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Roland Guitar Combo Amplifiers user reviews

  • Roland VGA-3UT

    Roland VGA-3UT - Davor's review


    You can use VGA-3 sensor Roland GK2a or simply with a 'jack'. This is actually a Roland GT-6 or VG-88 fomrat in a 'combo' with Celsetion 12 ". The sound is fantastic - acoustic, JC clean, Twin, Tweed, 'boutique Dumble, Marshall I & II, Metal, Rec…

  • Roland Cube-15X

    Roland Cube-15X - ukio's review


    15w amp transistor, 2CH, clean and lead, a 3boutons equalize, between a jack, a sorites and an auxiliary input .... Very easy to use I even had a pa read the instruction manual ... Otherwise it is very pretty mafoi! (For my taste) UTILIZATION…

  • Roland Cube-15X

    Roland Cube-15X - jod35's review


    Transistor 15W + clear sound modulations (stack metal - metal - distortion - overdrive) Pota volume gnral for clear sound Pota volume & gain on lead channel Including Equalizer Bass - Middle - Treble An auxiliary input allows you to send …

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - labellow's review


    Full trs amp. 30 watt qualizer (bass, middle, treble) EFX (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo), delay / reverb; 7Mode diffrent (acoustic, black panel, brit combo, tweed, classic stack, metal, r-proud) switchable clean / distortion with volume for t…

  • Roland Cube-15X

    Roland Cube-15X - bonzay's review


    Combo tansistors. 15 watts Stack, Metal Stack, Overdrive and Distortion 2CH: "Clean" and "Lead" qualiser 3-band (Bass, Middle, Treble) output jack "recording out" or headphone between auxiliary UTILIZATION Simple, I wonder if it is poss…

  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 (Vintage)

    Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 (Vintage) - Stoopa's review


    Transistor amp .... See Roland site UTILIZATION Simple and effective SOUNDS Cristalin and prcis OVERALL OPINION Scne great amp, clear and prcis enet. Stereo chorus with effect fabulous. DLIR attack and power reserved. I am sad to have had…