Line 6 POD XT Live
Line 6 POD XT Live
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Line 6 POD XT Live

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 61 reviews )
 31 reviews51 %
 13 reviews21 %
 5 reviews8 %
 3 reviews5 %
 3 reviews5 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Good for the Floor!"

Line 6 POD XT Live
When I first tried this unit I was not happy with it at all. I was playing a Vox Ac30 and wanted to get some good amp simulations and stomp boxes with effects in an all in one unit that could run into my clean amp. So let me try and dial up some Slash tones or some Zeppelin or even maybe some VH. Not only was this thing not capable of even coming close but it sounded so bad that I almost gave up on it. So I went out and bought a JCM2000 basically getting me the start to that Marshall tone from the bands I mentioned above and just stuck with using the unit as an effects processor for modulation and delays. That is where this thing lives. They claim to have good amps sims and stomp boxes but both of these features lack tremendously. Now if your accustomed to tube distortion then this is a miss for that feature, but if your looking to have some cool delays and flangers then this is a perfect setup for home or live situation.

Another thing that I would prefer in this unit is real stomp boxes buttons. I don't know what they are called but the shiny clickers that are featured on most stomp boxes. The pads they use on this unit to me can break or get sticker if you spill beer on it. I don't feel that this construction will be built to hold up to the road as much as regular Boss pedals go.

Another cool feature is that you can run a line out to a recording booth. I did not test this since I don't personal record at home. I heard that Lincoln Brewster uses this unit for his live tone which is surprising. He actually uses this to achieve his amp and cab simulation going out to the PA mix. Either way most tube guys would never do this, but it is available if desired.


Extremely easy to use if you have ever used a POD operation before. If you are new to the POD world then it may take you a couple of minutes. But everything goes in sequence as if it were a real amp, cab, compression, stomp box, modulation, delay, and then wah. So it goes in series order as if it were real units. So I would recommend taking the approach of normal amp and cab and then fill in the effects accordingly.

Like all Line 6 products the manual if very helpful. They explaining set up preparation and operational understanding. They guide you through the set up for your individual rig and give suggestions for other ways of hook up. They have a good informative manual that is very helpful.


For me it lacks in the stomp box feature and the amp sims. Though I don't expect an amp sim to sound anything like the original. So that point is probably moot. What they do very well in my opinion is the delays. I love the delay sounds and various types and styles of delays available. For me they sound good and give my tone the color or effect that is needed.

I used this with a Vox Ac30, Marshall JMP, and a Marshall JCM2000 going into a vintage Marshall 4x12 with Blackback speakers rated at 25 watts. In each amp the unit sounded fantatsic. Especially the Marshall's. Since I was using the natural OD from the Marshall, the effects from the POD were very nice in different applications. I was using a Strat, Tele, and a Les Paul in each situation. I'm a Marshall tone kind of guy so I spent most of my time playing around with those amps using the delays, flangers, and phase of the POD to achieve my rock tones. I didn't like the chorus affect as much as the others but I don't use that much chorus anyway so it didn't matter to me much.


The thing that I would change would be the the foot clickers. I would like them to beef up that so it would be more road worthy. The thing I really enjoyed was how sweet the tones I could get combo-ed with a Marshall in the the effects loop. Saving patches for certain songs was a breeze. Having my set list there with one click of a button saved through the midi operation was so easy. This unit can be found for around $250+ or - so you won't break the bank to much. Plus Line 6 Pod units seem to keep a lot of their value so if you didn't like it you could probably let go of it with out a huge hit or loss.

I would recommend this to any gear head who wants easy effect operation to go with his current rig. It is not high end so if you wanted more tweakability then I would step up to the POD HD series or POD Pro.
Audiofanzine FR12/16/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review"Excellent but delicate to program"

Line 6 POD XT Live
Originally written by Koub on Audiofanzine FR.

I guess everybody knows the applications and sound of this product.


The manual is not very clear and Line6's humor is still the same: not the best...
However, you'll get on with it but it's clearly a borderline.

Configuring the multi-effects is rather easy but considering the complexity of the settings, especially if you want to use it live with a combo, I think it's suicidal to edit all parameters from the unit. Luckily, a small software (Line6 Edit) allows you to configure, in a few clicks, the whole device from your PC via USB connection. The GI is simple and very clear.


Most effects sound very good, especially the Tube Screamer emulation which is as good and essential as the real stompbox. You also get very good delay, fuzz and chorus effects.

On the other hand, I don't like the reverbs — they sound a bit dirty. Competitor products offer better sounding reverbs.

I use the product with my Variax and it's nice to be able to change the preset, the guitar and even the tuning with a single footswitch. This feature is amazing (if you play a Variax).

As usual with Line6, the amp simulations are awesome. Compared with the Pod (my old Pod 2.0 just got broken after more 10 years of use), the clean sound has been improved considerably.
While the Pod provided a Rectifier simulation which sounded much better than the other models for heavy metal, I find that on the Pod XT Live it sounds worst than the Marshall and especially the fantastic Soldano Solo 100.


I've been using it for one year.
Excellent product for home studio applications (I think Line6 is unbeatable in this field). It's much more tricky with an amp. You'll have to spend a lot of time editing the sounds.
I use it with an old Hughes & Kettner combo (Attax 80). I needed time to get an acceptable sound but now it's fine. Personally, to get the best result, I use the "combo power amp" output mode and I connect it to the return of my combo.
I also deactivate the speaker simulation since the mic emulation is automatically deactivated.
My tip to get a killer sound: fine tune the EQ settings. Luckily, the EQ is extremely effective with the Line6 Edit software. It allows you to compensate the response of your speaker and/or your amp. Boosting the high frequencies or the low-mids changes the sound radically. It is THE most essential parameter!
Once you understood this, everything goes fine: the product has a comprehensive set of features, is extremely versatile and sounds good even with my old solid-state amp.

I would buy it again considering that I got it for peanuts, including a flight case. And with a Variax guitar, the product deploys even more power.
Without Variax, the Zoom G9 is perhaps its main competitor. The second guitar player in my band owns one and gets an amazing sound, however not as versatile...

mooseherman's review"One of the better Digital Amp Modelers out there"

Line 6 POD XT Live
This is a digital amp modeler/effects unit from Line 6. It is a pedal version of one of its more popular products, the POD. This version is designed for live use, as opposed to the POD, which has an interface that is easy to use in the studio and set but not quick on the fly. There are 1/4" inputs and outputs, as well as a USB connection, a connection for Line 6's Variax guitar, which I haven't used before, as well as MIDI in and Out. There are computer and MIDI editing capabilities, as evidenced by the connections I just mentioned. This is not a rackable device, it's the pedal version.


The effects editing is really pretty easy. Setting up each switch to work the way you want it is pretty easy, which I'm a fan of, as I'll get frustrated setting up a digital pedal all the time. The switch time is really good, as it will instantaneously switch between two different sounds. The manual will explain everything pretty easily. It might take a little bit of time to get used to but ultimately it will not be a problem for most people to get the hang of it, and once everything is set it will be a piece of cake to use. Between the 11 switches (which have varying functions) and the expression pedal, there's a lot of tonal control to be had here.


I would say that of most of the digital effects I've tried, I don't particularly like the sound of most of them. I can deal with this one simply because it is closer to the real thing than most of these modeled sounds are, and even when it's not, it's still pretty decent. There are also combinations of amps and effects that are really different from anything that can be made with analog gear. While these sounds aren't always my cup of tea, even I have had my jaw drop at some of the sounds I've heard.


One thing I don't like about this pedal is it's price, while it's not the worst I've ever seen, it's definitely pretty pricey. I could theoretically buy two analog pedals for the same price, but they'd be top quality and I'd have consistently great sound. Thus buying this pedal comes down to this; would you rather have a few great sounds or a ton of less-than-great sounds? If you think of the latter, than this is definitely your pedal. I've played a lot of these things and I don't really dig them in general, but I'd say I'd make an exception to this one.

ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good compromise."

Line 6 POD XT Live
Large range of effect available on the Line6 site.
Editable via PC and USB connection.
Known full tick (Jack, noon, USB ....).


The grip is relatively fast.
Be careful when changing game to equalize the volume if it hurts the ears.
Obviously the latter is common to many multi-effects.
We found the manual carefree French on the Line6 site.


The effects are good for this age bracket.
It is far from the picks.
The simuls distos are not too bad, especially with maiśc.est modulation and delay that multi stands.
Utlise Jazzmaster with a Les Paul and a TV.


I have this multi for two years, and I'm very happy.
Although I want to separate myself to go to the dedicated effects, I do not regret my purchase.
Perfect to get an idea of ​​the effects that appeal.
Before I had a Boss ME50 which sounds much worse.
Excellent value for money for a Swiss Army knife that troubleshoots and well suited to live.
I would do this choice without worry, knowing that the new models do not reinvent anything.

damsy2k's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good camera: versatile and robust"

Line 6 POD XT Live
I enjoyed this multi-purpose robust and versatile. It has never dropped unlike the rack model (pod pro). I highly recommend it even if I went for the POD HD500.


The setup is quite simple in its editing software, even if it requires to delve a little into the doc.


I especially appreciated the delay which seems good quality and distortion modeling.


Very good quality / price ratio

Hifi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product"

Line 6 POD XT Live
many effects, simulations .... digital :)


overall it is really simple: you select the effect or amp, turn the knobs.

The display is on a small monochrome screen (orange).

The amp simulation is detachable or adjustable to your amp type.


The possibilities are endless, the quality is good but not necessarily musical.

I use it with a standard guitar, but it is possible to connect a Line 6 Variax guitar and control through the pedal.


I used it 2 years on stage, Repette studio.

the biggest worries is to have a level unequaled: you can go from an amp with an acoustic reverb has a Soldano simulation area with a metal front.
So even if the output level is identical with the rendering equalization can take you to the very present the inaudible! And even if you try to fix this before the headphone, which is not the same reaction as the sound of the room ..
C But the problem of a priori all cranks.

The good thing however is the USB plug that allows to use the Pod XT Live as a sound card! And that changes everything: no latent (the treatment is in the pedal), the sound is super nickel (since tranfer digitally pc).

In short, this model is a bit outdated but reliable, solid, professional, easy and with many possibilities.

Taken at the secondhand, if it meets your needs has, no worries.

hellpig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but ..."

Line 6 POD XT Live
All digital and emule a lot of effects of all type.
Editable boiboite or so on the mac or pc ... So there's a small point that even when interret, you can not edit EVERYTHING on the computer, such as the assignment of orders for the expression pedal bah ... ah ... yes, will have to look ....
The connection of Bouzin is complete but there is no effects loop (added from above by the models that followed.)
So we find: guitar input jack, stereo jack output, Variax input, headphone mini jack MIDI IN and OUT and USB.
There's something to see happen ... but still, missing fx loop ... (shit shit!)


So how does it work? It works basically like a chaining pedals, no more or less with the possibility of modulation or delays in the beginning and end of string with the impact that has on the ca ... the manual is clear and clear, easy to program, short line 6. I had a boss before Gt5 was a bit more complex but also more powerful at the issue ... you could really make strange sounds with ....


His side ... bah, go let's say it's like comparing the special effects of Star Wars 70 years and the last ... it happens, it's nice but it is much better even if some aujoud'hui modulations are downright good. Abuse of the side line 6 always want to compare the incomparable is a little torn but a chorus of 70 years is difficult to compare with something of this machine, although it is emulated. It's digital, it's not hot like a pedal all the same. (Do not push it either)
I only use very little or no preamp section of thing. In fact I use the tuner, volume, modulation and reverb time since I used the effects loop of my amp. For this, it's okay but for the preamp you should use a dedicated amp type neutral.
I used to see my Pod in my head marshall tube for example using a simulated preamp direct to rectify the input power and faith, not hurt the ca ...
For the rest we will say that after a few settings you can use it as a sound card to register in the computer (garageband for me). And it works without annoying latency.
Side effects so I like the modulations, delays and reverbs for the rest, will be ironed.
All that is in the fx junkie pack is for me the real crap ... useless and not really interresting ... whammy simulation is the same ... we are very far from a real good but we far as the price ...


After 7 years (already!) Of loyal service I therefore seeks to replace this pedal with a larger and more recent. I thought the pod 500 hd for the collection of effects in it and sound quality for the above amp emulations. I am still thinking ... I tate ... we'll see ...
It's not a bad machine, it lasts without failure May sbon There's stuff that I like and others that irritate me as the fact of not being able to assign as the new pod hd other effects on the pedal "amp" and "stomp" in order to put / remove on the fly ... but the 500 hd fix that (and also removes the switch start-up industry!!)
Go is compact, it makes a lot of stuff and there's still effects not found in competitors such as the uni vibe so we will say that it is a good pedal even if I not tried every pedal of the earth and that I simply read the data sheet to buy it.
With time and looking back in 2005, there was no better for 500 euro then I think o will say it was not such a bad choice ... since I have always (if unbearable I would have already cast)
Good animal will ... ^ ^
Today we find plenty of opportunity for a shot of cider so it is even more the blow ..

JessB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD XT Live
See the website of Line6 ...


Given all the possibilities, yes it is easy to use.


Impossible not to find happiness in the whole range of amps and effects offered. I use it with a VARIAX and there is really top, going from a simple foot pressure to his acoustic guitar, a Gibson's well saturated.
What must be understood with this type of material you get is a sound similar to the recorded sound is top notch home studio for use for example. For stage I used it directly plugged into the sound, it sounds okay, but I still prefer playing with a real amp is more "hot", not to mention with the pod you are completely dependent the sound engineer.


I used it for 3 years with a Variax, really an interesting experience, it made me a sound palette varied. This type of material I think is very suitable for those who change her often.
What is also nice, is that it gets to know all the effects and uses combined with the Variax, the whole history of music we have at our fingertips (and feet).
I never saw him because I have been around, and I prefer playing with an amp and pedals, but I have never regretted my purchase at that price ;-)

phil2208's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good tool"

Line 6 POD XT Live
simulations of all kinds multi purpose USB sound card

very complete in connection

all numrique


config? not so simple as that the notch of the masses for not using them makes case

Describes the manual many effects but less in depth ldition paramtres


good sound: I have used that sound card in my computer and it works fine no lag or crash edition of the software works very well
to import the patch is a bit heavy gearbox is
also means a Difference of sound when you open a Difference Level I do not know where it comes from

I plugged in my monitor speakers connected to the pod makes ca better than computer speakers

realistic? I do not know J have never had a Soldano or mesa boogie!
l I use with my gibson les paul but I could have a play with it like Paul Beuscher

like everyone else, I also tried facade of a tube amp and it sounds horrible c is not

ca should sound in the studio live in a console


I have more c was very convenient for the evening jamming with headphones on the computer with Ableton Live perfect! its pretty flattering to beginners you may record their compositions in mp3 is himself a small pro with a big sound

but as stated above ca tired c is the same regardless of the scraper

dynamics is not a part may be in its best light that I've been able to make this cot is simulated to bypass the amp and put a nice day and the delay had something fun and dynamic straw!

boat is what I say but when you taste the lights and pedals are no returns unless there is an urge to jam at night when everyone is in bed

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Yes, but ..."

Line 6 POD XT Live

I think everything has been said on the subject. I do not go back a slice, so if it is only the use, I pass by publishing on PC and not directly on the pedals (I do not play in my order, not live).

Note that the Pod acts VERY GOOD sound card in the ass of the computer. I experienced the day of a very serious crash of my sound card and its drivers.

9 / 10



Setup the PC, I have already said. Comfortable in every way. The manual is very complete and very successful French version as always with Line6.

9 / 10



I use the Pod with the Variax 600. The marriage of these two is a great success. This is the perfect couple who perfectly complements (and perfectly monit respectively). Here, the effects are good to very good.

However, I experimented with traditional guitars plugged into the Pod, and I was showered by the result: No, for once. Scanning dramatically erases characters guitars inserted there. Everything is formatted in an identical or nearly so, and I hated it.

So, the idea of ​​me use the Pod for my other guitars as a collection of legendary pedal, I'm the square where you know ... nothing beats the original analog effects with traditional guitars.

8 / 10 because I bought it in the context of marriage with the Variax. I note down significantly if I had put the idea to use as conventional pedal effects.



Used extensively for 3 years with my Variax, I turn Swiss Army knife: you turn, you choose from a myriad of settings ... too, perhaps, and recorded a track over in a mix. It sounds live.

Over time, however, the all-digital ear fatigue or perception. Difficult to explain, but there is a monotonous, based on the absence of relief that is felt. Too far forward in the mix, it would end almost by disappointment. Then we must use it, but wisely. Neither the Pod or the Variax can not, in my humble opinion, be the only facilities of a home studio guitarist in the long term.

With all the ingredients offered by the pedal, the value for money is first flock, not necessarily by his side against.

I would do this choice in the same spirit as the Variax and for the same reasons.

7 / 10 because of the relative fatigue that can generate product (starting from the date, we must also recognize).