academy, read as follows: "With a theorem-article of at least 10,000 characters, resolve the equation LINE 6 POD HD500X where X = (new footswitches + powerful DSP)".

Users reviews

esebban's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really super"

Line 6 POD HD500X
Side effects, I think everything is available. I did also some tests on my side with the RAT pedals and TS808 to see the difference. Frankly it's hard for me to like it. I tested them with a tube amp without simulates POD side to try to be as neutral as possible.

Then next patch management, software is really necessary and well done, many possible settings and I think a good patch requires well refined the setting. From my side, I charge existing patches and I fit the guitar (Gibson Les Paul Studio + Classic 57 ')

I do not go into battle analog is better than digital, I leave it to those who want to discuss. But from my side, I think this machine as the eleven rack FX axis is really great for those who like me have a little bit of everything and do not want to spend hours setting the amp, effects depending on the piece. Here we take the POD is the branch and go up or down on the volume.

For connectivity there is no problem while I use the USB to make recordings and then send one or backtrack in the pod. Then all are connected to a mixer or like me on a FRFR powered speaker (ALTO 112A). For those interested without my pub, you will here recordings with the POD and styles (I'm not a pro, so thank you for not killing me in the comments;) ). However ca give you an idea of ​​what an amateur like me can do with a POD. See here:


The configuration is not really easy but the management tool is really well done and very professional.

The manual is clear but I recommend to have a look here:

Editing sounds very simple but the software


Side effects frankly it's really amazing and especially the amp simulations.

But beware once you really spend time tweaking sounds or buy. I acquired those of Glenn Delaune here:

I find them pretty good and well made, the guy spent time. The settings are fine but adaptable. I think he made according to different guitars he has available.


It'll be 1 year and I use it extensively, I had a ZOOM G3 moreover not sound bad, but worse than that one.

I think this is a good compromise for people who want switcher from analog to digital. The material is strong and suitable for those who do live. Again in my opinion forget the amps etc to use, you really need a sound or at least an active FRFR speaker if the rendering is not very good.
Alternat Runner10/04/2013

Alternat Runner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Effective and comprehensive"

Line 6 POD HD500X
Everything has already been said in previous reviews and the site Line6 ;)

However, I wanted to give a special mention for the construction of the pedal, the finish is at the top and to the overall quality of buttons and switches other. Everything in this pedal exudes strength. Special mention also for the connection, more than complete!


The general configuration is it simple?
Relatively simple. Changes banks are not through switch for the rest it is commands to scroll the screen (backlit high quality). Some other controls are accessed directly, such as EQ or volume preset and master.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
Working only in home studio environment, I only use my PC via the publisher, so yes, in this case the issue is very simple and allows very easy access to all parameters, modify existing banks and importantly, create their own.

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Not read ...


The effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough?
Okay, well I've never had the opportunity to hear a Plexi, or a JCM800 Dual Rectifier (except through the test Judge Dred ;) ), so impossible for me to tell if the simulations are realistic or not. However, what I can say is that they sound good and are easy to use in a composite. As is often the case in this type of machine, the basic presets go wow! to @ #! #! So it will be interesting and necessary to create your own presets using the user banks (whose number is quite high I think). Anyway it sounds clearly better than all those pesky plug-ins that I finally got rid!

Which instruments do you use?
Ibanez S570
Charvel DC-1
Squier Fat Strat


How long have you use it?
2 days.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Korg AX3000G and many plug-ins

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
+ Manufacturing quality
+ Connector
+ Overall sound
+ Number of amp models, effects
+ Number of possible combinations

- No on / off switch

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?
The price / quality ratio is good in terms of sound quality and build quality of this pedal that was clearly built for the stage. Yes I do it again this choice, especially at this price it is difficult or impossible to find as well.