Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
fanofromrennes 08/08/2013

Carl Martin Compressor Limiter : fanofromrennes's user review

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Features widely described in other reviews ... 100% analog, assembly and high quality components.


Extremely comprehensive settings which requires an adjustment period. The manual, even if minimal, is very clear and allows precisely understand the function of each knob and possible interactions.


I use this effect with a low (under personal supervision of manufacturing luthier Fred Kopo - mahogany body, maple neck / ebony fingerboard, electronics Delano musicman deviation). Set to be discreet in my case, it is only there to mix my sound ... but how effective! As soon as I "pops", the penalty is cruel immediate ... The lack is violent! I must have become "addicted"!


Used for a few weeks, it is now permanently connected and laid next to my amp head ... I can not do without!
Like his musical presence that knows how to stay quiet but its obvious effectiveness ...

Note, in addition, the friendliness and efficiency of service Carl Martin: I bought this pedal used, but in good cosmetic condition with a very tired potentiometer (which caused a few scares me). I contacted Carl Martin via its website for just know the "ideal" reference potentiometer replacement. In addition to a rapid (within half a day) and very friendly response, they even sent me a new pot by mail (received a few days later). OK, a standard potentiometer is a few euros, but the gesture is particularly commendable and appreciated. 10 minutes dé-soudage/soudage and the pedal was like new!