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Guitar amplification user reviews

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - Philou13bis's review


    Tube amp (2 lamps 12 AX7 or equivalent ECC83 marshall if I remember correctly) 2 clean sounds Two distorted sounds A guitar input, an effects loop, 2Quit (stereo) single or two simulation outputs with HP marshall ... Model 1 rack unit UTILI…

  • Rocktron Voodu Valve

    Rocktron Voodu Valve - smeagol_fr's review


    Ana logic technology lamps for preamp with DSP effects and numeric The effects are those of the Intelliflex and they are very very very good quality but like all purpose one must know not to abuse it! The connection: impeccable! stereo output ja…

  • Art SGX 2000

    Art SGX 2000 - Ps2's review


    All effects are Submitted, modulations, delays and reverbs, pitch, filters, high pass and low pass, equalizer, exciting, etc ... The version I possde diffrent is the picture and seems more feature rich. The original sculptures RSID in its archite…

  • Rocktron Gainiac

    Rocktron Gainiac - jbg's review


    Disto: 12AX7 bottom: + or-15 dB Scoop control: -30 dB @ 800Hz Top: + or-15 dB Gain: 75 dB over Level Clean: bottom: + or-15 dB Top: + or-15 dB UTILIZATION Trs simple ... rglages the legalization of trs are effective! Taking…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - Anonyme's review


    This is a pre amp so candles, which has no internal effects. The connection is quite small, a mono input jack 6, 35, an effects loop, two stereo outputs, one untreated and the other with simulation of HP. 1 rack unit. UTILIZATION The settings are…