Avid Eleven Rack
Avid Eleven Rack

Eleven Rack, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Avid in the Eleven series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Avid Eleven Rack

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 22 reviews )
 15 reviews68 %
 6 reviews27 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 03/02/10Digidesign Eleven Rack Review

    Digidesign Eleven Rack Review - Digidesign Eleven Rack: Stairway to Eleven

    Digidesign surprised the world last year when they brought out a guitar amp simulator for Pro Tools called Eleven. They have now launched Eleven in rack format for applications in the studio and on stage. Let's take a look at Digidesign's youngest child...

Users reviews

crankyrayhanky's review"A Recording Guitarists Dream!"

Avid Eleven Rack
I had no compatibility issues with my Rain computer. Setup had a few snags, so support sent me a zip file that allowed me to install the most up to date software. Once completed, there have been no major issues.The interface is fantastic and very guitar amp familiar with easy to adjust knobs. I went through racks in the 80s and now hate scrolling parameters- i want to plug in and play. This interface allows that without too much painful parameter scrolling.


The software works, but 1 strange thing is the start up- it seems to be unresponsive until I click it twice, then a window tells me only 1 version can be run at a time. I click it off, but it's a notable quirk that could be annoying. I bought this in May of 2011. At the time PT8 was brand new; since then, it's gone through a few updates which is annoying, as it costs money to get the newest features. That's too many charged updates in just over a calendar year and shows a complete lack of respect for customers. Also, it costs money to get support, which reeks of arrogance. These business ideals are less than attractive for many people, thus the Avid bashing you will see on many forums. However, i have grown to love Pro Tools, so I have been caught in their web. I'll likely pay for an update in the near future.


This unit can serve so many purpooses- di guitar tones, reamping, ada conversion..I can get up to 5 inputs in 1 take- xlr, 2 analog & 2 digital ins (external preamps needed). The xlr preamp sounds decent, though it does not provide a ton of gain, just enough for a ribbon or 57 on a guitar cab at 80dbs. The di tones are ok, not spectacular, but can get the job done. I prefer to track a di and reamp later with real amp/mic, but you can get passable tones out of the amp sims. The matchless is probably my favorite, it sounds super cool and chimey. The tape delay is awesome, I will use that often Even if one upgrades, the unit can sound great in the loop of an amp. I did need to send it in for repair for a hones jack that went south...now my guitar input is acting inconsistant (?!) I upgraded to a Kemper, but still feel like I received my money's worth, as it gave me a year of headphone tracking in which I wrote a few tunes and had a great time. I still use the interface and PT, and will use the fx for live amp playing. The verstaility is unparalleled...but the company tactics are not cool.