Vox Tonelab LE
Vox Tonelab LE
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Vox Tonelab LE

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 16 reviews )
 12 reviews75 %
 3 reviews19 %
 1 user review6 %

Willyget's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
For specifications, see the previous opinions.

In general, it is not bad at all level effects and stuff, it happens to have good sounds. For cons, I do not like the default settings, but its only my opinion.

Versatile (ska, punk, metal, blues, pop ...)


The manual is very nice shape and needed to take control of the foot perfectly. Otherwise, we zoom too much.

I have a little trouble to edit all the sounds to be exactly what I want so I dont know if it's not that I'm wrong or if it is not hollow but complex enough to take hand when you start completely with this kind of pedals.


The effects are good. In any case, the amp models (although imitations are averages see bad) have a good sound and you can almost have its own sound by adding effects and by touching a little bit of everything the big buttons ...

I use it with an Ibanez S670FM and recently with a VOX Valvetronix amp 100W.
Before buying the amp, I used it on live sound systems or all-tube amp that I borrowed in concert. The sounds went from time to time but it happened quite often that's enough on some crappy amps and therefore must repeat, but in this case, we come not to find his sound we had. Better to edit the sounds on his amp and did not change.

The effects I use are the large distortion in general (I play punk so ...) that are pretty good.
I use sounds that cleans thousands of expressions when you edit them properly (it is for the ska)
By telling, I was disappointed Wahwah. It's not fluid enough for my taste.


I use it for about 3 years (maybe more) I used some low-end models before making that one. I cons by trying other models (I do not remember the brands and models) that I was not fooled at all, on the contrary, I was proud of my VOX.

I love lamp ... Its been styled xD
No, more seriously, I like the warmth of his that I have not found on other pedals like this ...

Report qualitée price level, I had purchased 300 € used at the time (it came out if I'm not mistaken), it costs 400 € new. Too expensive for my taste but now, 300 € new, its me parrait not too bad.

Note that the pedal tends to creak after a certain time (fast way) a little penetrating oil and is perfect.

With the experiance, I would do this choice because I am not disappointed with this pedal that I use everywhere (studio, concert, rehearsal, beef ...)

That, in hopes to have help in voting choice.

geolegx59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Epatant"

Vox Tonelab LE
Friends scratch: sr Although we each have our gots, our style and subjective, I just want to give such notice by my impressions as I felt: I play since I was 16, and j ' in I 51 / I dtest the mountains of gear complicated, heavy and bulky / I had several guitars and several amps, several effects pedals, etc ... I play include the Toto, Queen, U2's from Dire Straits, and after 5 beers a Van Halen ... In short: for those looking for versatility, Tonelab LE is almost perfect (default key: a single expression pedals). For those who want more versatility sound reasonable budget, I say great, for my part, I finally found a form of happiness in marriage as follows: <strong>US Fender> Tonelab LE> 2 x Tech 21 Power Engine (with a DJ is good), by transplanting SM 57 <span style="font-weight: normal;">I do not sell anything, I do not work for Fender, Vox or to or for Tech 21, or for Shure. If a certain and may help some. Good riffs Geolegx59</span></strong>


Manuel trsdtaill prcis trs, trs clear.
The edition of sounds is a breeze.


Trs impressive, but your exact dpend Systm of TLE in which the branch will: DIFFERENT paramtres are prvus (amp, sound system)


Choice again, less than winning the lottery ...

A default: a single expression pedals, which means you can not assign volume and wah at the same time, I recommend using an external wah.

Fab-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Tonelab LE
For a list of effects, the connection ... see data sheets.

Basically, there is what one would expect from a device of this type, at least
enough for me who am not a fan trs sounds hyper-worked.

The prsence a light reassures me that I not afraid of the dark, but I dread the cold at all numrique.

I would have AIM a PC via USB connection and software edition patches.


Many buttons and potentiomtres ... but I had to prfre menus and submenus to dfile on a mini screen 15 features and buttons. With the Tonelab, all rglages are easily accessible and provide a fairly intuitive use. It's not as simple as aligning individual effects pedals, but it raproche.

Ct manual, nothing wrong. Only small BMOL as dj said by someone else: the names of effects and amp simulation is not clear cit although it can easily guess what it is. Rights issue, I guess ...


Question her, I am a bit more mixed ...

The use of effects connected to the loop of an amplifier is quite convincing. Similarly, I am satisfied with the trs made to the headphone. For cons, I'm a bit of the rsultat when the Tonelab is plugged into a mixer connected speakers. I'm testing the ability to connect and diffrent DIFFERENT rglages (very numerous), I'm still on my hunger. Overall the sound always seems a bit messy and tends to saturate too easily. I have trouble getting a clear sound and powerful time. I can not find the Ractive and expressiveness of a guitar simply plugs into an amp. Finally, the lamp is really useful?

However, even when it is necessary perspective:

The Tonelab is an amp simulator. For the simulation, it is generally quite russi. In addition, in the case of a connection table, the quality of this dernire play a lot and I think still working my rglages things need to be able s'amliorer. Finally, we must admit that before the multitude of possible rglages, I always have a sense of "can do better" that stirs my dissatisfaction ...


I use the Tonelab for about three weeks.

- The ease of use.
- The sound in the headphones and the effects connected to an amplifier.
- The possibility to assign a parameter of the effect of expression pedals (a big plus easy to caller on a tempo that not all devices forcment race condition).
- Design nortro ... I know, has no importance for the sound but it's always more enjoyable to play on the hardware that we find beautiful!

- The rendering of the trs diffrent following the fawn which is connected Tonelab which requires rework sounds when moving the headset amplifier or mixer.
- The lack of "expression" of sounds clear.
- The fact that the Wha Wha is treated in the group of effects pedals: you can not use a Fuzz Wha (it's either one or the other).
- The ct "I spend more time thinking rgler my stuff to get better sound that play!" (All common multi effects)

I tried other models of amp simulators, but in the end, the Tonelab Strongly believes me most, even if not perfect. Depending on the mode of use, navigates between trs good and not evil, which is ultimately a pretty good view.

I bought the Tonelab for a test shoot and finally, I think to keep it. Even if I'm not completely satisfied, I find all of the same over its competitors.