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V-Amp(132), V-Tone(100)
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Behringer Guitar Amp Simulators user reviews

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - Hachd's review


    CHARACTERISTICS trs compltent see description. UTILIZATION The use is very simple to use studio, especially with the latest software for computer control of the bte tlchargeable free on the Behringer site. The edition is trs sounds intuitive and …

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - perturbateur's review


    Well it will be understood, this is an amp simulator similar to clebre POD did not think that any time soon .... dTRON error! Modlisation rather Fidler for sounds in distortion / crunch. Clean sounds a bit limited .... Everything is on a PC via d…

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - DamoSuzuki's review


    On paper: RAS. Only regret: the effects are not cumulative. UTILIZATION The edition pushes effects and HP is more complicated. SOUND QUALITY The sounds are rich and varied. OVERALL OPINION I bought one. It ran 30 minutes before planting…

  • Behringer X V-Amp

    Behringer X V-Amp - Michaze's review


    Effects states: see on the site, ditable on a PC via MIDI, two paramtres in fact, simple and effective Techno: modlisation Simple connection and complements (headphone, Stereo output, input, power supply, footswitch included, midi in / out) Cas…

  • Behringer V-Amp Pro

    Behringer V-Amp Pro - Chris.angel's review


    In the following, I will refer regularly to the V-Amp 2, which I also owned. This is more of a comparative view on the evolution of V-Amp Pro a notice to the specific V-Amp Pro. Overall, the V-Amp Pro is a rack version of the V-Amp 2. Read my opin…

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - Bitozar's review


    Well, almost everything has been said I think ... About the connection, to point out that the MIDI cable is not provided, or the software must be downloaded. Taking power supply is pretty bizare ... say not very universal ... The day she crame hell…

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - sergiogibson's review


    Hello ..... good of this chapter, I think the opinion dja set is complete, for my part I t surprised by the number of possibilities, I bought this pedalier thanks to this site and in fact I did not think it leaves out as complete, a guitarist for t…

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - Fred'Alco's review


    These aspects have dj t Retailer in the previous ones opinion ... UTILIZATION The functions available are clear trs. I did not have to open the doc to exploit them. The edition sounds (choices and rglages amp, HP) is empty. The manual is clear …

  • Behringer V-Amp 2

    Behringer V-Amp 2 - Chris.angel's review


    The V-Amp (2) is an amp simulator. It can reproduce sounds and SETTING THE sounds of 32 amps clbres and / or mythical. It also provides the simulation of 15 speakers and is equipped with a multi-effects INTERESTED. It is equipped among other thing…

  • Behringer V-Amp

    Behringer V-Amp - Pv44's review


    The most part of the effects pedals are found in the V-amp 2. In addition, they are better. The main advantage is being able to connect an electric guitar and a headphone and be able to play all existing sounds (Dire Straits ACDC through the funky …